• Published on: 26 October 2021
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  • Runtime : 10:29
  • x2twins x twins twins fortnite oce battle royale x2jesse jesse x2jordan jordan season 8 bud bud mushroom mushroom secret base base secret


  • x2Twins
    x2Twins   2 months ago

    Join BUFF for Free! :

  • FunFanDude
    FunFanDude   1 months ago

    When I sought it open I just checked your video immediately 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • JellyclayYT
    JellyclayYT   2 months ago

    He did not hit Jesse pumped him in the belly lol

  • Owais Hussain
    Owais Hussain   2 months ago

    Oh my god That trickshot was sick 😰😰😰😰

  • Bootifulbotata
    Bootifulbotata   2 months ago

    Hey X2TWINS can I download Buff in the PlayStation5?

  • Segesta
    Segesta   2 months ago

    Finally somebody sponsors this good content

  • monkey
    monkey   2 months ago

    Your good for content and bc your from AUSTRAILA

  • HexaHorn
    HexaHorn   2 months ago

    Epic should add a keycard and vault into the bunker

  • HexaHorn
    HexaHorn   2 months ago

    Dang why is everyone getting sponsored by buff lol

  • HardukCasey 258
    HardukCasey 258   2 months ago


  • Paul Krenn
    Paul Krenn   2 months ago

    Hey guys, i recently discovered those cute Anime Girl Skins in Fortnite, and now am really sad i missed them. Im not very familiar with how the Shop works, but can some one tell me if they might return?

  • Curly
    Curly   2 months ago

    Boogie bombs

  • Enter11
    Enter11   2 months ago

    They’re stealing thumbnails now..nice

  • OOshbum
    OOshbum   2 months ago

    BUFF is annoying, it puts all these ads into your face.

  • Scuffio
    Scuffio   2 months ago

    jordan is looking like tfue lol

  • Niculina Span
    Niculina Span   2 months ago

    Jordan and Jesse actually Jesse didn't hit and Jordan 1pumped him

  • Beau Birch
    Beau Birch   2 months ago

    ur OCE and this only works for Americans rip