Trying One Size Fits All Clothing?! (PART 2)

  • Published on: 23 January 2020
  • You guys loved watching us try on One Size Fits All clothes - so we tried even more! You’re welcome!
    One Size Fits All Part 1! ►►
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    What We Tried ►►
    One Piece Swimsuit
    Black Dress
    Fleece Leggings
    Black Bodysuit
    Blanket Sweatshirt

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    Drew Dorsey @drew__dorsey
    Sinead de Vries @sineaddevries
    Loryn Powell @lorynpowell

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  • Runtime : 18:11
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  • Ayden Olivia
    Ayden Olivia   2 months ago

    blanket hoodies should be called hookets

  • Sarah Van de Berg
    Sarah Van de Berg   4 months ago

    There’s no way Drew wears a properly fitted 34DDD. That means her rib cage is 34” and her bust is only 6” more, at 40”. Odds are really good that she runs into the same issue a lot of women with larger busts run into, and that’s +4 sizing. It causes bands to be too large and cups to be too small in order for retailers to sell what they have on hand, rather than what fits us properly. It’s very likely that Drew would better fit something closer to a 30FF or 28G (UK) than attempting to find the largest bra size available at a retailer, which is not supportive or proportioned properly. Clevver, please do a proper bra measuring and fitting video! This +4 sizing and “36DDD is the biggest size bra” mentality needs to change. People’s bodies have so much variety. Get all the ladies properly measured and fitted at a bra specialist shop and video that experience! It’s amazing to learn what’s available if you avoid the big box stores for bras.

  • Meesh
    Meesh   5 months ago

    The body suit (their favourites) is $115 ... Not $80 as they said in the video. 😭

  • Faithfully Nequa
    Faithfully Nequa   6 months ago

    So sweet they all shielded their vaginas 4 loryn 😂😂😂😂

  • Caitlin Wardle
    Caitlin Wardle   6 months ago

    I love the girls but I wished they had an actual plus size person in the group, especially for these types of videos

  • Zerozspace
    Zerozspace   7 months ago

    Who buys the clothes cause that’s a lot of money

  • Bethany G
    Bethany G   7 months ago

    YOOOO Drew were the same size 34DD

  • lonnie499
    lonnie499   7 months ago

    These 3 are such a great COMBINATION

  • Hannah Fowler
    Hannah Fowler   8 months ago

    I just wish that the body types were different Bc their body types are almost the same

  • Gertie Marie
    Gertie Marie   8 months ago

    I did realize 2-12 is “one size fits all”….lol…I guess size 14 doesn’t exists hahahahah

  • D R
    D R   9 months ago

    I dont like that pink suit at all.

  • Megan Leslie
    Megan Leslie   10 months ago

    This videos make me sad (not Clevver Style, just OSFA)... I’m about 200lbs & 5’4 38DD bra... I could never wear any of these... literally none of these would work for me

  • Chelsea Bear
    Chelsea Bear   10 months ago

    You all are killing it! You look fabulous and you're cracking me up. It's refreshing that you're so honest too. One size will never fit all but I'm impressed when one size fits most.

  • Blah
    Blah   10 months ago

    2:15, it’s good if you’re trying to lose weight. Then you buy one expensive swim suit instead of 3+ cheaper ones.

  • Tammi Long
    Tammi Long   10 months ago

    They got the blanket jumper out and I was wearing mine lol

  • Aldana
    Aldana   10 months ago

    They are all skinny, wtf?

  • Roanne Ulep
    Roanne Ulep   10 months ago

    I just realized Sinead has RBF 😆

  • Tiny Flame
    Tiny Flame   11 months ago

    I have a pink blanket hoodie and my dad says I look like an pink Oompa Loompa So I call it my Oompa Loompa jacket

    TALIE   11 months ago

    They are all kinda similar size, i wish they had a bigger girl there tbh

  • Nika M
    Nika M   11 months ago

    Sinead is so snobby I hate her stfu

  • Alana Corbella
    Alana Corbella   11 months ago

    Everyone mad that they aren’t morbidly obese. Like they are size small through extra large. What more do you want? People aren’t SUPPOSED to be morbidly obese? It’s beyond proven that being obese is extremely detrimental to one’s health, so that isn’t a healthy normal size to be at or expect brands to cater to... brands should make clothes to fit morbidly obese 400 lb people because it’s unhealthy af to be that size and it shouldn’t be accepted as a healthy normal condition, because it would give people the idea that it’s normal and okay and healthy to be in that condition, which it isn’t, as proven by science. People not to stop acting like we should accept morbid obesity and the awful and FATAL health problems that go along with being morbidly obese, because that is just gonna cause more people to die decades earlier than they should.

  • Selena Abney
    Selena Abney   12 months ago

    Ok but i have the leggings and i love them

  • Shelby Carrell
    Shelby Carrell   12 months ago

    I’m a 32 DDD too Drew! I 100% feel your pain, so hard to get tops that fit them☹️

  • Mischa Ducci
    Mischa Ducci   1 years ago

    Literally this team is why I watch this Chanel and subed

  • elle jade
    elle jade   1 years ago

    these girls have the same body, if it’s a one size fit all they should have a lot more sizes (no hate)

  • Jules Victoria
    Jules Victoria   1 years ago

    Being the bigger girl in the group is bad enough without your friends laughing about it and defending the crappy leggings that didn't fit. Clevver, supporting the farce of one size fits all is bad enough but watching them make fun of Loryns for issue in the video was horrifying. I am so bothered by that lack of support, it's never funny to be the one who doesn't fit in. Literally

  • Krazy Rae
    Krazy Rae   1 years ago

    The swim suit would never work with size 34F boobs like mine or with the bra.

  • Jealousmuch
    Jealousmuch   1 years ago

    That coobie bra definitely wouldn't fit me I'm in the E cup range and that bra can fit up to 36D 😂

  • Becky Berdahl
    Becky Berdahl   1 years ago

    Do you think these would fit someone who’s 5’1 95 pounds and no breasts? 🤔

  • Katelyn Cook
    Katelyn Cook   1 years ago

    “Does it look like someone’s making out with me?” “Yeah uh a woman with great nails.” I AM CACKLING

  • Riley Britt
    Riley Britt   1 years ago

    I think that the bra is good for mothers and have to breastfeed

  • pUt geRaRd bACk!
    pUt geRaRd bACk!   1 years ago

    i hate to break it to you but not everyone sees that as the dizzy emoji...

  • Savannah Johnson
    Savannah Johnson   1 years ago

    They are all very similar in size it isn't that shocking

  • Jacqui Davies
    Jacqui Davies   1 years ago

    Loryn just chucking a massive tantrum, like a toddler! 😂

  • julissa castle
    julissa castle   1 years ago

    I liked that all of them covered there crouch area when Lauren did