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  • Published on: 29 November 2021
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    Courage The Cowardly Dog is known by many as the cartoon network show that terrified them when they were young. Well, would you believe me if I told you there was a cancelled PS1 game that never made it to the public? Well ok that's not really true. A game developer created a fan game of courage in the style of a PS1 game and appears to have something much darker hidden behind it.

    Join me as we travel down the rabbit hole of the cryptic game of Courage The Cowardly Dog

    Thank you all for watching!
    Stay Safe! And Don't Pull A Pickard!

    Written By Jamie C. Foster
    Edited By JeffSkyward
  • Runtime : 11:31
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  • Strawberry Cubes
    Strawberry Cubes   1 weeks ago

    Unpopular opinion: this is what the catastrophe crow game should have been rather than the dev just realizing half baked maps that ruined the immersion of the argOr better yet not realising the demo/files at all

  • Dr Bright
    Dr Bright   2 weeks ago

    Courage The Cowardly Dog has to be one of my personal favorite properties from my childhood. Glad to see people still hold that same level of fondness! Hell, maybe even more considering someone made a whole ARG out of it.

  • C. Powell
    C. Powell   3 weeks ago

    The PS1 never had a hard drive. You could use a device known as a DEXDrive to hook up PS1 memory cards to your PC however, and thus transfer saves and files between PC and the PS1 console, allowing for save game downloads and save backups.other than that the story was fun but I wished they would have gotten their timeline right ...

  • Jason Lavallée
    Jason Lavallée   1 months ago

    It really feels like Jamie didn't find this one particularly interesting or new. lol

  • Easily Peasily
    Easily Peasily   1 months ago

    love in the beginning there are two folders called "Homework" and Homework

  • BigRainbow
    BigRainbow   1 months ago

    My own little personal theory is maybe that Robert and Elenore are people who the characters are/based on, since Robert sort of looks like Eustace to me

  • Bogdan Ned
    Bogdan Ned   1 months ago

    This game gives me the heebee jeebees.

  • roachdogg jr.
    roachdogg jr.   2 months ago

    STUPID DOG! You changed my perception and shifted my view of reality forevermore and I don't know if it's for the best or worst...Pulls out scary mask OOGA BOOGA!

    BRAINDUNKIN   2 months ago

    Wait why is houstus absent throughout this game

  • Dună Adrian
    Dună Adrian   2 months ago

    8:19 at the far right there is a room without a door

  • fallout
    fallout   3 months ago

    The theme song is fantastic it's definitely my favorite part of the video

  • C. Ace
    C. Ace   3 months ago

    Funny how GT just “got the idea” to do a theory on this game.

  • Google User
    Google User   3 months ago


  • Google User
    Google User   3 months ago

    1:23"Upon checking the hard drive..."shows stock footage of a guy looking at a GPU

  • HardBlock PH
    HardBlock PH   3 months ago

    "Learn the way of the Old Wind" is referring to the old wind mill from the cowardly dog show you can see an old wind mill at some of the episodes.

  • JorgYT
    JorgYT   4 months ago

    Courage the Cowardly Dog was an amazing theme for it, because this (minus some bits) could LITERALLY PASS AS AN EPISODE.

  • EGO
    EGO   4 months ago

    Wonder if there is any new updates now

  • TheCrimsonVirtuoso
    TheCrimsonVirtuoso   4 months ago

    Am I the only one who gets "Sad Satan" vibes from the black and white world?

  • Lincoln Bunker
    Lincoln Bunker   4 months ago

    Grate vid but I wold like to so more than 1-2 vids a month

  • Nightly
    Nightly   4 months ago

    I feel like the use of a real image being used to represent Muriel instead of her cartoon version makes me wonder if theres more to it.Also the ending with the distorted version of Robert Wheeler slowly approaching you definitely feels like the game is making it out like he's a malicious figure

  • ___
    ___   4 months ago

    Love it! Hoping for a second part soon

  • Chocolate ee
    Chocolate ee   5 months ago

    a kids program than this scary focus kids program

  • Blaze
    Blaze   5 months ago

    I really want you to do a part 2 for hiding in my home

  • Lefty Gurl
    Lefty Gurl   5 months ago

    i really applaud the effort and craft they put into this game, it feels very authentically of its time and for a licensed game, the choice of courage as a series also helps you suspend disbelief that it could be real too, it seems just slightly off from what could’ve been an actual courage game

  • Cucumber Morning
    Cucumber Morning   5 months ago

    I always thought Courage was Odie from Garfield and Eustace was John.

  • public_Doe
    public_Doe   5 months ago

    i just remembered when i was little I saw an episode of that show, I don't remember where it was but I think it might've been at my aunt's family's place, but i remember it being weird like a fever dream. i didn't really see the entire episode but i remember there was a lady that looked weird and she was doing something that was making courage's owners forget him and they were being taken somewhere, and courage ended up having to rip of chunks of his like fur or something to do something to a quilt so that his owners would remember him and then they were fine. i think i was like 5 to 9 or 10, so it's pretty blurry. still a weird memory though.

  • Kittyfromfnak
    Kittyfromfnak   5 months ago

    I know this is supposed to be serious but I love the way Courage jumps. look at that lil pup. absolutely flailing his legs and arms in mid air. he’s flying by this point. good for him. good for him.

  • Mr Jackel
    Mr Jackel   5 months ago

    I love that there isn't any jump scares in this game there just something about anticipating a jump scare and not getting a jump scare that makes horror games more creepy to me

  • Gold Star
    Gold Star   5 months ago

    Just want to point out the background to the SpongeBob video is the maze floor

  • Allen Tayoto
    Allen Tayoto   6 months ago

    Sometimes I still can't help but wonder how did Courage the Cowardly dog was considered a Kid Show. I mean, if you thinking about it there's a lot of things in the game that are just plain horrifying. Some of the villains are drawn in a cartoon way but there are characters like the Mummy that is drawn in a horrifying way.