We Try On Disney Swimsuits! *Princesses vs Villains*

  • Published on: 31 July 2021
  • We try Disney swimsuits that are inspired by princesses and villains! How magical are they!? Then, tune in as we take on the ULTIMATE fashion obstacle course! ►► https://youtu.be/ulhAiliJn3Y
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    What We Wore from @enchantedbikinis!

    ROUND 1
    Ariel Bikini Top - https://fave.co/2WiNZfQ
    Ariel Bikini Bottom - https://fave.co/3rE7VWn
    Belle Bikini Top - https://fave.co/3i4vYdQ
    Belle Bikini Bottom - https://fave.co/371uqLp
    Sleeping Beauty Bikini Top - https://fave.co/3xcIVqa
    Sleeping Beauty Bikini Bottom - https://fave.co/2TEexaB
    ROUND 2
    Tinker Bell One Piece Swimsuit - https://fave.co/3l3cN6a
    Meg from Hercules One Piece Swimsuit - https://fave.co/3iS0Z3U
    Brave Bikini Top - https://fave.co/3rCWG02
    Brave Bikini Bottom - https://fave.co/3l1BzDu
    ROUND 3
    Ursula Swimsuit - https://fave.co/3x3B2Dj
    Cruella de Vil Swimsuit - https://fave.co/3iSXJ8r
    Evil Queen Bikini Top - https://fave.co/3x6FSzN
    Evil Queen Bikini Bottom - https://fave.co/3l3do7U

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    We #rank #disney #swimsuits!

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  • Runtime : 14:55
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   2 months ago

    CLEVVER POP QUIZ! Which song from the Little Mermaid does Drew always sing in videos???

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   3 weeks ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   3 weeks ago


  • Nichole Venable
    Nichole Venable   1 months ago

    I feel like Drew and I would get along so well. She loves MGK, Meg/Hercules, and acai bowls lol. All.my.favs.

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   1 months ago

    My dream walt Disney princes bell cleaver classmate my name is heather ha

  • i am shakuri.
    i am shakuri.   1 months ago

    How do I get Drew’s everything? Including her hair, and face.

  • Siobhan Morrison
    Siobhan Morrison   1 months ago

    Omg these girls are GORGEOUS! She looked SO good in that Tinkerbelle suit 🧚

  • Lesego Monageng
    Lesego Monageng   1 months ago

    Drew's monologue about Ursula is everything 😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S   1 months ago

    Ugh I didn’t think I needed this but now that I know it’s a thing I do

  • Yoru Rei
    Yoru Rei   1 months ago

    "If all three of us roll up to the beach, we're Disney as heck" 🤣

  • butt3rflyb3auty05
    butt3rflyb3auty05   1 months ago

    Drew always give 360 view when she tries on clothes unless it's too revealing, but the rest of the ladies never.

  • Autumn Answers
    Autumn Answers   1 months ago

    I’m saying this nicely because it’s going to improve a lot for the lady the beautiful lady that was in the bell swimsuit you should do curtain bangs A rich chocolate all over color with some Carmel Balayage highlights and darken and shape your eyebrows. You look very similar to somebody I know and I’m not insulting you by any means I’m just saying if you try this out you’ll thank me

  • Meesh
    Meesh   1 months ago

    I don't think that's too much money for a swimsuit.... But I don't think the quality looks that great.

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle   2 months ago

    I love it, spot on and the ones you chose as your top two are my favorite too coincidentally !🔥

  • KmtProject
    KmtProject   2 months ago

    Could you compare these to hot topics disney inspired swim line? or swim lines in general

  • Corynne Meadows
    Corynne Meadows   2 months ago

    Anyone else think that Meg was the Chesire cat?? Just me?? Ok.

  • Kelly Bravura
    Kelly Bravura   2 months ago

    I have the Aladdin bikini from hot topic and im obsessed so cool to see someone make an actually disney swimsuit line.

  • Nia Parris
    Nia Parris   2 months ago

    Am I the only one that thought the Meg swimsuit was Rapunzel from Tangled? In my defense, Rapunzel is a princess and Meg isn't 😂😅

  • eeminxs
    eeminxs   2 months ago

    The torrid disney collection swimsuits are so much better!

  • Jalena A ❤️
    Jalena A ❤️   2 months ago

    5:11 she said that, then the “please stand by” thing showed up and I got an ad lol

  • DarkSans_97
    DarkSans_97   2 months ago

    Hot topic has Disney bathing suits for way cheaper.

  • Kim van Voorst
    Kim van Voorst   2 months ago

    I know she makes it herself but 55 or more for 1 piece is very very very expensive. I don't have money for that..

  • Bre Love
    Bre Love   2 months ago

    This is the first contest Merida has ever won

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn   2 months ago

    The cut out is probably bc the Evil Queen asked for Snow White’s heart from the huntsman.

  • Helen Yang
    Helen Yang   2 months ago

    I would love an esmeralda swimsuit

  • C H A R U
    C H A R U   2 months ago

    Megara is my favorite disney princes 😍💕(i know she's not technically a princes but you know what I mean)

  • Kayla R
    Kayla R   2 months ago

    you gals should try on Baiia swim suits.

  • Obilia_Yalin
    Obilia_Yalin   2 months ago

    Al the tops are way to small on those girls

  • Wren McNally
    Wren McNally   2 months ago

    I just checked the website, their XL fits a US size 8-10. They are selling an Ursula themed bathing suit in an XL that is too small for a plus sized woman....ironic...and yes I am butt hurt. I would love a Tinkerbell one.....:(

  • Amberpapamber
    Amberpapamber   2 months ago

    These are really cute my only problem with it is that hot topic has come out with like a few of these almost to the exact..

  • AmyButtafuoco1989
    AmyButtafuoco1989   2 months ago

    Clevver is really going for 'sex sells' style these last years.

  • Brooke Shyne
    Brooke Shyne   2 months ago

    Love this! Would love to see more swimsuits!

  • Tubbkin
    Tubbkin   2 months ago

    No offense but they all look extremely cheaply made. I find hotopics Disney swimsuits look way better.

  • E Kat
    E Kat   2 months ago

    Who knew Drew loves Hercules as much as I do😂

  • Alysaur
    Alysaur   2 months ago

    3:41 Fun Fact: she wears the blue dress more than the pink dress. She only wears the pink dress for a couple seconds at the end when she and Phillip are dancing. The only reason people associate her with pink is because Disney makes her in the pink dress. If little girls see her and cinderella next to each other in their dresses they might confuse them.