Michael Jordan (The Greatest Player of All Time) NBA Legends

  • Published on: 05 May 2017
  • Michael Jordan (The Greatest of All Time) NBA Legends...The G.O.A.T it's him or Larry Bird, Jordan might be the greatest and one of the best athletes ever! He made billions of his brand and was one of the most recognizable people on the planet for decades...on the court he's inhuman 6 for 6 in the finals...that's a hard act to follow!
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  • Face PC Gaming
    Face PC Gaming   3 years ago

    Kobe Bryant (The Closest Thing to Mike We're Ever Gonna Get) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjBGvkd6d7c&t=671s

  • Cayden Buzbee
    Cayden Buzbee   17 hours ago

    No body can touch him 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • casual35
    casual35   17 hours ago

    To see Lebron tell the public that he's the greatest ever makes him look very insecure. And to me, he is chasing being the greatest. He is trying to stack as many numbers as possible. He can end his career with the most points, rebound and assists and it doesn't mean anything if he didn't win. His goal is to surpass Jordan's numbers while Jordan's goal was to win.

  • TopJimi
    TopJimi   1 days ago

    One thing I haven't heard- the competition in the playoffs in the eastern conference finals during the 80 and 90s was crazy. These days were post superteams. After Jordans era players started joining hot teams in big markets to win a ring and killed the teams competition

  • tommy g
    tommy g   2 days ago

    to me the obama scene steal it for mike. to be clear im a republican and hate obama but to see a president regardless of political affiliation humbled to stand next to mj is something special and a testiment to his greatness,

  • Aston Lee
    Aston Lee   6 days ago

    MJ have lost games,he has been crossed once or twice all have happened to all players,but MJ never joked or didn’t deliver a way above average performance.(the bulls could loose but MJ will have 45 points)not once in 15 seasons not once!,I have never heard anyone say that no video no nothing!

  • DezsΕ‘ JuhΓ‘sz
    DezsΕ‘ JuhΓ‘sz   6 days ago

    Jordan 12 Food Poisioning colorway. Just how funny a factor this is. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Brian Aych
    Brian Aych   6 days ago

    As a huge fan of MJ I gotta say this was one of the most enjoyable videos I've ever seen done about him! I grew up watching him play, and those memories will forever be cherished. As far as the debate on the GOAT is concerned, it's become laughable and absurd. People will always be biased in their opinions about this. We will always favor the music, films, athletes, etc.... from the 'coming of age' period of our lives, at least most of us will anyway. I speak to people in the younger generations and a lot of them rank LeBron or Kobe over Jordan and it makes me think how one-sided that is, seeing how they weren't even alive to see Jordan play. I watched hundreds of games, playoffs, finals from the mid-80's till now and what I can say is the game has changed tremendously. Sadly, it will probably never be what it was during the Jordan era, ever again. I'm just glad I was there for it all. There are talented players today, but one point I want to stress, MJ NEVER compared himself to players past, because he had too much class and didn't really need to anyway.

  • A Person
    A Person   6 days ago

    Perfect basketball physique

  • John Bandy
    John Bandy   1 weeks ago

    "Jordan Rules" due to the popularity of Michael honestly tarnished my feeling towards him being the best ever. I actually like the Jordan from '86-93. To me that was pure Jordan more so. Was he great? No doubt. But he was also treated very special and given alot of leeway concerning carrying the ball when he came back in '96 especially. Double dribbling, traveling and soft gloving by the officials if anyone got near him as far as fouls. Hey I get it. He isnt the only superstar athelete treated this way.The guy was so huge. He was beyond basketball to the public. Basketball saw this and the dollar signs. And it affected the way he was treated on the court. No getting around that. This isnt just an issue with MJ though. Many superstars get this treatment. The game needs or rather fans want at least one insanely superman basketball player they can ooo and aaahhh over. And the game is changed to assist them a bit with this. Its about assuring basketball has a certain level of popularity with fans. I get it. I dont like what it does to the game though. It becomes entertainment and dunks and three pointer ahhs and ooos like it has became now. And the purity of fundemental basketball has suffered in many ways. Again, this isnt to say Michael Jordan was a cheat or not one of the best. But yeah, its an aspect of the game that I do not like and tarnishes my admiration for Jordan and a few others like Kobe, Lebron etc who absolutely got and get away with things on the court they shouldnt be allowed to do. Thats not even mentioning the Pippen factor. I know Scotty is kind of acting like an ass right now. But if not for Pip, Michael would not have all those rings. Just no denying that. And that would affect his best of all time status no doubt. So there is that. The best ever? I dont really see anyone as the best ever in basketball. There are top players that were just amazing and above others in the profession and each had a specialness about them. Jordan could fly. Magic and his passing. Wilt with his superhuman giantlike point scoring ability and inside game. Larry with his court sense. Kareem and the skyhook and scoring ability. Oscar Peterson running the floor with his amazing skills. Then there is Bill Russell..11 rings. What about Pistol Pete? As a pure player..tough to rule him out as one of the best who ever fundamentally played the game. And thats why I dont and never have cared for this "goat" thing. Basketball is a team sport. As a wise basketplayer once said...You win as a team and you lose as a team. This aint tennis. Nice tribute film for Michael thoughπŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hasan Muhammad
    Hasan Muhammad   1 weeks ago

    Jordan is basketball what Brady is to football they both goats.

  • Hasan Muhammad
    Hasan Muhammad   1 weeks ago

    Jordan was assassin on the court he was beautiful to watch he made the game exciting and challenging boy LeBron had his Killer Instinct it would be murder on the court felonies committed every game.

  • Ben Dallas
    Ben Dallas   1 weeks ago

    Wilt, Russell, and Kareem are the 3 greatest ever, everyone else comes after. Anyone saying Jordan or LeBron is the greatest is biased af

  • TheGattonmaster
    TheGattonmaster   2 weeks ago

    ONE OF YOU SAID JORDAN 0-6 VS BIRD. PISTONS HAD A WINNING RECORD VS JORDAN, BIRD, MAGIC. IS ANYONE ON DETROIT BETER THAN ANY OF THEM ? JORDAN #1, BIRD #2, KOBE #3. THEN LeBron, , Magic, Oscar, West, Baylor. LeBron lost 6 times in finals, THE GOAT LOL, HA. Jordan undefeated finals, 6 rings, 6 finals mvp, 5 mvps should have been 7, 10 scoring titles, highest regular. Season/playoff scoring average, most 50/40/30 point games after Chamberlain, 6 seasons 2500 pts plus, most amazing highlight film, best combination offense/defense ever, longest foul line dunk/ among best dunker ever. 3rd alltime steala, 3 steals titles. ANY COMMENTS NOW BIRD FANS ? BIRD WAS THE QUICKEST THINKER, 2ND BEST EVER. BIRD WINNING RECORD VS JORDAN BUT MJ INDIVIDUALLY DOMINATED BIRD ! SHUT YOUR MOUTHS; NOBODY IS BETTER THAN MICHAEL JORDAN. They say Kobe most skilled player, then WHY didn't Kobe have 6 rings, 10 scoring titles, highest regular/playoff scoring average, 6 2500 point seasons Kobe had 1, most 50/40/30 point games besides Chamberlain, Kobe had 1 more 60 pt game because he shot 50 times for 60 puts his last game. Jordan big hands, quicker first step ever off. And Jordan's defense top 3 ever , Jordan's footwork best ever, WATCH his footwork. AND Kobe copied Jordan. If there was never a Jordan I say Kobe wouldn't be Kobe ??? CASE CLOSED JORDAN BEST PLAYER WELL EVER SEE. HE SHOULD HAVE 7 OR 8 RINGS, ABD SHOULD HAVE 3600+ PTS. Jabbar, Malone more career possibilities big deal. And Kobe it takes more than 1 81 pt game to be better than Michael Jodan. THIS COMMENT IS THE BEST ON YOUTUBE THANK YOU...

  • WTony OrrDavis
    WTony OrrDavis   2 weeks ago

    Scottie is too too much but as for "the last dance" I'm pretty certain that had Michael Mr. Jordan named it 'My last dance' and promoted it as one of them (as I remember) documentary and left room for Scottie, Longley, Kukoc, and the rest of that 2nd 3peat Team. In all honesty this Version is a showcase for Michael and that's why there's some blah, blah, blah pushback. I was so lucky that I got to live and even see live Chicago and Da Bulls, watching Michael palm Reggie Miller's little peanut head had Me and My boy (best friend) Nick in awe and laughing so hard literally 'rolling on the floor' Good times until Rush Street had those police cars laying upside down and in the middle road. 3 years of artistic 'Air' craft.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown   2 weeks ago

    Best legend of All time Never See Another like MJ.

  • Bill Cox
    Bill Cox   3 weeks ago

    Flu my ass, you mean food poisoning.

  • Edralin Raquepo
    Edralin Raquepo   3 weeks ago

    No one can't beat mj lebron James πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

    DAMARU STUDIOS   3 weeks ago

    Hey you loser lebron fans . Welcome to the goat’s documentary

  • Oana Voinea
    Oana Voinea   4 weeks ago

    Well..just let u know the is so loved& respected in Europe and the rest of the 🌎 He started the revolution..the love ❀️ of this particulary game!You brothers from the other side of Atlantic..cherrish him with honour as..life is short ( see Kobe πŸ˜₯)So only respect for him.

  • DormantIdeas NIQ
    DormantIdeas NIQ   4 weeks ago

    Jordan's physical ability cannot be denied, but watching Jordan is boring. I'd rather watch Larry Bird, any day.Bird is a plethora of team playing. Watching the action when Bird plays is a feast of combinations and a kaleidoscope shooting gallery.Bird painted the play like no-one else. Many of the stats Bird did not accumulate went to his team, yet his stats are way up there....and ironically, Jordan was not on the winning side when Bird was in the mix!Bird ran circles around blacks and whites...Bird is the great black denial secret....but only because of the times in which a preponderance of black athletes were the choice, combined with the general consensusa white man could not out-do the black man in a basketball scenario.That has been exposed lately when blacks who were not really paying attention then, are now seeing what Bird accomplished,and they honestly apply the proper assessment. ...and the praise Bird gets from black athletes who knew him and played him,including Jordan.If the GOAT! Greatest Of All Time to you is the 12 foot Jolly Maroon Giant who walks down the 1/2 court, and from the center ofthe deck, leans over and drops the ball in the hoop... enjoy your boredom... the superior athletes come dime-a-dozen, there is only 1 Bird!Well, 'The Professor' may be lurking...

  • Vin Roc
    Vin Roc   4 weeks ago

    Jordan is beautiful and proved humans can fly...but Bird is the word.

  • Dirt
    Dirt   4 weeks ago

    Fast forward past the πŸ‚πŸ’© rap.at least use good shit

  • NoNeed One
    NoNeed One   4 weeks ago

    This is why I start losing my mind when I see people talk about Lebron being the greatest .

  • Da Cryptkeeper
    Da Cryptkeeper   4 weeks ago

    Even the GOATS have their nemeses. Brady was 0-2 versus Eli Manning, and Jordan was 0-6 versus Larry Bird.

  • Panzer Lambert
    Panzer Lambert   1 months ago

    There are iconic athletes that come around once in history. Not only absolutely great in their sport but also take the entire sport to another level. Baseball had Babe Ruth, Hockey had Gretzky, Boxing had Ali and basketball was Michael Jordan. Every kid out there now and in the future, playing basketball, no matter how much you practice, have natural skill and a winning mind set, the best you will ever be is 2nd. This man is the GOAT and there is no comparison with anyone and his peers are who say that. When your good you will tell everybody. When your great everybody will tell you.

  • Revelation 1:14-15
    Revelation 1:14-15   1 months ago

    Revelation 1:14-15 KJV β€” His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

  • Panzer Lambert
    Panzer Lambert   1 months ago

    Every night before bed Hakeem should call Jordan and thank him for retiring those two years so Hakeems fingers wouldnt be naked.

  • MariMari
    MariMari   1 months ago

    MJ and Bulls never lost 3 consecutive games from 1990 till he retire..any other team did same? LeChoke fans where you at ?

  • MariMari
    MariMari   1 months ago

    I lost interest in NBA do this is an honest question..who are today's Magick, Bird , Reggie Miller, Jason Kidd , Wilkins, Garnett, Sparks, Patrick Ewing, Danny Ainge , Allen Iverson, Jalen Rose, McGrady, even Shaq, kobe , Barkely, Isiah Thomas and all others who played against MJ , any player today at their caliber who praises Lebron the way they praise and tell stories about MJ...just who?/Btw it wasn't MJ who said he won or beat the opponents.. listen to players , coaches (Michael isn't beating us, they don't say Bulls) announcer saying its Jordan game, its Jordan night ...but you see how they all say once he learned how to embrace team.game he started winning .So MJ is all about teAm. But players, announcers and media just always single him out like "there's no shame in losing to the greatest whoever played the game ." they don't say no shame being beaten by the Bulls...so stop.hating on MJ ..its these people plAyers , NBa, announcers/commentators media and fans the one doing talking fir him..but when MJ opens his mouth..i didnt win alone, you see Scottie. .or no my teammates did this..kerr did that.i saw paxon and this and that...You're watching a proof so stop the false narrative.

  • D best
    D best   1 months ago

    Charles Barkley: "Larry Bird saved the NBA"...boyyyy stopppp!!!🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • Ipad Pro M1 11'
    Ipad Pro M1 11'   1 months ago

    nice vid., its 2021 going 2022 and I'm still amazed everytime I watch Mike I'm back to my 90s childhood

  • Michael Mazola
    Michael Mazola   1 months ago

    The title forgot β€œ..if there was no Larry Bird”

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf   1 months ago

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