Top 10 FTP Characters in Marvel Strike Force September 2021 with T4 and Iso-8 Recommendations

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
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    ValleyFlyin76 Channel (Marvel Future Revolution)

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  • Runtime : 24:32
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  • Paul Rance
    Paul Rance   1 months ago

    You should update the “Not Farmable” section to get rid of Sharon Carter. She is now in the Raid store.

  • avg joe gaming
    avg joe gaming   2 months ago

    Never bought domino shards and got her to 7* almost a year ago. Not "farmable" but blitz orbs are easiest to get

  • votrejoker
    votrejoker   2 months ago

    James Madrox deserves an honorable mention !

  • William Tovar
    William Tovar   2 months ago

    nice! plus honorable mentions are a bonus for the recap

  • Oh!Ghee! Brock
    Oh!Ghee! Brock   2 months ago

    Healer on beast is great but imo opinion skirmisher is better. Him/kitty heal the team good enough together, that extra guaranteed triple tap with beast, iceman, and kitty all being skirmishers is the way to go!

  • craig Jolley
    craig Jolley   2 months ago

    Valley mate, you havent upgraded Longshot to iso blue level 2!

  • Lazy Aggression
    Lazy Aggression   2 months ago

    What are the best Hero Tech/supernatural for Doom War? I have Kestrel.

  • Patrick McDaniel
    Patrick McDaniel   2 months ago

    These Top 10's are still a thing? Everyone hasn't ditched yet and moved on to MFR? It feels like months since I saw one of these Top 10's for MSF. I don't recall Mobile Gamer doing one for August or September. Also, I don't recall Valley and Mobile Gamer roster reviews for August and September.