they added guns to bedwars

  • Published on: 28 September 2019
  • this is not a prank. this is real.
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  • Runtime : 11:20
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel hypixel bedwars bedwars minecraft bedwars


  • Moshroem
    Moshroem   6 hours ago

    hypixel should make a technoblade version of bedwars with orphans and guns

  • Arcane
    Arcane   3 days ago

    just a normal day in America.

  • Dio
    Dio   3 days ago

    Potato bowmaster. The future right and left hand of technoblade.

  • CJ
    CJ   4 days ago

    I'm having trouble finding bedwars on bedrock edition can anyone help?

  • sobacat
    sobacat   1 weeks ago

    Not only is he the best Minecraft PVPer in the entire world he's good at FPS.

  • Space
    Space   1 weeks ago

    Well… there is a machine gun bow I. Skyblock now..

  • Cake Lord
    Cake Lord   1 weeks ago

    Its been 3 years where's our skyblock guns (JK for the idiots who can't catch a joke)

  • Vihaan V
    Vihaan V   2 weeks ago

    Technoblade 2019: "I think when the dragon spawns in skyblock there should be 10 dudes in enchanted orphan armour using a machine gun and just killing the dragon in 3 seconds" Juju and Term users 2022: "You were saying?"I guess you could say that they're in enchanted orphan armour because they can nolife skyblock that much for the Term one

  • Slycoze
    Slycoze   2 weeks ago

    Man I miss when techno uploaded bedwars

  • Niko?
    Niko?   3 weeks ago

    i found dashproworld12 in cubecraft on the slime tag gamemode

  • Dragonbed
    Dragonbed   4 weeks ago

    Swap and lucky block is good too

  • lad
    lad   4 weeks ago

    "There should be like 3 guys in Enchanted Orphan Armor just machine gunning the ender dragon out of the sky in like 3 seconds."

  • 致癌風險
    致癌風險   1 months ago

    This video would be 25% less funny if Potato Bowmaster had any other name

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport   1 months ago

    "If you peek out that door, I will shoot you."- Technoblade-And probably a school shooter

  • pAxToN
    pAxToN   1 months ago

    alternate title: bedwars but make it american

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu   1 months ago

    alternate title: "they added beds to gunwars"

  • SuperiorCheez
    SuperiorCheez   1 months ago

    "We have to ruin their afternoon"Me: ok classic technoblade humor"With guns"

  • Joe Lowry Jr
    Joe Lowry Jr   1 months ago

    Technoblade never dies…89% of the time.

  • Pogo Dogo
    Pogo Dogo   1 months ago

    "Buy My Book"-Sun Tzu the art of getting money

  • Pyro Raptor
    Pyro Raptor   1 months ago

    "why are you using swords? We have guns for a reason" - Technoblade, a true American

  • Dorksolus
    Dorksolus   1 months ago

    1:09 the Russian army during WW2

  • Memelur
    Memelur   1 months ago

    potato+pig= death god

  • Ben Atkielski
    Ben Atkielski   1 months ago

    @admins do you realize what you have done you have made techno UNSTOPOBLE

  • HeyI’m _Skylar
    HeyI’m _Skylar   1 months ago

    Debate: who gets made fun of more in Techno’s videos? Bedwars players or skywars players?