SNAKE EYES Trailer 2 (2021)

  • Published on: 21 June 2021
  • SNAKE EYES Trailer 2 (New, 2021) G.I. Joe Origins, Henry Golding, Samara Weaving, Action
    © 2021 - Paramount
  • Runtime : 2:35
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  • евгений спиридонов

    Посмотрел я этот фильм . В нем чётко и ясно показано что подлость и предательство у них в крови.

  • stop hate
    stop hate   1 months ago

    he can talk now? Channing Tatum back?

  • L O N E R
    L O N E R   1 months ago

    Snek ays 🐍👁️👁️

  • Kleber Marques
    Kleber Marques   1 months ago

    Excelente filme,ótimos atores..acabei de assistir,melhor filme de ação que assisti nesse ano.

    IONUT IONESCU   2 months ago

    i saw the movie,4/10,absolute waste of time

  • Jay Waghela
    Jay Waghela   2 months ago

    Yeah we need something like this. Enough of Marvel and WB let the Under rated Actors have their time now. We love you Truly

  • Latino Young Eli
    Latino Young Eli   2 months ago

    this movie is fawking sick, hot damn dem theaters gone be popping

  • ECT For Fun
    ECT For Fun   2 months ago

    dowmload for free :

  • Tofboy
    Tofboy   2 months ago

    This movie is giving me that "Assassin" movie, vibes🔥🔥

  • Nasarif Kongsin
    Nasarif Kongsin   2 months ago

    The encouraging credit progressively found because lunge concurringly injure following a subdued rub. dizzy, imaginary ring

  • Ray
    Ray   3 months ago

    I thought this movie was pretty good, and think it could be the start of something better than the previous movies released

  • TMJ TV
    TMJ TV   3 months ago

    So ahm they recast a different actor ? to GI Joes Movie?

  • Andrea Farias
    Andrea Farias   3 months ago


  • AznKorn8
    AznKorn8   3 months ago

    Everyone relax, this man is half white its okay... lol. Plus what about all the other roles in Hollywood where Asian characters are played by white people. chill..

  • Lucille Kanahele
    Lucille Kanahele   3 months ago

    The lead actor who played Snake Eyes was actually the guy from Crazy Rich Asian. His name is Nick Yung.

  • Cpt Pepper
    Cpt Pepper   3 months ago

    Looks underwhelming and generic unfortunately. The rap soundtrack fits perfectly to a Snakes Eyes movie. Ugh.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous   3 months ago

    I hope this one not connected with G.I.Joe

  • VAHL
    VAHL   3 months ago

    Snake eyes

  • Md Hairullah
    Md Hairullah   3 months ago

    Salam..good movie ...thank you..😁😁😁.

  • Cherub Caleb
    Cherub Caleb   3 months ago

    What happened to the Vow of Silence he took as a young boy until he avenged his master? Is this supposed to take place after the first movie? Seemed more like a prequel? Or is this even connected to the GIJoe movies?

  • TORCHer Games
    TORCHer Games   3 months ago

    Worst thing ever is when Actors don’t wear the helmet of a famous character so everyone knows there face. Instantly the character isn’t the character anymore so an actor gets credit :( Darth Vader actor syndrome

  • Abhi Wayne
    Abhi Wayne   3 months ago

    Marvel magical and fighting movie depended on China

  • prateek jevoor
    prateek jevoor   3 months ago

    Hey I saw this snake eyes guy in black widow. It's a girl😃😃😃

  • KidNikki Radical Dancer

    I don't mind the actor playing Storm Shadow in this movie, but I sure wish they went with the Storm Shadow actor from the GI Joe movies...