Larry Bird Trash Talking

  • Published on: 06 January 2021
  • The Greatest Trash Talker the game has ever seen. Larry Joe Bird.
  • Runtime : 10:54
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  • A Patriot
    A Patriot   3 hours ago

    You had to see it to believe it. For a slow guy with not much quickness or pure athleticism ..... he was simply one of the very best players who ever stepped on a basketball court in the history of basketball. His talents were immeasurable. At times you would not believe what you were seeing.

  • Greysen Gagne
    Greysen Gagne   23 hours ago

    "You don't even belong in the leagues holms" 🤣

  • bobby cv64
    bobby cv64   1 days ago

    Thanks for posting @Uncut Hoops - this was great and hilarious.

  • Real Life
    Real Life   1 days ago


    BIG JERM   2 days ago

    3:54 that shit was cold tho lol

  • choice12ozborne
    choice12ozborne   2 days ago

    How many seasons did he play? I heard he retired early because of back problems

  • boomshine7
    boomshine7   3 days ago

    5:54 one of the best points ever imho... Everyone looks the ball and he just goes to where the ball falls and then quick hands, amazing

  • Ty
    Ty   4 days ago

    3:55 what the fuck?? Lmao that was so filthy my goodness

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde   4 days ago

    Never watched a game...but man this guy is such a great basketball player...I want to start wayching

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C   5 days ago

    Larry and MJ would be my first 2 picks, if I was starting a team. I wonder what Larry thinks of these players today- swapping jerseys after a game?

  • Christopher Murphy
    Christopher Murphy   5 days ago

    Hey look, I was young teenager in the early 80's, so I'm thinking ok, he's white. Yeah I followed him from Indiana St. And I remember one of the Pistons players say some things about Larry Bird. About his race. And my feelings were the same because he was white and could play a little bit. He received a lot fanfare and praise. Sheeeit, and years go by I realized that Larry Bird was truth! That was one bad ass white boy! The baddest white boy to ever play in the NBA in my opinion. And he played when it was gritty and grimy amongst the best that ever played. That era was special and I don't think there will be another era like the 80's. Here he is a league of Black men that more than likely made 80% and Larry is killing them! And talking shit doing it. Out there clowning to, shooting behind the backboard, slick ass passes and could'nt jump over a dime! That what you call skills. When there is no athleticism and he can still go out there and kick ass, that a bad mofo!

  • 8MichaelAnthony
    8MichaelAnthony   6 days ago

    I love watching these old heads talking about each other and the old days. The stories get more elaborate each year.

  • KasHxJay
    KasHxJay   1 weeks ago

    Nah that highlight at 3:54 is crazy

  • Blacula
    Blacula   2 weeks ago

    God that old floor in the garden was fucking beautiful!

  • frank dreben
    frank dreben   2 weeks ago

    Who could hit back-to-back game winners like that that's like stalling a kicker on a kick

  • tschieding
    tschieding   2 weeks ago

    That's not talking trash, that's talking truth. And the truth ain't trash.

  • Tom Balthis
    Tom Balthis   3 weeks ago

    A person like Larry Bird was a once in a lifetime phenomenon for the NBA and basketball!!!Some may not rank him the best ever but he was the most unique person in my lifetime of 71 years to play the game.More MJ’s Kobe’s and Le Bron’s will be forthcoming again.I doubt I will ever see a character like Larry Bird in the NBA ever again!!!I don’t follow or like basketball that much but Larry had the personality that would make someone want to see him operate like a master surgeon on the basketball floor.He is definitely number 1 in being the most fun to watch player!!!!

  • Kevin LePert
    Kevin LePert   3 weeks ago

    "Larry is not white, Larry is clear" Bill Murray in Space Jam

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy   3 weeks ago

    @8:30 the announcer says "Look Out" before the ball even goes in. He knew.....Larry was just THAT good. How I miss watching him play😔

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D.   3 weeks ago

    Bird wasn't afraid of anyone. I like those clips of him getting in Kareem's face and fighting Dr. J. Hah

  • Noname
    Noname   3 weeks ago

    Lebron has fans removed from the arena for heckling, can you imagine him being a target of Bird’s trash talk! He would cry like a baby and probably quit playing.

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis   3 weeks ago

    Larry Legend even with a broken back was an absolute MONSTER

  • Javier Barrera
    Javier Barrera   3 weeks ago

    This is why Basketball is much better that soccer

  • Crush42 Mash
    Crush42 Mash   1 months ago

    There’s a reason why people call him Larry legend!Somebody who can back it up, The guy won a shooting contest with his warm-up jacket still on!!!!

  • Peter C
    Peter C   1 months ago

    His no look passing game was so tight. As kids we would try to imitate him. Those were some great days

  • Giselle B
    Giselle B   1 months ago

    Back when men didn’t play like lil bitches…lmao

  • amihan99
    amihan99   1 months ago

    Larry bird is the best trash talker

  • lbeau061
    lbeau061   1 months ago

    Bird is a bad bad shut your mouth!

  • Shawn DeLeon
    Shawn DeLeon   1 months ago

    He said you substituted Micheal Jordan for a white guy. You disrespecting my game lol

  • Robert Stout
    Robert Stout   1 months ago

    Larry Bird is the greatest all-around player ever!!! He's the greatest shooting small forward ever, the greatest passing small forward ever, and the best rebounding small forward ever. He made his teammates better more than anyone ever. Only small forward to win three MVP's in a row. Definitely in the top five of all-time. Michael, Magic, Bird, Russell, and Wilt. There will never be another Larry Bird!!!!