TWRP - Hidden Potential

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • From the NEW album "Return To Wherever" available now:

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  • Runtime : 4:59
  • twrpband citypop funk disco positive upbeat starlight brigade game grumps ninja sex party work out work out music training japanese 80s retro synthwave


  • Jugo Spank
    Jugo Spank   1 weeks ago

    was listening to this while typing up emails for trying to become a voice actor, and man, this hits so hard, thank you for making this, I know I can do it.

  • Ivaer Adon
    Ivaer Adon   1 months ago

    I've listened to this a few dozen times, probably, and it is just the BEST sort of chill pump-you-up music. I love it so much, and the artwork for the "cover" really lends itself to the right mood, too!

  • Lemonade Lamp
    Lemonade Lamp   1 months ago

    The Japanese in the title does, in fact, translate to Hidden Potential and is pronounced "senzainouryoku"潜 - sen - submerge, conceal/hide, lower/hush在 - zai - exist, outskirts/suburbs, located in能 - nou - ability/talent, capacity力 - ryoku - power/strength, exertionIf this term sounds familiar, JoJo's and HxH (among many other anime) use the term "nouryoku" to refer to an individual's unique ability.

  • Xeogin
    Xeogin   2 months ago

    I'm only a few seconds in, but really wanna go to Home Depot now

  • Robo Jo
    Robo Jo   4 months ago

    You all deserve nothing but the best!

  • Scott Wittie
    Scott Wittie   4 months ago

    TWRP amply fills the hole left by Daft Punk.

  • Dusky
    Dusky   4 months ago

    This song got me through the hardest uni assignment I've had to do. Thank you x.x

  • Matthew Daye
    Matthew Daye   5 months ago

    Had this son in my head all morning and couldn't place the lyrics just that funky bassline

  • Kelly Pruitt
    Kelly Pruitt   6 months ago

    The beginning of this song reminded me of the opening to this one older anime called Aishite Knight. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to should look up the OST.

  • sunshine is fire
    sunshine is fire   6 months ago

    My hidden potential I didn't realize until this year I'm so strong I just needed to accept myself for who I am and I feel like I can do anything and thank you twrp for giving me confidence with all your music. I'm trans and I'm not afraid to say it anymore 🏳️‍⚧️

  • BIGtimmy87
    BIGtimmy87   6 months ago

    Every time I want to give up I listen to this song song and take the next step, thank you

  • Isaac
    Isaac   7 months ago

    1.25 speed is an e x p e r i e n c e

  • PillowFace McGee
    PillowFace McGee   7 months ago

    This song resonates with me so hard. I mean, I live a pretty tough life of a slow person. I always finish tests last, if not after the bell, I need time to take in knowledge, nothing clicks instantly, driving is infuriating because of all the mistakes that I do, my work ethic and schedule is fucked beyond belief, I'm a damn chain smoker too and I never seem to get ahold of myself. Fucking never. But this song fills me with so much confidence, with so much belief in myself, I'm tearing up as I'm writing this even. I love you guys, you change lives for the better and want to thank you deeply for it. Just... Thank you

  • Amzy
    Amzy   7 months ago

    this gives me daft punk vibes

  • PastaMan69
    PastaMan69   7 months ago

    Can't believe it's not space dandy❤❤

  • Josh Korte
    Josh Korte   8 months ago

    This makes me feel like I'm skateboarding down the freeway at 90mph.

  • Lilmrmagoo
    Lilmrmagoo   10 months ago

    not gonna lie Arin sounds like he's saying Milwaukee.

  • the stash W
    the stash W   10 months ago

    this sounds a should be with lupin the third

  • Bob Jack
    Bob Jack   10 months ago

    That “wooo” near the end got me excited for nothing and I’m glad it did

  • Bez Oznaught
    Bez Oznaught   11 months ago

    I think TWRP is secretly just Daft Punk

  • christmasleds
    christmasleds   11 months ago

    i want to go to a TWRP concert so bad but im like 14 and my mom probably wouldnt let me😔

  • JellO Buss
    JellO Buss   1 years ago

    TWRP; Turning lame school posters that hang in the assistant principal's office that makes them think they're 'hip', into kickass songs and beats to jam out to.

  • Wasmo
    Wasmo   1 years ago

    rhythm heaven TWRP edition when?

  • bitbrain
    bitbrain   1 years ago

    The best music to play No Mans Sky. <3

  • Snail Gazer
    Snail Gazer   1 years ago

    Arin's inclusion on this track immediately ruined it for me.

  • Li_Celly
    Li_Celly   1 years ago

    I'm just saying... will you EVER sell LP's? Like, for vinyls...

  • Anthony
    Anthony   1 years ago

    I can’t help but groove when I hear this

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12   1 years ago

    Y'know, I got introduced to TWRP trough NSP and the good ol' Grumps but manThey make some absolutely amazing stuff on their own I live for this stuff!!If I ever can I'd animate some of this stuff for sure!

  • Difer
    Difer   1 years ago

    Volume - 110% checkLights - Groove Mode checkTWRP - checkTime to Vibe boys

  • Comet [superior]
    Comet [superior]   1 years ago

    I have no idea what this is, all I know is that a new friend sent me that and I love it.