(Vikings) Ivar the Boneless | Don't Be Afraid

  • Published on: 25 January 2021
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    "I’am Ivar the Boneless ! You know who I’am! You know you can’t kill me! No matter how hard you try, because I will live forever!"

    TV Show: Vikings

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  • Runtime : 8:57
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  • Zurik 23M
    Zurik 23M   11 months ago

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  • AlcatraZ 1994
    AlcatraZ 1994   1 days ago

    Like this tribute. But still hate this goddamn mdfk.

  • Sooner slim
    Sooner slim   4 days ago

    You are Ivar The Boneless, and many there are that fear you!!!

  • Malthus
    Malthus   1 weeks ago

    best edit love it good job guys

  • Kevin Levesque
    Kevin Levesque   2 weeks ago

    This show is misleading I researched it and Ivar dies at 79 because of his leg disease

  • Sun Ga Lee
    Sun Ga Lee   3 weeks ago

    Ivar the boneless became famous and achieved this much despite having been crippled is already an achievement.The world will not forget him for his sheer will power and will always remember him as a legend.He would have become more famous than any Viking if he wasn't a cripple.

  • Mohammad Maraqa
    Mohammad Maraqa   4 weeks ago

    the best edit I have ever watched 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Speedy
    Speedy   1 months ago

    Chills, this has such amazing editing

  • 2easy
    2easy   1 months ago

    This really is nothing short of a masterpiece

  • Leon Schröder
    Leon Schröder   1 months ago

    I cant wait to see him on the comic con on Saturday 😍

  • Greeklings
    Greeklings   1 months ago

    Could you make a video comparing/contrasting Ivar with Bran Stark? Their similarities and differences would make for a great video! Your work is always impressive. Never stop!

  • Tina K.
    Tina K.   1 months ago

    ok China, I mean netflix

  • Kevin Levesque
    Kevin Levesque   1 months ago

    Ivar's guards should never allowed ivar on the battlefield he was the genius in war and predicting oponetns moves but he never really fought on the battlefield also he always had his archers with kind wondering where they were?

  • alex capitan
    alex capitan   1 months ago

    What language does he speak in the minute 7:31 - 8:01Is It a norwegian or Icelandic?( The video is a masterpiece)

  • Aaron Moore
    Aaron Moore   1 months ago

    The best Vikings edit I've ever seen in my life... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdmXTl6man0

  • akmal fariz
    akmal fariz   1 months ago

    kaki kanan atas buku lali untuk kedua dua suspek warga emas menceroboh tanah kg laksamana batu caves selangor tadi

  • Ron Hosumbeck
    Ron Hosumbeck   2 months ago

    Best character with ragnar. From the beginning to the end. Ivar was a genius warrior

  • Husên
    Husên   2 months ago

    Ivan would have invaded all of England and probably even France if only he could walk

  • Kevin Levesque
    Kevin Levesque   2 months ago

    If anybody he else notices ivar uses his god powers too control his warriors right at the end its what kills him using that kind of power also I'd like too add according too other research he died at 79 after doing raids with loaf the white kind of a people pleaser episode at the end don't like they are teaching false info😠

    DILSHAD MULLAPPALLY   2 months ago

    The amazing mashup I’ve ever seen in my life ❤️.. goosebumps item 👍

  • Emek Erol
    Emek Erol   2 months ago

    Altyazılara Türkçe de ekleyin

  • Natalija Aksoj
    Natalija Aksoj   2 months ago

    I felt sorry for Ivar most of the show. As for me the besz characters were Ragnar, Floki, Lagertha, Ivar, Björn and Ubbe.

  • Furianer Ridd
    Furianer Ridd   2 months ago

    it sounds unbelievable ... but my father also had the same blue eyes shortly before he died

  • RazZo YT
    RazZo YT   2 months ago

    After the death of Ragnaar I thought the series becoming boring... But IVAR : HOLD 😈

  • Stevend Tillman
    Stevend Tillman   3 months ago

    Havent even seen the show all the way through amd this shit almost brings me to tears