I Survived Minecraft's Hardest Mod...

  • Published on: 16 June 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, on the modpack RLCraft. RLCraft is the hardest modpack in Minecraft, how much can I achieve in this world?

    Download RLCraft Modpack - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft

    ►"Minecraft But" Challenges - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWJikipm2MTaEPkjhs6ITFCDsq4OMqx0g

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  • Runtime : 12:18
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  • Rigby
    Rigby   2 weeks ago

    you said you would anser me

  • Rigby
    Rigby   2 weeks ago

    can i come on yore mincraft world

  • Rigby
    Rigby   2 weeks ago

    sb yore best

  • Rigby
    Rigby   2 weeks ago

    love yore vidios

  • Rigby
    Rigby   2 weeks ago

    i subscribed yore the best

  • Thunder Gauntlet
    Thunder Gauntlet   3 weeks ago

    Would 100% watch a full series on this, but not on hardcore.The unedited version would be a laugh too.

  • Warren Lees
    Warren Lees   3 weeks ago

    sb can I join your server and discord

  • FOXN52
    FOXN52   4 weeks ago

    Dude the jump scare 😭

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell   1 months ago

    This was the first and hopefully last time I’d see this Game Over, Spectate World screen from SB

  • Mattos 2.0
    Mattos 2.0   1 months ago

    you stole the thumbnail from the youtuber Cxlvxn and yes i checked the date

  • Sam Burton
    Sam Burton   1 months ago

    Love a full series on rlcraft, I dont care for it been hard-core, your discipline is satisfying enough 👌

  • Rejan Ajdini
    Rejan Ajdini   1 months ago

    What do you mean quest for 3 milion subscribers you already have 3,54 mil

  • Alpha
    Alpha   1 months ago

    I survived RLcraft and killed EVERY SINGLE BOSS it was so DEPRESSING cuz it was my first time playing that modpack

  • JacksonDKF
    JacksonDKF   1 months ago

    sb This is just too easy also sb sees "anything" run!

  • Blood HarD
    Blood HarD   1 months ago

    Please continue this series plzzz

  • rangita parajuli
    rangita parajuli   1 months ago

    This man can almost survive 100 days in the hardest mod and he can survive 3000 days in hardcore and I havenot even beaten the enderdrogon on easy mode

  • Majd Nasser
    Majd Nasser   1 months ago

    Play hard-core mincraft with natural regeneration of

  • Bearcat24
    Bearcat24   1 months ago

    Bro I didn't know good ole SB could even die

    BROKEN   1 months ago

    Sb:*being pulled by a 'singing siren' Me: those are mermaids

  • OneTap2517
    OneTap2517   1 months ago

    Fred is catching fishes for SB even in rlcraft , Fred truly cares for him

  • leequ
    leequ   1 months ago

    only for SB is minecraft being too easy a problem

  • 𝓈𝓊𝓈𝒽𝓃𝒶𝓉𝒽

    i watch ur video when iam a kid i watch ur video in age 7 and i try to get mc for free in mobile for years and i got it in age 8