TWIN TELEPATHY Challenge in Fortnite

  • Published on: 11 September 2021
  • My Twin CONTROLLED my game in Fortnite! With the NEW BRAINSTORM Skin I had to do anything Jordan wanted... no questions asked! We hope you enjoy!

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  • Runtime : 8:34
  • x2twins x twins twins fortnite oce battle royale x2jesse jesse x2jordan jordan season 6


  • stingraytroy
    stingraytroy   4 hours ago

    I’m watching this in a couple months in season eight and there’s only two days left until chapter 2 season nine

  • Josh Hart
    Josh Hart   3 weeks ago

    Man there are cracked at the game

  • ItzPheaA
    ItzPheaA   2 months ago

    Me watching this in season 8 be like:🤧

  • Cody Jeffs
    Cody Jeffs   2 months ago

    can you play sqauds with me and my brother

  • KiarT
    KiarT   2 months ago

    U should meet the stokes ywins

  • H-rafoxy
    H-rafoxy   2 months ago

    weirdest challlenge . kids

  • Darxク
    Darxク   2 months ago

    Love when brothers always stick together

    DANN ETHAN   2 months ago

    I think I found you in a random duo game as a bounty with my friend

  • Mel Booth
    Mel Booth   2 months ago

    Love ur content so much and you always chear me up please keep up the good work an hope you hit 2mil as a Christmas present

  • Andrea T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With Me

    I love you x2twins I would hope I can play with you 2 and you can learn me. Thanks for beeing so awesome and always make my day beautiful. Good luck. Again thanks so much for making my day always good❤❤❤

  • gfigueiredo81
    gfigueiredo81   2 months ago

    0:40 “we’re not an AO so we’re gonna chuck those med kits”😂

  • R Våge
    R Våge   2 months ago

    I make the final event ON a episode today

  • XxKaleo
    XxKaleo   2 months ago

    Jordan was being a jerk

  • Titus
    Titus   2 months ago

    this match Jesse - AS PUNISHMENT YOU DROP EVERYTHINGJordan - ok. just so politely

  • Chui Throwaway6
    Chui Throwaway6   2 months ago

    The direful cancer rheologically claim because teller parenthetically float unto a bustling smoke. political, hollow bun

  • Creative Vex
    Creative Vex   2 months ago

    Epic: Every content creator will be making videos about the live event until the downtimeX2 Twins: Jordan is now my brain

  • Josip Roso
    Josip Roso   2 months ago

    X2twins ideas:Furious destroyer vs supergirlygamer (pat vs jen)skins:ice King and rose team leaderGuardians of the galaxy vs thanosTypicalgamer vs ali-aGhoulz vs lachlanNinja vs samurai

  • Karen Loubser
    Karen Loubser   2 months ago

    Hi 2x twins I love your YouTube vids I subed can I get a shout out