Exploring The Mysterious New Noology Network - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 28 October 2019
  • They're claiming they can record your dreams. But something doesn't seem quite right with The New Noology Network. Take a seat as we dive further into the mystery behind this strange organisation.

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  • Runtime : 7:53
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  • dead channel
    dead channel   2 months ago

    The crews who make these ARGs are amazingly intelligent. It's mind blowing how good these people are and I hope they go on to have awesome careers. ARGs are just fascinating. I love them.

  • Leah96xxx
    Leah96xxx   6 months ago

    As soon as I heard the message at 0:50 I immediately thought of Aperture....

  • Cheddargt
    Cheddargt   8 months ago

    Wait, this is a sponsored video?

  • uncreative name
    uncreative name   8 months ago

    BRUH when i searched up the account on twitch " yes i know its 2021 " a trucking channel came up

  • Ryuu Gamin
    Ryuu Gamin   8 months ago

    what is the twitch name so i can watch it

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar   8 months ago

    @IAM !!! people's eyebrows are what we use to recognise their faceAnd I have feeling that this is connected to CICADA 3301

  • QSpitzQ
    QSpitzQ   8 months ago

    This would be a good podcast

  • Ű_Dumb
    Ű_Dumb   8 months ago

    Woman:im not going to lie..or mislead,i want something..precious..-Me:like what?my eyes-

  • Gabriel Baranka
    Gabriel Baranka   8 months ago

    oh cmon thats por* in his dream and you cant prove me wrong

  • MrCar
    MrCar   8 months ago

    ''Show me your eyes'' proceeds to reveal your ID and kidnaps you

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKid   8 months ago

    Yo, it’s Mathias’s syntech story all over again😂

  • Kanav
    Kanav   8 months ago

    This sounds like a cult.

  • MegaPuppyDoctor Live
    MegaPuppyDoctor Live   9 months ago

    NNN: record video of your eyes pretend i am a loved oneme: awwww HECK NAW

  • Zap Productions
    Zap Productions   9 months ago

    Something gives me the idea this has to do with identity theft. She asks for videos of people's eyes blinking, with doesn't seem at all necessary, unless this has something to do with the devil

  • dragonblood
    dragonblood   9 months ago

    5:49 Sounds like something the devil said

  • Mellenbull
    Mellenbull   9 months ago

    1:22 looks like he dreaming about jesus

  • Mellenbull
    Mellenbull   9 months ago

    everybody gansta till the subject starts lucid dreaming

  • Ace
    Ace   9 months ago

    Bro, I want to do that.

  • CloudWalrus
    CloudWalrus   9 months ago

    1/2 of my day is sleep, so... about...A lot of money.

  • SelfAwareTrash
    SelfAwareTrash   9 months ago

    I remember reading this was promotion for a tv show or something

  • Pricess fun
    Pricess fun   10 months ago

    I would'nt accept this i would just go to my small cozy Safe apartment in the city and make myself a hot cocooff topic i know but still i wouldnt mess around with this Thing...

  • Neverite
    Neverite   10 months ago

    2021 update: no more livestreams :(

  • lilrobo
    lilrobo   10 months ago

    Am i the only one aeeing this now

  • Tan
    Tan   10 months ago

    New stream Getting rick rolled

  • NS777
    NS777   10 months ago

    What the heck

  • giangio
    giangio   10 months ago

    Everything/everyone that asks for your personal information, let alone a video of yourself, shall not be trusted. And i know that they get it anyways the moment you activate the camera on your pc, or you save something important on the notes of your iPhone, but if you give it of your own free will, they will definitely take advantage of the situation

  • smart art
    smart art   10 months ago

    So from the ending with the van, i cant tell, is it actually recording dreams

  • True Neko
    True Neko   10 months ago

    that seems like they want to know how to brainwash people