Dragon Slayer - NSP

  • Published on: 21 February 2014
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    Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party


    The Lady - comicbookgirl19
    The Dragon - Egoraptor
    The Unicorn - Barry Kramer
    The Football Player - Ben Bizuneh
    The Weightlifter - Marty Benson
    The Naked Guy - Zan Alda
    The Scientist - Tyson Wheeler
    The Manticore - ?
    Ross - Ross


    Director - Egoraptor
    Editor - Kelly Brickner
    AD - Austin Herring
    Gaffer/Swing - Carman Spoto
    Dance Choreography by Maxine Hupy

    Dragon artwork by Tom Wood - tomwoodfantasyart.com
    Painted backgrounds by Kovah - kovah.co.uk with permission from Centration - centration.co/
    NSP Dragon Slayer painting by Katie Scott - facebook.com/katiescottart

    Photograph backgrounds by Zack Lyon
    Animated backgrounds by Footage Island and Miss After Effects
    Additional artwork by: Douglas Heriot, Eric, Benwebboz, openclipart.com
    Stock footage by dreamstime.com and pond5.com
    Explosions and fire VFX by Detonation Films and Video Copilot Action Essentials

    Extra special thanks to Holly Conrad for her amazing sword that we broke totally by accident.

    Opening party music: "Son of A Rocket" by Kevin MacLoed - incompetech.com

    Special thanks to Tom Wood, Kovah, Centration, and Zack Lyon.


    Why hello there. You're a very attractive young lady. I'd like to ask you out on the hottest of dates. I see that you have a lot of other gentlemen suitors. Allow me to make my case...

    This guy plays football
    But I once won the whole super bowl by myself
    This guy is a weightlifter
    But I can bench an entire continental shelf

    That dude is a scientist
    But I already cured all diseases last week
    And if that's not enough lemme ask
    When was last time one of these dicks killed a motherfuckin' mythical beast?

    Oh yeah, I will rock your world
    Cause I'm a dragon slayer, girl!
    I shall now expose my chest
    Don't act like you're not impressed

    How hard did I just seal the deal
    With my dragon slayer steel
    Do you feel all my sexy appeal
    And my story that's so very totally real

    I rode up to the mountaintop
    It was ninety million hundred fifty thousand hundred feet in the air
    Til I found the Dragon's cave
    And I fought through his army of awesome karate bears

    The Dragon's breath was a blast from hell
    And we fought so hard I missed a longstanding appointment for brunch
    Then I swung my horse like a club
    And it caused a sonic boom that ruptured space and then exploded the sun

    Oh yeah, you are now in love
    With both my dragon slaying nuts
    I killed a demon with these hands
    Did I say I'm also in a band?

    In case you might need more proof
    I brought the dragon right to you
    Ooh! it's the one that I slew
    He'll attest that my story is totally true.

    Dragon dance!

    I am a dragon.
    Not some guy Dan met at the bus station in a dragon suit

    Girl let's go back to my place
    Nothing fancy, just a huge mansion in space
    Can you guess what's coming next?
    Here's a hint: I'm talking about sex

    This is the best day of your life
    You'll be my dragon slayer wife
    All right! Now it's time to decide
    Which lucky one of us is gonna be your lover tonight?

    Oh, I see you've chosen the football player. And the scientist. And apparently the weightlifter as well. And the dragon. And Ninja Brian. And the Manticore!? He wasn't even in this song!
  • Runtime : 3:48
  • ninja party game grumps egoraptor comicbookgirl19 epic rap battles of history Comedy Music (Musical Genre) The Lonely Island (Organization)


  • skyzamillion
    skyzamillion   2 weeks ago

    Just realized the football field was in Minecraft lol

  • Mel-0-L Muffin〈3
    Mel-0-L Muffin〈3   1 months ago

    I wish this song came out this year. Then Dan could have cured COVID et. al variants last week. Sorry if this has already been said, don’t feel like reading comments LOL God bless

  • Joaquin Ramirez
    Joaquin Ramirez   1 months ago

    x todos los cielos, descubri estas joyas de video en este año 2021 y siento que al menos sirvio para algo jajajajaj gracias x hacerme reir xd buenas canciones ♥

  • Only Human to a point
    Only Human to a point   2 months ago

    2014?!If my memory didn't fail me, I remember this being way older than this!...

  • Ryan Ianaro
    Ryan Ianaro   2 months ago

    Damn.... The oldies from these guys are by far the best.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314   2 months ago

    Danny cures diseases, Ninja Brian cures you of your existence.

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray   2 months ago

    That fucking dragon dance gets me every. Single. Time. Wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Esteban Marquez
    Esteban Marquez   2 months ago

    How the fuck did Faucci keep his job when we had the guy that cured all diseases last week?Dr. Sexbang's leaked e-mails would have been way more interesting to read too

  • Sinom Irneja
    Sinom Irneja   3 months ago

    The song demonstrates two big flaws in our culture. 1- Men are valued with their actions not inherently for being a human.2- Dragon slaying as a profession is under values!

  • diapason
    diapason   3 months ago

    why did i think "hey, they can't get that close to each other, social distance!" lmao

  • J
    J   3 months ago

    Wow. Watching this after the mystic crystal really puts everything in perspective. They've always been hysterical, but they've come an amazing way, stay awesome guys!

  • Andrew McLoughlin
    Andrew McLoughlin   3 months ago

    It's legit jarring to see them that young. How has it been ten years since NSFW?

  • Clayaga
    Clayaga   3 months ago

    It feels like yesterday this was under 500k views, i'm so proud of these dudes.

  • liam
    liam   4 months ago

    you couldn't cure all of them

  • Noodle Down
    Noodle Down   4 months ago


  • Ian Weaver
    Ian Weaver   4 months ago

    Not sure why I did this, but I calculated how tall 90 million 150 thousand 100 feet is.It's a little over 4 times the radius of the planet. So... That mountain is a little taller than two earths put side-by-side.

  • Leon H6
    Leon H6   4 months ago

    This is exactly what dating in Skyrim looks like.

  • Theresa Burgess
    Theresa Burgess   4 months ago

    I love arin in his dragon suit hes soooooo cute omg

  • Gouki JT
    Gouki JT   4 months ago

    The cast:Ross - ross😁😂

  • MrKittles1123
    MrKittles1123   4 months ago

    Some of the greatest lyrics ever written: “...I rode up to the mountain top, it was ninety-million-hundred-fifty-thousand-hundred feet in the air/til I found the dragon’s cave and I fought through his army of awesome karate-bears/the dragon’s breath was a blast from hell, and we fought so hard I missed a long-standing appointment for brunch/then I swung my horse like a club, and it caused a sonic boom that ruptured space and then exploded the sun!”

  • Dr. Anonymous
    Dr. Anonymous   4 months ago

    2:35 Ninja Brian taking a sec here to sync up with Danny makes me so happy for some reason!

  • Broken12Smiles
    Broken12Smiles   5 months ago

    Who would date someone who so casually dismisses the fact that he missed a long standing brunch appointment?

    ADAM BREUNING   5 months ago

    i love how low effort this looks. (emphasis on LOOKS)

  • mothman
    mothman   5 months ago

    "That dude is a scientist but I already cured all diseases last week." Dr. Sexbang theres one more we need you to take care of rq 😅

  • JT_Lich
    JT_Lich   5 months ago

    I love how the "dragon" is in a dino onezee

  • CrayJ and the WackJobs
    CrayJ and the WackJobs   5 months ago

    Imagine a football thing and there talking about the players and they say “dude bro” like the jersey in this video

  • Brovid-19
    Brovid-19   5 months ago

    They need to do a follow up song called Dragons Layer where he fucks a bunch of dragons

  • Crumble 73
    Crumble 73   5 months ago

    When is more NSP gonna drop? I love the way they capture 80s cliche to the extreme

  • Del
    Del   5 months ago

    ninja brain can fucking get it!

  • FishyBoi
    FishyBoi   5 months ago

    This is probably the best pre-TRP NSP song.

  • Bobby Mitchell
    Bobby Mitchell   5 months ago

    I love the guilty conscience reference in the begining

  • rogueninja 400
    rogueninja 400   6 months ago

    Friends: So what kinda music do you listen to?Me: It's a bit complicated...

  • John Findorff
    John Findorff   6 months ago

    I like how at all times Ninja Brian is staring directly at the camera

  • J P
    J P   6 months ago

    ComicBookGirl19, so hot.