Hoist the Colours- @MALINDA, @Bobby Bass, @Lauren Paley and @Colm McGuinness Music

  • Published on: 03 August 2021
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    From The Pirates of the Caribbean- At Worlds End!!

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  • Runtime : 5:6
  • hoist the colours pirates of the caribbean pirates hans zimmer malinda tiktok malinda kathleen reese bobby waters bobby bass duet drunken sailor hoist the colors lauren paley siren colm mcguinness sea shanty shanty


  • Almante Ket
    Almante Ket   25 minuts ago

    oh wow...oh wow...oh wow... very strong song, well done guys

  • Hyhena-Gaming
    Hyhena-Gaming   10 hours ago

    real talk, you four NEED to be a full time quartet if at all possible

  • Kaloyan Ivanov
    Kaloyan Ivanov   1 days ago

    Is there something wrong with me that I listened this at least 10 time in a row?P.s. Love it!

  • owl3031
    owl3031   1 days ago

    Nothing more beautiful than a Red-head singing in candlelight.. ❤

  • Mozzy CV20
    Mozzy CV20   1 days ago

    This is beautiful. Well done all.

  • Knightfang1
    Knightfang1   1 days ago

    An absolutely haunting rendition of this song. Outstanding job to all of you.

  • Will Sorber
    Will Sorber   1 days ago

    Now we need a cover with all the ranges covered. Don’t get me wrong but this sounds beautiful

  • reef o'shea
    reef o'shea   1 days ago

    I’ve been on the water my whole life. I run yachts for a living, the high seas is where I’m truly at home. I want this track to be played at my funeral in the opening of the ceremony.

  • Tony Hecker
    Tony Hecker   2 days ago

    Malinda's voice kinda makes me want to drop everything and go to war for her honour

    HELLBRINGERStv   2 days ago

    i was introduced to this cover by a friend of mine it is incredible well done guys

  • Merrick Baliton
    Merrick Baliton   2 days ago

    Wait a minute . C1? C1?! You’re tellin me that @bobbybass actually hit a C1?! Dude I’ve been tryin to hit that shit forever

  • Twon9nesnaps Non-Profit

    Okay I need a pandora link or something. Other than two steps from hell radio. I want THIS!!!!

  • King KreationsMJJ
    King KreationsMJJ   3 days ago


  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones   3 days ago

    I work with a guy who's voice is that deap in normal conversations

  • Kaleb Henry
    Kaleb Henry   3 days ago

    I have chills. Wow. Good work you guys 😄🥰

  • Kryptic Korner
    Kryptic Korner   3 days ago

    This sent chills through my body, and put me in a mesmerising trance. This was hauntingly beautiful. New sub here. Gotta check out the otheres' channels as well.

  • Tony Bonanza
    Tony Bonanza   4 days ago

    I don't like the men's voice in this version

  • Britt
    Britt   4 days ago


  • DucK SnaX
    DucK SnaX   4 days ago

    Yo ho ! Yeah this has been on repeat and my voice is horse from trying to sing that bass.

  • chris owens
    chris owens   4 days ago

    This is how people become famous. Very well done indeed.

  • islam bentarfa
    islam bentarfa   4 days ago

    i need to create other YouTube accounts, because one like on this video will never be enough

  • Jacob Armstrong
    Jacob Armstrong   4 days ago

    This song qllways gives me goosebumps, good job 👏 🙌

  • ForsakenArcadius
    ForsakenArcadius   4 days ago

    You are absolutely beautiful, and your voice omg... applause to you and your friends on this masterpiece aswell. Brava

  • Gregory Franklin
    Gregory Franklin   5 days ago

    This has become my all time favorite version of this song . If I were to have a song played at my burial , it would be this and at sea to boot !❤

  • Wil Smith
    Wil Smith   5 days ago

    Would love to hear you guys do the wellerman

  • RackRevival
    RackRevival   5 days ago

    Colm really takes the cake with how unbelievably deep his voice can get. A beautiful performance by all the artists involved