The Host - Mutant Fish Monster

  • Published on: 10 September 2021
  • The Host Monster Explained - A monster emerges from Seoul's Han River and begins attacking people. One victim's loving family does what it can to rescue her from its clutches.

    Director - Bong Joon Ho


  • Runtime : 6:6
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  • Max Kidd
    Max Kidd   3 days ago

    Alteori: this was basically south Korea's version of Godzilla.Yonggary: am i a joke to you?

  • Peen Cuck
    Peen Cuck   6 days ago

    3:49 bout' to kiss tha monsta innit

  • Senythril
    Senythril   1 weeks ago

    Ive seen the box art for this movie so many times it keeps flashing across my eyes but ive never seen the actual film it honestly doesn't look bad for an 06 film.

  • Brother Khrayn
    Brother Khrayn   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for informing me on the proper technique for Molotov throwing. I will keep that in mind the next time im at a riot….

  • Sir Perry
    Sir Perry   2 weeks ago


  • i have pets
    i have pets   2 weeks ago

    fun fact: the americans poring the chemicals in the river was based on a true event.

  • Deep6 Pictures
    Deep6 Pictures   2 weeks ago

    I was always spotty about this movie growing up. I always remembered it just stopped being a monster movie at some point but I'll probably give another watch

  • Michael Orlando
    Michael Orlando   2 weeks ago

    Fun fact!: JJ Abrams was inspired by this film to make Cloverfield!

  • Velikan Knight
    Velikan Knight   2 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does that monster look kinda THICK

  • kevan hubbard
    kevan hubbard   3 weeks ago

    The Molotov Cocktail the only cocktail you can't drink!

  • SomeDude WhoDraws93
    SomeDude WhoDraws93   3 weeks ago

    IDK whats scarier the fact this thing is amphibious. Or a Bull Shark from the Game ManEater. Can do the same thing on land and it has no legs! No seriously in th game u can get this upgrade called amphibious it extends your time of length on land. And did I mention this shark grows up to a max of currently 10 meters long and big? Its mouth is as big as a standard car.

  • tahna dana
    tahna dana   3 weeks ago

    all korean movies have america as the villain

  • Phantom 617
    Phantom 617   3 weeks ago

    I like this movie a lot, only seen it once but it was cool

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime   4 weeks ago

    The backflip into the water after killing the dad literally made me laugh

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime   4 weeks ago

    I like this channel a lot! Thanks for the content

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime   4 weeks ago

    Funny how kids use the word slaps now. Even in modern slang it means a good song. It isn't just generic for good lol

  • Dante Wolvera
    Dante Wolvera   1 months ago

    My "favorite" part, because I laughed..😅Was the funeral laying down drop kick...I don't know how I feel about the ending😶

  • Christopher Pineau
    Christopher Pineau   1 months ago

    Great SPFX for the time, and a lot of social and political commentary went on the this movie, absolutely. WETA Digital outdid themselves at the time, for sure! This is a cool little movie, and I need to revisit it, I think.

  • K T Mal
    K T Mal   1 months ago

    The monster may not have been smart enough to know its on fire and run back to the water but rather it was injured and in pain, so it was going back to the place it felt safe... where it came from... in the water.

  • IrAbynormal
    IrAbynormal   1 months ago

    Love this movie, I've only watched it once but after being reminded of it by you, I think I might add it to my collection. Sadly my disk that had my whole digital Godzilla collection failed so I have to re attain all of them, so I will add a few monsters along the way.

  • Kyuu Anticipation Desperation

    My 3rd Reincarnation being a North Korean agrees with what you said, being what is the TRUE villain in the MovieXD

  • Jordan Lego
    Jordan Lego   1 months ago

    Is there anyplace streaming this at the moment?

  • Gerson Andrés Cuevas Piérola

    An explanation i heard about why it opens up and drinks any kind of liquid is because it instinctually wants to mutate even further, like it happened with the chemicals drained down the sink by "Hershel".But more like a means to mutate, it's like an addict. It drinks all that's dangerous.

  • Perica Peric
    Perica Peric   1 months ago

    That thing is so ugly so when i saw in this video i throw up XD

  • Hyun
    Hyun   1 months ago

    Actually, this creature was based on what Bong saw when he was in high school. He witnessed "something" that climbed bridge but fell to river. According to him, it was not a human, and similar size with movie monster. Some people still believe something may be in Han river for real.

  • さしみ 牧師
    さしみ 牧師   1 months ago

    No, South Korea's version of Godzilla is much, much more terrible. Check out Yongary and it's even worse "reboot" Yongary 2001. 😱

  • Nickolaus Afon
    Nickolaus Afon   1 months ago

    Notice the creature is the Host of lamprey like parasites... or males. I wonder if it is also the host of a pathogen, a wild bacteria or protist, mutated by the chemicals. Perhaps the chemical waste mutated a parasite normal in the river system but the parasites now mutated animals like a kind of mutagenic malaria. This could happen too. Some genes could be directly mutated too.