I Survived Minecraft's Hardest Mod...

  • Published on: 16 June 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, on the modpack RLCraft. RLCraft is the hardest modpack in Minecraft, how much can I achieve in this world?

    Download RLCraft Modpack - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft

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  • Runtime : 12:18
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  • Amy Burgin
    Amy Burgin   22 hours ago

    SB is the only person I’ve ever seen that hasan-t died the second they get flint.

  • Moth
    Moth   1 days ago

    easy tip: use torches when doinganything in rl craft

  • EndernBlade
    EndernBlade   2 days ago

    Thats sad i hoped hed live but i dont know what tjat was either

  • SPIK3 U
    SPIK3 U   5 days ago

    This is so coll and miencraft is too ezz

  • sarah patrick
    sarah patrick   1 weeks ago

    He should I am on my moms phone mine is dead

  • Fiona Coleman
    Fiona Coleman   1 weeks ago

    Sb your me and my brothers favourite youtuber I've also subscribed

  • gaming_cat
    gaming_cat   1 weeks ago

    Oke SBS737 i love ur videos so i wil add Honey on my Opera GX for you bc i love ur videos i wil always support u <3

  • Muhaimin Moiz
    Muhaimin Moiz   1 weeks ago

    he says that rlcraft is easy if you're care fullRLCRAFT:I'm about to ruin this man's career

  • Ali Syed
    Ali Syed   2 weeks ago


  • 竹で
    竹で   2 weeks ago


  • Lauren Cooper
    Lauren Cooper   2 weeks ago

    my name is Hudson not lauren i just love your videos so much for a 9 year old!!

  • Kingspod
    Kingspod   2 weeks ago

    rlcraft is actually kinda easy

  • CorHydrae
    CorHydrae   3 weeks ago

    Everytime I see content about RLCraft, it always boils down to "I died and don't know why." In all honesty? That's bad game design.

  • Irrelevant Fool
    Irrelevant Fool   1 months ago

    RLCraft is FAR from the hardest mod, and id go as far to say not even close to the hardest. It’s the hardest mod to start out in, but once you get a summoning staff that changes FAST, and if you simply go to the nether and tunnel your way close to an antronach you got the best summon that will destroy everything for you. Then level up and level 30 enchant tide armor and you’ll never die unless you are really bad at the game. It only takes a couple hours of picking and choosing your battles, then you can progress fast and become unstoppable. 1 of the mods I consider harder is q specific version of texxit, I’ll have to find the exact version, but in that one even when you have the literal best gear possible your armor can shatter quickly then get 1 shot by a zombie with 1,000+ health. You can’t survive indefinitely in that modpack unless you get mending.

  • Tera penguin
    Tera penguin   1 months ago

    Sb should make this hundreds days rlcraft series

    GAMBLER YT   1 months ago

    മലയാളി പൊള്ളിയാണ്

  • Luca Zimmer
    Luca Zimmer   1 months ago

    Can u Play minecraft master mod i have tryed its very very very very very VERY hard

  • King Command
    King Command   1 months ago

    SB737's Favorite Prase is "Diamonds Are For Peasents."Has anyone else realised how his profile is a panguin holding a DIAMOND pickaxe. LOL

  • Alex Roach
    Alex Roach   1 months ago

    Sb, would you mind making a hundred day of this series.most people don take it further than iron armour so it would be really interesting so see it takes further.