My BEST Solo Cash Cup Yet (I Finally Tried To Place)

  • Published on: 24 August 2021
  • Every cash cup this season, I worked on 1 skill to improve in the long run... Well in this Cash Cup, I applied everything I've learned over the past few months, and ALMOST made cash. In this video, I talk about my mistakes, how to make money, how to improve in cash cups, and more! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Runtime : 25:27
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  • JivanTV
    JivanTV   3 months ago

    This wasn't my best placement or anything like that, but it was definitely the best I felt while playing. I was right there on track for the money, and I believe I'll be in the money any week now! Thanks for all the support, love you (no sus)

  • Fynn Krohn
    Fynn Krohn   23 hours ago

    Yoo, make sure to double dip pads

  • Michelle Gibson
    Michelle Gibson   1 months ago

    One tip that I have for you is to not go through youdr hard mats so early on. Whenever late game starts out try to usr your wood to tarp into zone, that way you have your brick and metal later on ehen things really get crazy. That's just one thing I've picked up on while playing.

  • Football Content HD
    Football Content HD   1 months ago

    Ik this comment is late, but my goal is toHe really good solo player, I have been grinding solos Arena and was able to play in Season 8 first CC. I did really good won 1 game and gotGood kills each kills. I always knew if i was not getting nervous I could be at my best and that’s. Exactly what im going for this season (8)

  • w2tr
    w2tr   2 months ago

    what are reffrehes?

    AFROFUNDA GAMING   2 months ago

    You can tell when all the pros catchup it looks like down town Tokyo.

  • pixl-jay
    pixl-jay   2 months ago

    Jivan: I'm pretty sure I died like one timeMe: anna oop

  • Lori Casas
    Lori Casas   2 months ago

    Who else watching this in 1700.BC.

  • DykerFN
    DykerFN   2 months ago

    You should try to psycho high with the lunch pad, you land on the kid that is in high and you get free high and a refresh

  • Lil Mystify
    Lil Mystify   2 months ago

    yo jivan, in early game i suggest taking a blue tac over green pump because the green pump always does 20 damage

    FLIKZ   2 months ago

    in my opinion :getting the double kills wasn't a mistake because u didn't get killed so it's okey

  • StruXid
    StruXid   2 months ago

    in the first game you shouldve used hard mats to roatate. you had 400 hard mats you couldve used

  • zarqwnl
    zarqwnl   2 months ago

    u need to get in them kovacks bro

  • More RizzpoFn
    More RizzpoFn   2 months ago

    And then there is me watching you to see how pro gameplay is 😅

  • Psycho 17
    Psycho 17   2 months ago

    I hope you get next Cash cup earnings 😔

  • Demonofdeath 2020
    Demonofdeath 2020   2 months ago

    You can reach way high once u get experience and i suggest that u know how to place very well and also u know that one cannot play out all the games so why not try wkeying kids in the first 2-3 games ?

  • Teqzyy
    Teqzyy   2 months ago

    Hey what keyboard do you have?

  • ZachKuh
    ZachKuh   3 months ago

    Finally tried to place yeah Ight

  • Dxertz
    Dxertz   3 months ago

    2:18 this man came at the wrong time🤣🤣

  • Mohsin
    Mohsin   3 months ago

    At least he’s trying to help out he’s community

  • Stants
    Stants   3 months ago

    im eu played na east and got 127points les go

  • S F
    S F   3 months ago

    ggs dude

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson   3 months ago

    Bro your endgames are definitely what you need to work on .1 game u literally landed next to 3 people and started shooting them all if they were any good you could have been easily killed there .another in the 3rd game or something you get in zone need a refresh and you look up and to dead side when under you it was congested and people were scuffed backside which is where you should get a kill.Also try to be less hesitant when you go for high ground and stop delaying trying to get ar kills any decent player would swoop that off you straight away .Also maybe don’t bloom fight when you back zone . Keep working and grinding bro much love. I have 5k gp eu btw so hopefully I am a credible critique

  • Zimmo
    Zimmo   3 months ago

    11:31 god transition

  • Casey Mendoza
    Casey Mendoza   3 months ago

    You: I’m really happy to try and improve. Me: OMG I got 50 points in the trio cup

  • ボイEtsy
    ボイEtsy   3 months ago

    Anyone got tips for improving editing in kbm. Like i feel like there is a delay and i can't do double edits fast and i can't spam my edit button. Idk man

  • Valour Oki
    Valour Oki   3 months ago

    Im the best FN player in this game

  • Rust nerd
    Rust nerd   3 months ago

    im guessing u use esdf as movement?

  • Max Skates
    Max Skates   3 months ago

    Hey Jivan. I noticed from watching your gameplay video's that you sometimes forget to reload your AR in sticky situations.

  • Seth Holt
    Seth Holt   3 months ago

    Was waiting to see what you place you came in but you never showed it :(