• Published on: 03 May 2021
    iskall discovers who HermitCrafts biggest noob is, and it's not a pleasant find, but iskallman to the rescue as the biggest noob of hermitcraft.

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  • Runtime : 20:36
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  • loenseth
    loenseth   39 minuts ago

    Now remember - this comes from the same guy that told Mumbo Jumbo to - and I quote: "git gud".

  • TimmyRex11
    TimmyRex11   40 minuts ago

    Iskall: we have to stop being a noobMe: Impossible

  • Oliver Aborn
    Oliver Aborn   1 hours ago

    It took me 80 hermitcraft episodes to realize that iskall's camera settings are FREAKING STUPID

  • Only On Friday
    Only On Friday   1 hours ago

    twitch N no a apostrophe o on hermitctaft’s. twitch

  • Omega Primer
    Omega Primer   1 hours ago

    Sad at how little hermit craft is on this channel. Was my favourite channel...

  • Ash 007
    Ash 007   1 hours ago

    Nice to watch ur vids again iskall and good to hear that ur feeling better

  • Cormac
    Cormac   1 hours ago

    I know this is YouTube and vh is on twitch but I just want to say again how good of a job you did on vh

  • Grayson Harrell
    Grayson Harrell   1 hours ago

    Iskall how many times do I need to say this:Mumbo is a genius at redstone, you are not. So back off the territory of redstone.

  • master
    master   1 hours ago

    I fucking havent watched you since 5 months or something and you are still doing branches.

  • Brandon
    Brandon   2 hours ago

    I'm constantly cleaning up my inventory, especially after I work on a build.

  • Nima Master
    Nima Master   2 hours ago

    I swear I thought this was a video from season 6 and idk why

  • Petter Elseth
    Petter Elseth   3 hours ago

    Dont appologice, iff you are sick you are sick and iff you dont uppload then ill wait and enjoy every minute of the video. Keep Up the good work you are the best.

  • Xandra Kasteleijn
    Xandra Kasteleijn   3 hours ago

    Pretty much every youtuber I watch: please follow me on twitter/instagram/snapchat/whateverMy mom: NO SOCIAL MEDIA ALLOWED!!Me: :C

  • Elevation 91
    Elevation 91   3 hours ago

    MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait i am not on hermit craft................

  • No name
    No name   3 hours ago

    "Accidentally"Iskall: Ack-sic-den-ti-lee

  • Luke Schumacher
    Luke Schumacher   4 hours ago

    I don't think iskall remembers that he has only 20 more episodes to build the omega tree

  • Queen Dawn
    Queen Dawn   4 hours ago

    Does iskall remember that he has a building made out of diamond ore in the industrial area

  • Shirsak Majumder
    Shirsak Majumder   4 hours ago

    yup. i am ready to see iskall's 99 episodes of hermitcraft s7. (if you know what i mean)

  • charlie lawrence
    charlie lawrence   4 hours ago

    anyone else see how he has a shulker box full of lava buckets

  • Morgan Reed
    Morgan Reed   5 hours ago

    I’m out of emerald after showing us 3 stacks

  • zaney 21
    zaney 21   5 hours ago

    Ok so this guy isent dead wait no hes gine agen for a year this time

  • Eva Dijkstra
    Eva Dijkstra   6 hours ago

    Things Iskall probably forgot:1. all the shulker boxes put underneath the floor2. his house made out of diamond ore in the industrial districtAre we missing anything?

  • H3B3og
    H3B3og   6 hours ago

    Hold up I just realized he is on his slow upload schedule so he can finish the canopy on time

  • Juste Bivainyte
    Juste Bivainyte   6 hours ago

    did you spend 2-3 months just for finding a place to put a branhs?

  • Witty
    Witty   6 hours ago

    I just woke up so it might be me, but that first clip in the tree really strained my eyes