THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT - Idiots Killing Idiots

  • Published on: 14 November 2020
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  • Runtime : 30:17
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire horror movie movie review the strangers the strangers: prey at night


  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   1 years ago

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  • TheAngryGamer 360
    TheAngryGamer 360   2 days ago

    I actually got really invested in this movie until the guy gets stabbed in the back 11 times and gets left in the pool to bleed to death only because he just stopped fighting for some reason and then he fucking lives

  • Hennifen
    Hennifen   5 days ago

    My dad showed me the trailer for the first movie and I had nightmares for 3 weeks

  • Channel 14
    Channel 14   6 days ago

    Like a cop wouldn't be looking around hyper aware of his surroundings, he would even probably have his gun out on her till he confirms she's not a threat

  • Channel 14
    Channel 14   6 days ago

    I like how with a whyt family the parents don't want her to leave and she leaves and that's not a ass whooping once she try to go through the door 🤣

  • Edgeperor
    Edgeperor   1 weeks ago

    I like how they use all 3 generic reasons that phones can’t be used in this movie

  • Phoenix2.5D
    Phoenix2.5D   1 weeks ago

    man what a waste of really cool and genuinely unsettling masks

  • Hestillo
    Hestillo   1 weeks ago

    There could of been so many ways to make this movie work!The gun disappearing could of been explained by Luke getting attacked by a stranger and he tries shooting back, only to miss most of his shots because of the recoil and inexperience, forcing him to abandon the gun due to lacking the ammo.Baghead killing Mike could of had Mike try fighting back, but Baghead overpowers him and stabs him.Baghead also could of been less resilient, with moments where he attempts to recover but is instead injured, with his body language being less stoic and more like he's actually injured.Such a waste.

  • Witch Flowers
    Witch Flowers   1 weeks ago

    you know what would be kinda good? if Kinsey took the shot stranger’s mask and top AND WEAPONS and pretended to be her to avoid the scarecrow - like obviously they look different, but it’s the middle of the night, and Scarecrow is wearing sackcloth over his eyes anyway. Would have been interesting. they could end with scarecrow finding the blonde stranger’s body and realising that he was bamboozled - he could have been implied to hear the kids shouting and and the track which would make him know where they were he could start chasing the truck like a madman and instead of him getting into the truck bed which was fucking stupid kinsey should blow his head off with the shogun when he tries to get on. I think that would have been less frustrating

  • Witch Flowers
    Witch Flowers   1 weeks ago

    oh god why does the daughter have to have my name?? it’s not super common so every time i hear it my heart sinks lol

  • Max Picatti
    Max Picatti   2 weeks ago

    Dude somebody throwing super tiny rocks at your window is like the universal behavior people do when they want to talk to someone but not wake up the other people in the house. There was probably a girl outside your window trying to talk to you!

  • Keyz Capone
    Keyz Capone   2 weeks ago

    I actually smoked outside a projects and knocked on the wrong door wen lady came n told me wrong place I went back in to car called my friend n he says where he’s at n two more times I went to the same exact door n the lady just kept opening the door still can’t belive she never called the police lol

  • Jophiz
    Jophiz   2 weeks ago

    The first one scared the hell out of me cause of how loud it was and I watched it in my friends theater room.

  • N/A
    N/A   2 weeks ago

    the first film was supposed to emulate 70s horror films hence the stalking aspect to it while the second why trying to emulate the slasher films of the 80s

  • nugget yum
    nugget yum   2 weeks ago

    why use logic when you can have a horror movie.

  • Chandler Griffith
    Chandler Griffith   3 weeks ago

    If I were a movie director I would make a horror movie with smart people and poke fun at movies with dumb characters just a horror comedy addressing that people make dumb decisions in horror movies.

  • Evan Rummel
    Evan Rummel   3 weeks ago

    I think the burning truck scene is a tribute to Christine or something.

  • Dustin
    Dustin   3 weeks ago

    Your edits, sound effects and sound additions crack me up. 💀🤣

  • 11David
    11David   3 weeks ago

    It’s called playing with the victim to make them feel helpless

  • 11David
    11David   3 weeks ago

    To your answer your question about the strangers knowing where they will be it’s called stalking your Pray if you pay attention instead nip picky at the movie and actually do some research you might know this but hey let’s just keep running that ignoring little voice of yours

  • 11David
    11David   3 weeks ago

    Idk tell you think way over the top about the movie also if someone was trying to kill you and you’re saying oh just grab the knife without any training how to fight I think you be crying like baby

  • Slasher In Suits
    Slasher In Suits   3 weeks ago

    I love this movie. Well people in general aren’t smart, almost 1/3 of everybody never got vaccinated.

  • DON O$O
    DON O$O   3 weeks ago

    Damn the gun really disappeared n i never noticed 😭

  • Yo
    Yo   4 weeks ago


  • Gruguto
    Gruguto   4 weeks ago

    Actually for the Mike part, he was unable to move after crashing due to being impaled by the porch he had crashed into.

  • Andrew Schmitt
    Andrew Schmitt   1 months ago

    I liked Prey at Night, despite it being an imperfect film. I even liked it a little more than the orginal, because of the more 80s style, while the orginal was more 70s slashers.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice   1 months ago

    6:47 Yeah, she could have grabbed the metal bar from towel rack, or even longer metal bar from shower curtain. She instead just sat there staring at her daughter like, "WHITNESS ME"!!!

    TheMYERSFAN25   1 months ago

    Not to state the obvious, but it was just a poorly written script.

  • lilhen
    lilhen   1 months ago

    Spread the gospel god loves you so as jesus love you all and repent for your sins and prayers for Ukraine and don't let temptation ever overcome you be strong against temptation guys love you all and goodnight

  • The Fattest Hagrid
    The Fattest Hagrid   1 months ago

    Remembers me of the RobotChicken video where they show Jasons view on the chase scene.

  • Adam S.
    Adam S.   1 months ago

    This is the only horror movie I've heard of where the killers don't really want to kill and the protagonists don't really want to live, it's the epitome of "Apathy is death. Worse than death."

  • Darian Pizzolato
    Darian Pizzolato   1 months ago

    That golf club swing was on par with druig absolutely throttling the short chicks head with a rock from eternals

  • Matthew Barnard
    Matthew Barnard   1 months ago

    Dude, you always crack me up, because you think of all the same stupid stuff that I do!

  • SJB
    SJB   1 months ago

    So no, gloves and loose long hair everywhere. They shouldn't be strangers for long leaving DNA minefields all over the place but okay.

  • Karina Rodriguez
    Karina Rodriguez   1 months ago

    I love how fucking completely over it you are with this movie 😂😂😂

  • GrubDub
    GrubDub   1 months ago

    Some of your points don't make sense like when you said that they should call the cops when somebody showed up at your trailer but most of them did.

  • hubbabubba
    hubbabubba   1 months ago

    We need a horror movie where the main characters a Florida man 🙈 or a Texan . Texans are almost as bad

  • Brandon Carlson
    Brandon Carlson   1 months ago

    Also, the way that cop got his throat cut. He did not die. No way that killed him, not immediately.He would’ve had enough time to draw his weapon, mag dump the stranger, apply pressure to the wound, radio for back up and a few ambulances, go file his report, go home and get a change of clothes, maybe take a shower, take his wife out to a romantic candle lit dinner, and get to a hospital.