American Horror Stories is The Worst Thing I've Ever Watched

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • it honestly doesn't get much worse than this lmao

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  • Morning Mimosa03
    Morning Mimosa03   45 minuts ago

    I saw the title for this video and was just like “damn… amen to that”

  • Curly J
    Curly J   1 hours ago

    A game within a game where the mum is learning how to make the game for her son who has to kill her and the ghosts .... Number one seller right there 👌🏾

  • Just_Taco
    Just_Taco   1 hours ago

    so wait this is a video game which has the characters that know that the American horror stories exists as movie franchise and as a real thing like the ghosts actually exists in that universe with the house included. So this is within a video game about a woman who wanted to create a video game for her son and lastly all this was within a video game where the son is meant to burn his mother to the afterlife just so he can be happy???? my brain actually wanted to go skydiving without a parachute after reading this garble I have a few questions- the video games version of his mother, if she knew the American horror story house existed why did she think it would be a good I idea to enter the premises- the game is possible to make but it would be a duplication of the same thing but with small variations which is a garbage design and would be so repetitive so I don't understand why the son enjoyed it so much but then again that kid is a fanboy so he would eat anything up.- the mother made a game where she dies and her own kid burns her to the after life, so they can be closer ?????- the mother made a game where her son is watching two lesbians in bathroom making out, 3 horny girls wearing skimpy outfit suggesting to have a gangbang?? thinking it would bring them closer instead of making things weird- the mother made a game where her son hates her? why and how come the son isn't concerned by how she portrayed him?? not giving two shts about her- the most obvious question why did the mother go through all this effort!! like you could have just taken him to the American horror story house with the time and effort you spent making that game granted that you quit your job just like the videogame mother version.- why am I even bringing logic here..

  • amit dias
    amit dias   2 hours ago

    It's do goodJust lack of privacy

  • Kareem
    Kareem   3 hours ago

    That's the most meta thing I've seen in a while lol

  • Let's get this Toast!

    Love the channel elvis. Would be great to see you cover deuce Bigelow or the sequel European gigelow

  • hannah
    hannah   3 hours ago

    anyone who used to be a fan of AHS and has lost interest in the show as time's passed..i'd love for you guys to reply to my comment letting me know which season was the one that made you stop watching. i'm so curious!!

  • LegoLad Gaming
    LegoLad Gaming   4 hours ago

    I totally was horrible. The first 10 min. of the first episode were kinda interesting and i did like the idea of the final episode....but overall it was horrible

  • UndeadSlayer5
    UndeadSlayer5   4 hours ago

    Thanks for doing this so I don’t have to waste my time watching a series that’s probably never going to be good again

  • Slagtheangry
    Slagtheangry   4 hours ago

    Bruh, what you mean not burn the house down so he can see his mother? To be honest, I'd be pissed if my mothers soul (or whatever) is trapped in that place and these ghosts just get to keep killing people whenever they want. Burn the thing down, I don't need to keep seeing my dead parent once a year. What happens when I'm dead? Tell my children to keep seeing ghost grandma?

  • Ben Mendoza
    Ben Mendoza   5 hours ago

    I watched AHS 1984. It picks up after the first few episodes but, I don't know if I'd call the season good. It is interesting though. At least it doesn't disappere up its own ass like Hotel or Apocolypse. 1984 tells its own story without referancing other seasons at all. So, I guess it's a return to form in that way.

  • Robin Hoole
    Robin Hoole   6 hours ago

    i havent watched your video yet just read the title but omg yes, trash! terrible television. i hope this was the spring board to something better in seasons to come. This season of AHS has been solid as it gets so far.

  • ジョネーJonét
    ジョネーJonét   7 hours ago

    I watched half of the first episode then skipped to the last two. I did not like it. Kinds boring.

  • Varalakshmi V
    Varalakshmi V   7 hours ago

    They have milked the show so much that if you cut it open there wouldn't even have blood inside it.

  • Soot Smiles
    Soot Smiles   8 hours ago

    Okay, say what you will about iron fist but to me it was great cus i went in with LOW expectations and was just expecting cheesey kung fu n goof shit so i got what i wanted. Season 2 in my opinion was worse

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W   8 hours ago

    Why do so many shows have a great few seasons and then fall off. Or is it just audiences expect more and more unrealistically?

  • Mael Head
    Mael Head   9 hours ago

    American Horror Stories just feels like a big compacted Advertisement

  • Bloodknight324
    Bloodknight324   9 hours ago

    0:00 The Dacia Sandero has become Europe's best-selling car of 2021

  • Witherness
    Witherness   9 hours ago

    turned it off 20 mins into the first episode fuckin terrible el.

  • Madibabe 3
    Madibabe 3   9 hours ago

    Wow, I feel like you’ve just given up on the show completely huh? First off, it’s actually smart to mention things from past seasons in new episodes because it could compel a new viewer to have to go back and watch AHS from season 1 in order to understand what’s happening currently….and then boom, you have a new AHS fanatic. And also, the murder house DID burn down in real life as well as in the game. Does it make sense how or why it burned down in real life? No. But apparently it’s gone now 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • mzmendy
    mzmendy   9 hours ago

    I don't think these are cannon, just tidbits to entice a younger fanbase while we waited for the new season during quarantine.

  • Fabroski
    Fabroski   9 hours ago

    (I made this comment on another video, thought it would still apply here)My scores and opinions for each episode,Episodes 1 & 2: 0/10Literally every character was unlikable, the ‘romance’ between the redhead and leather jacket girl was idiotic and didn’t make sense, the whole thing was an absolute mess. The leather jacket girl most likely was mentally ill from her domestic abuse backstory, but that doesn’t make her ‘likeable’, especially when she repeatedly kills people for no reason. The other one’s relationship with the leather jacket was forced and ridiculous Episode 3: 0/10The concept of a cursed movie was cool, but every character was dry, one sided and sex crazed, like there’s nothing else to them. If the brainwashed people looked normal instead of getting cliche zombie looking crap effects plastered onto them, that would’ve made the whole thing unnerving. The scene where the guy tries to convince his friend to snap out of it would’ve been more impactful without the shitty effects because you wouldn’t know if he’d seen it or not. Finally, Mr Jingles 2 was a dumbass, like who submits the movie you know can cause people to kill eachother, and stay in the same spot you mailed it from, god what a dumbass. Special points also goes to the girl, who’s dad is a marine and that somehow allows her to use a shotgun?? Episode 4: 0/10 This one had no point to exist. Literally just 4 cockheads competing to see who’s the most retarded before getting killed by a random mall santa.Episode 5: 0/10 If the writers had left it as Billie Lourd’s character getting bamboozled by her husband and coworkers, this would’ve been a 4 or 5. It was a pretty decent and sensible plot twist that was a satisfying conclusion. But nooo, let’s toss out the original writer, get some horny Wattpad incel and have it be that there actually was a demon, Billie gets out of the situation as a winner while the husband gets locked up instead and she gets not just any demon, but one of the FOUR KINGS OF HELL as her personal boytoy, pathetically begging to be freed. Almost makes me gag.Episode 6: 5/10 The only episode I liked. Cody Fern carried the whole thing. The parents motivations with trying to get back their son was convincing and made sense. The other ranger guy was a scumbag, I’ll admit, but with the monster guys, I actually felt some dread and horror, especially when they ripped open ya boy. The main issue I found was having the monsters literally be homeless outcasts who hate society, who then somehow devolved into psychopathic cannibals? Well, it’s a unique villain, I’ll give it that. Episode 7: 0/10The whole thing was just confusing. I’m assuming that everything happened, then that all got dumped into an AHS themed game? I don’t know. Unfortunately, dumb and dumber from the first episodes are back and just as stupid as ever. Literally cheered when I thought that leather jacket girl was gonna be gone for good. Also the redhead, who had done nothing but prance about in a latex suit while her plot device of a ‘girlfriend’ killed defenceless people, became an assassin?? That’s honestly hilarious. This whole conga line of garbage has given me low expectations for actual AHS season… (Actual season so far is meh)(Extra thing: Nothing made me angrier than those two psychos killing innocents then having the nerve to be like “sorry I killed you 😔🙏”)

  • Muscrat Torpedo
    Muscrat Torpedo   10 hours ago

    Don’t even get me started on the copyright issues this game would cause

  • ralph taylor
    ralph taylor   10 hours ago

    Day one of asking him to do “Plan Bee”. Danny Gonzalez made a video on it and it is possibly the worst movie ever made.

  • Akilah S
    Akilah S   11 hours ago

    You right about the theme song😆 let’s play it over and over so they keep watching ☠️

  • Dan
    Dan   11 hours ago

    Stopped watching halfway through the first episode when basically every character coincidentally turn out to be gay

  • Brandon
    Brandon   12 hours ago

    I think you should finish ahs 1984, it started off boring but actually turned out to be good.

  • Angel Yoder
    Angel Yoder   12 hours ago

    The whole video game thing was so weird. "Hey son do you wanna play my game that involves a sex scene 5 minutes in? Remember press Y to hump!" It's so uncomfortable I hate it 😫

  • Kharn Sagara
    Kharn Sagara   13 hours ago

    Literally 99% of horror movies on YouTube that are free are trash, and if their not they're probably a 6/10 at best. Take your pick Elvis

  • highhunt
    highhunt   13 hours ago

    PossessedbyHorror said her favourite part of this series was the intros... lol enough said about this XD