Investigating The Secret ̶C̶u̶l̶t̶ Family Of Pizza Time Pizza - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 20 September 2019
  • Pizza Time Pizza is a completely normal pizza establishment that was founded not too long ago and has been a main competitor against the likes of Papa Johns, Dominoes, and Pizza Hut.

    I wish there was more to it, but there isn't. I'll save you sometime and tell you not to bother watching the video. It's simply a misguided individual trying to connect dots that were never there to begin with. Don't worry my children of Pizza. He will find the way soon.

    - The Pizza Man

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  • Runtime : 18:40
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  • S M I D G E
    S M I D G E   5 days ago

    I got an add for dominos during this video >:(Pizza time pizza is better than dominos >:(

  • riggsby_
    riggsby_   1 weeks ago

    anyone know why zalgaloo deleted all his stuff? just curious

  • Axolotl boi
    Axolotl boi   2 weeks ago

    It's a fucking cult god damn just tell the truth

  • colin clear
    colin clear   2 weeks ago

    While it was playing the pizza time is not a cult song, did anyone notice some of the letters were boldened? I didn’t see what it said but it is kind of…interesting…

  • colin clear
    colin clear   2 weeks ago

    2:26 wait, flavor aid? Oh god that was dark

  • k66lkl6wn
    k66lkl6wn   2 weeks ago

    16:05 the crossed out word above PROMOS is ASSWORD

  • Jelly69
    Jelly69   1 months ago

    Pizza time pizza is not a cult Pizza time pizza is not a cult

  • Marcy Wu 📖
    Marcy Wu 📖   1 months ago

    Pizza time pizza is NOT a cult, change my mind

  • Glorious Gamer
    Glorious Gamer   1 months ago

    Everyone stop your overreacting, pizza time isn’t a cult.ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT ITS NOT A CULT

  • j u a n GAMING
    j u a n GAMING   1 months ago

    Bro why does this guy sound like he deepthoated helium

  • fireflyserenity31
    fireflyserenity31   1 months ago

    This episode has used the word "pizza" so many times it has lost meaning. I am now wondering how many pizzas-per-minute (ppm) it has achieved.

  • Drax
    Drax   1 months ago

    I just clicked the order online part of the site... I wasn't expecting such an unsettling sound Jesus Christ

  • Rich
    Rich   2 months ago

    pizza pizza

  • rtrvecf _1
    rtrvecf _1   2 months ago

    in the funny song the lyrics some of them were lit up which spelled rape

  • RandomFNFPlayerYT
    RandomFNFPlayerYT   2 months ago

    im a little late but did you know that following the PIZZA MAN is a TRAP?????

  • Kliffsly
    Kliffsly   2 months ago

    I love how while night mind covers more serious horror content, you often cover the more comedic stuff

  • BowsersKart
    BowsersKart   2 months ago

    the bolded letter spelt raapee (u know what I mean)

  • Army dog
    Army dog   3 months ago

    Seeing that in this video Alex has 20k subscribers and today he's got over 600k just shows how people are obsessed with his Spongebob theories

  • glitcherplayz
    glitcherplayz   3 months ago

    Me watching this when eating pizza time pizza

  • AlexCode
    AlexCode   3 months ago

    They told me the enemy would use the doubt as weapon, but i wont fall for you. You are the enemy. You are the enemy. You are the enemy. You are the enemy. You are the enemy. You are the enemy.

  • Joey Frink
    Joey Frink   3 months ago

    Call this dumb but while I was watching this I instantly got a craving for Domino’s Pizza

  • Sayori
    Sayori   3 months ago

    I’d let the pizza man rail me

  • Xander Durling
    Xander Durling   3 months ago

    hat not a cult pizza man not a cult? seems correct so wheres the papa johns pizza i gotta destroy?

  • IHaveNoBrain
    IHaveNoBrain   3 months ago

    Oh and in Pizza time Pizza 3 in the song there were letters that were bright white and the bright letters spelled TRAPPED

  • Cones
    Cones   3 months ago

    6:21look! It's gender and race nonspecific aetherial being!

  • Bottom Text.
    Bottom Text.   4 months ago

    I thought this pizza time pizza is just a normal pizzaria lol

  • Aklaba
    Aklaba   4 months ago

    I want to push every Flat Earther off the edge of the earth.

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald Emperor   4 months ago

    wait did you not notice for your spongebob theory theory that he used the same footage for pizza time pizza and happy meat farms (at 1:30)? they are connected

  • TheRedFighter
    TheRedFighter   4 months ago

    Alex bale the Goofy goober theroy PIZZAMUZAPIZZAMUZAPIZZAMUZA

  • PJ the PB&J
    PJ the PB&J   4 months ago

    Cyanide is gonna make you more than sleepy

  • l  o  f  i    m  u  s  i  c
    l o f i m u s i c   4 months ago

    In the "pizza time pizza is not a cult" music theres som letters that are thicker than the others and wenne you combine them it says TRAPE