99% Of People Don't Know WD40's Dark Secret

  • Published on: 29 August 2019
  • 99% Of People Don't Know WD40's Dark Secret

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  • Runtime : 12:22
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  • Diy Bro
    Diy Bro   5 days ago

    Hey so does wd-40 can act as paint remover for metal

  • Dale Hammond
    Dale Hammond   5 days ago

    I still have my childhood BB gun I won back in 1958. It sat for decades not being used. One day I thought I'd see if it still worked. It didn't. A few shots of W-40, pumping the lever, waiting a couple days, and it worked like new again. That was about 8 years ago and it still works great. WD-40 is great stuff.

  • Satish Prakash
    Satish Prakash   6 days ago

    Hats off to the bear for not editing "oxxxxxoxxxx.....what ? Oxidation"

  • Jeff Pitt
    Jeff Pitt   1 weeks ago

    I worked in the office equipment industry for 40 years and used it almost exclusively as a rubber reconditioned, why, it cleaned toner and paper dust from feed, transport and registration rollers as well as making them grippy. Most of these rollers are considered consumable items and get replace periodically. I always use it on my grills surfaces as well for what it was designed, a moisture dispersant. Good info though.

  • lindsey607
    lindsey607   1 weeks ago

    Have you guys ever tried Ballistol? It's a fantastic product. It's unbelievably versatile.

  • Hollywood Hand
    Hollywood Hand   1 weeks ago

    I use wd40 on my redwings and bolt bags ive got boots that ive resoled several times...

  • Robert England
    Robert England   1 weeks ago

    My dad called it "panther piss". Lol.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Lifter
    Lifter   2 weeks ago

    I like being given the bear facts..

  • Fish6699
    Fish6699   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for this Video.I’m kinda Old and back when I was a “Snott-nose” the Old-timers explained all of this to me. Now that I try to explain the difference between a “Penetrating Oil” and a “Lubricant” I get a lot of Blank Stares.I’ll start showing and Sharing this Video when it happens, maybe coming from a Cartoon Bear it will sink in.🤔🤔😆😆😉👍👌

  • E D
    E D   2 weeks ago

    I used to mountain bike and motorcycle in mud and sand three times a week, and WD-40 used on the chain morning and night outperformed chain lube 2x. Willingness to soak it twice a day is better than gold plated chain lube that you rub off in the first muddy rut.Not good on street bikes! Buy the expensive chain lube for those.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf   2 weeks ago

    Love watching vids of people calling it a lubricant only to spray a bolt then sit and blowtorch the bolt loose wasting time and money. Wd40 is old product that isn't worth its price.why dont the just light money on fire lol

  • Butch Knapman
    Butch Knapman   3 weeks ago

    Well done bear you have re-educated me a solid update

  • Eric Villano
    Eric Villano   3 weeks ago

    Tried them all over many years.- WD-40, PB Blaster, CRC, etc. The one that always worked best for me to break loose a rusty bolt was Liquid Wrench.

  • MonkeyDuckWTF MonkeyDuckWTF

    Я не понимаю, почему все подряд пользуются вэдэшкой как смазкой и ни кто не в курсе, что этого нельзя делать. Мишка, спасибо за полезное видео!

  • josh b
    josh b   3 weeks ago

    I would have to disagree with you on bike chains, of motorbike chain lubes for my dirt bike, it has so far been the best for preventing rust and too much dirt, but ill try dry teflon

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan   3 weeks ago

    99.999% don’t know you can use WD as cologne. (You have my permission to use that for your next click bait)

  • Josh Nabours
    Josh Nabours   3 weeks ago

    I heard Vaseline is supposed to be good for rubber. It is supposed to be good for protecting windshield wipers from dry rotting in the heat. Vaseline is petroleum based, so now I am not so sure though. Not tried it myself yet either.

  • Josh Nabours
    Josh Nabours   3 weeks ago

    Could the clickbait secret be that it is not really a lubricant!?!?! It is a water displacer!?!?!? Formula number 40?Apparently I am the one percent!!!! Being a rocket enthusiast helps I guess.Edit: The bear knows his stuff.

  • Kid Krazy
    Kid Krazy   3 weeks ago

    “It’s not a long term lubricant “WEE WOO” SHUT UP MOTO!!” 🤣 I laughed so hard at that!! 7:47

  • Jacob St. Hilaire
    Jacob St. Hilaire   3 weeks ago

    Great video. Couple points, WD40 Is actually a decent penetrating lubricant AVE and Project Farm both tested it against a slew of other penetrating lubes and it did very well, was consistently in the top 3 or 4 out of a dozen. As a mechanic I can say my anecdotal evidence supports that. Secondly the MSDS says it's 35% petroleum oil..so it absolutely lubricates, but as stated it's kind of a jack of all trades. Great item to keep around

  • Up2NoGood
    Up2NoGood   4 weeks ago

    Big fan of using used Synthetic motor oil under my car...I have zero rust...And the rubber busing don't swell up..than when you go to take shit off. It comes off without a 10 foot cheater bar...

  • FlyTech Bass
    FlyTech Bass   1 months ago

    A car battery is made from oil and why do we have rubber oil pan gaskets? in fact, 100 % synthetic oil will not corrode any gaskets. I think you need to go back to the drawing board on WD40

  • FlyTech Bass
    FlyTech Bass   1 months ago

    The electronics inside a transformer are 100% oil, look up computers build in 10 gal aquariums running just fine under oil.

  • AE Films
    AE Films   1 months ago

    I’m surprised bear 🐻 didn’t tear that interrupting phone to shreds.

  • Moh Mans
    Moh Mans   1 months ago

    Would love to see a video about acf50 subscribed and waiting for the bear advise.

  • A-10
    A-10   1 months ago

    but 100% of ppl know this is a scam

  • Box Elder
    Box Elder   1 months ago

    Don’t use silicone spray for the cloudy headlights. You’re welcome.

  • David Jones
    David Jones   1 months ago

    It's made of people. It's original name is soylent D-40

  • JC
    JC   1 months ago

    Not a secret 🤔🙄

  • Kirk Hermary
    Kirk Hermary   1 months ago

    I can't say I've had a bear school me before but today's the day. I also enjoyed you telling off Moto 😆😀😎

  • Tommy Mopar
    Tommy Mopar   1 months ago

    I can't bear to watch this, WD-40 is the best thing since sliced bread