pixar stop making your characters look like me

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
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  • Runtime : 18:24
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  • Danielle Rounds
    Danielle Rounds   4 hours ago

    Most fans that get distracted by something in your video will rewatch it so you’ll just get even more views lol💕

  • Danielle Rounds
    Danielle Rounds   4 hours ago

    Omg ive always been a ‘Gregma-male’ according to that description, all of it is spot on. 🎯 I absolutely apologize whenever ANYTHING goes wrong even if I’m the one who gets wronged lol🥺 & I legitimately couldn’t have worse social anxiety. #GregmaMale 😅

  • Lola Hunter
    Lola Hunter   6 hours ago

    i thought you had a little french mustache

  • ARC Productions
    ARC Productions   11 hours ago

    I looked at the picture for this video and didn’t realize anything was wrong until I read the title

  • Kai
    Kai   12 hours ago

    Omg pls a tutorial on how to be a gregma

  • demonkiller8
    demonkiller8   12 hours ago

    3:37Imagine getting payed to stand somewhere

  • adrhino
    adrhino   13 hours ago

    have we also acknowledged he looks like inside out dad minus the stache

  • Richard Dickens
    Richard Dickens   14 hours ago

    Lol I always thought it was pause not paws and I never realized you thought otherwise 😂

  • natetheok
    natetheok   14 hours ago

    don't you mean doppelgregor?

  • me
    me   15 hours ago

    PLEASE finish november 1st holy shit

  • Soul Eye
    Soul Eye   16 hours ago

    I am not gonna lie I didn't think that the thumbnail was edited till I looked at it againa

  • Nairoby Bravo
    Nairoby Bravo   17 hours ago

    Wait are we allowed to comment on how attractive brother Danny is in this comment section?

  • Cole DeSantis
    Cole DeSantis   18 hours ago

    Release that god damn spongebob song now wtf that’s perfect

  • Brianna Narr
    Brianna Narr   20 hours ago

    Whoever said Kurtis isn't attractive, ummmm I think not, he has a pretty sick mullet

  • Juliana Røss
    Juliana Røss   20 hours ago

    yeah danny ur actually very attractive but most of us don’t mention it bc were the fastest growing army on youtube

  • Mykaela Miller
    Mykaela Miller   22 hours ago

    You convinced me to try la croix and now I love it 😭😭😭

  • ᄂ지수
    ᄂ지수   1 days ago

    The spongebob had me wheezing

  • Miss Linh
    Miss Linh   1 days ago

    It's funny that I used to think Danny was attractive, but now I feel gross saying that... ANYWAYS

  • Hannah Pauley
    Hannah Pauley   1 days ago

    I’ve been Gregma this whole time and had no idea

  • Bella
    Bella   1 days ago

    Having respect for Danny, but also thinking he’s hot is top tier thinking sorry Greg family we have to pull a sweet home Alabama for this one

  • VagueOutline
    VagueOutline   1 days ago

    Danny is an adorable lil hwhip of extra smooth peanut butter but anyway that thing he and his friends made and put on youtube is GOLD

  • Kiran
    Kiran   1 days ago

    I want that SpongeBob song.

  • sidney
    sidney   1 days ago

    iM gOnNa kiLL sAnTa CLaUsSsSs

  • Emily Mitchell
    Emily Mitchell   1 days ago

    White boys between 17 and 30 make up 70% of movie ticket sales. so characters that all look like Danny happen because people that look like Danny are the ones who pay for movie tickets.

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie   1 days ago

    Daniel, I am truly disappointed. Today I got home from an “outing” to see that my mother had made the fine purchase of La Croix, a delicious beverage that I enjoy the pleasure of drinking. I was ecstatic to find that the one La Croix flavored beverage that I had heard so many ravings about was there, limoncello. I was thrilled, exhilarated even, I grabbed the can and cracked the tab. I took a sip, at first, bliss, it was I had hoped it was, delicious lemon bursting with flavor and taste, I was astonished. Then it came, the most revolting flavor, marshmallow, assaulted my tastebuds. I was disgusted, but more so disappointed. I thought I could never recover, but here I am writing this. Maybe I’m being over dramatic, but that is my summary of Limoncello La Croix, Vile. You should be disappointed.

  • --
    --   1 days ago

    you should make that music video, your songs are great

  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers   1 days ago

    That commenter is partly right, you ARE fine. Your eyes are pretty. Your hair is always slammin'. Your wife is very lucky, you're funny AND good-looking. (and you're lucky, your wife is funny and good-looking!)

  • LilyTheFox
    LilyTheFox   1 days ago

    "Reindeer don't have paws" well yea, male reindeer don't have antlers in winter either, females do though, what's your point smh /j