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  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • i moved

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  • Runtime : 4:21
  • lilypichu lily highlights hilarious funny twitchtv moments offlinetv


  • Issy_aesthetic gacha
    Issy_aesthetic gacha   2 hours ago


  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon   10 hours ago

    You didn't know how shocked I was with this extremely early editing

  • Reii Maru
    Reii Maru   17 hours ago

    hi lily what mount monitor stand are using ?

  • Levi Shirk
    Levi Shirk   17 hours ago

    Was that the Tank intro sound from Wii Tanks

  • American chicken
    American chicken   19 hours ago

    is this what micheals video will be about, steeling the robo dog

  • XypherGeode
    XypherGeode   1 days ago

    Wonder if Michael could sleep without Lily.

  • Andres Punzalan
    Andres Punzalan   1 days ago

    that's a nice amount of minutes and seconds you got there

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu   1 days ago

    The video is exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, and it’s the reason for my happiness right now.

  • 김세정
    김세정   1 days ago

    bet the hawaii vlog will be on march

  • ordinaryaverageguy
    ordinaryaverageguy   1 days ago

    00:58 On the memo board: "milk strawberries". We demand to see this!!

    SHARKNADO FARTQUAKE   1 days ago

    If you and Michael broke up I'd like to put in my boyfriend application lol. Seriously that's me singing and trying to be funny with the description and I think it works and I'm a baritone/bass so that was hard to do. here's more singing and amusement. here's some changing ted nugent song vocals and guitar geeky hilarity. I like bubbles from trailer park boys lol. here's me playing a well-known song on my sick trombone. I hope you are well! God bless you!🤣😂😎🤓🧐

  • Newtrox
    Newtrox   1 days ago

    Lily’s stream would never be the same without Michael randomly walking it

  • orochikaiba
    orochikaiba   2 days ago

    I love Lily. She is a whole vibe. Lily reminds me of like a plushie like Kon from Bleach, that totally cute and chill BUT she will gut don't be fooled by her cute demeanor. She will gut you like a got damn Thanksgiving turkey on some Elfen Lied shit if pushed. She is beyond adorbs😊

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone   2 days ago

    plus no one wants to live with a tech goblin who has increase in serotonin by torturing people

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P   2 days ago

    I spy with my little eye Pokemon Amazon Prime Collection Box

  • nhi nguyen
    nhi nguyen   2 days ago

    LILY!!!! omg ur wearing my sweatshirt 🥺🥺

  • Mrdan827
    Mrdan827   2 days ago

    What got me was the Wii play tanks music lol

  • Key Holer
    Key Holer   2 days ago

    BRUH Jaime is 23!?? fuckin hell man. get ur shit together. yeah youll definitely find someone better than Michael to have their kids and be a good wife and mother for their family. yeah definitely........ keep playing roommate for these little kids when youre 30 years old and have every chance to make a family. meanwhile there are tons of people who wish they could find someone, here you are literally avoiding it. unless its Michael pushing for more space that is. maybe then its time to rip the Band-Aid off and find someone your age ready to commit.

  • Key Holer
    Key Holer   2 days ago

    youre not a child. commit to this man and be the women youre meant to be. a great wife a wonderful mother. stop trying to live out these stupid ideals. either commit or leave and find someone you WILL commit to. youre wasting his time and more then that youre wasting youre own far shorter and more precious time of fertility and youth! what are you doing here with your "friends" are any of them 30????? . what r u doing? if you got pregnant tomorrow youd still be 32 by the time youre ready to have another kid. youre losing time every day. commit. build your family and serve them. or dont. keep going this direction and in the end watch your roommates leave and build lives and the only roommates youll have left are your dogs. woman now days dont realize being a mother and a wife are some of the greatest things anyone could ever be.. fulfilling and rewarding. far more rewarding and fulfilling then being a father and a husband. men are a commodity women are damn near worshiped. and here is this 30 year old women trying to live like a man and setting herself and her mate up for disappointment and sorrow

  • Key Holer
    Key Holer   2 days ago

    how cute you are, a 30 year old women playing quirky awkward dumb girl. clocks tickin and the wall is coming in fast.

  • Jayden Wong
    Jayden Wong   2 days ago

    hmm i wonder what the video length is

  • Lenin A.
    Lenin A.   2 days ago

    Lily KarenChu.....blame toast lmao all jokes

  • THE JOKER tv.
    THE JOKER tv.   2 days ago

    Lily 30 years old and michael revees 25.old Like that's ilegal bruuuuh not couple

  • Miyu
    Miyu   2 days ago

    That really says a lot that she didn’t move in with Michael. 🤔

  • TGM Grizzlyjazz
    TGM Grizzlyjazz   2 days ago

    I just realized that the video lasts for 4:20 minutes. Nice

  • tim biener
    tim biener   2 days ago

    Major deja vu I’ve definitely watched this before

  • Ameilya Grace
    Ameilya Grace   2 days ago

    is t that jamie,sydney and jodi’s old place?