Mansion Party - NSP

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
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    Animated by Simon Macko (@shoocharu)
    House Shot by Renee Violet (@planetrazzmataz)

    Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach
    Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist
    Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by Thom Flowers
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Dan Avidan - Vocals
    Brian Wecht - Keys & Synths
    Havve Hogan - Drums
    Lord Phobos - Guitar
    Doctor Sung - Synths & Keys
    Commander Meouch - Bass
    Jim Roach - Guitars


    Hey girl, welcome to my house party
    It’s a giant mansion baby, don’t slip on all my money
    Yeah there’s a lot of models, and some supermodels too
    Don’t touch my diamond fridge, it cost more than the country of Peru

    Seduction is like a game of chess…and I’m the queen. Wait…

    Can’t stop, won’t stop, dancing deep into the night
    It’s a mansion party
    Yo that tiger’s super tight
    And if you’re feeling naughty, we’ll snort champagne by candlelight
    It’s a mansion party, and later on’s a panda fight

    Hey girl, heard you couldn’t find the dance floor
    Just walk right past the garden
    Go through the Spanish French doors
    Turn right at the seventh bathroom
    Then a left at my laser car

    You can ride my purebred stallion, if you hit my moat you’ve gone too far

    Take an upside down left at the MC Escher stairs
    OK, you’re almost halfway there

    Can’t stop, won’t stop, dancing deep into the night, it’s a mansion party
    I bought a yacht just for tonight
    And if you’re feeling naughty, we’ll smoke champagne by candlelight
    It’s a mansion party, now let’s watch two pandas fight

    Can’t stop, won’t stop, nonstop runnin’ for my life
    It’s a mansion party, I pray to god we all survive
    And if you’re feeling saucy, we’ll grab some spears by candlelight
    It’s a mansion party, we’re droppin’ pandas left and right
  • Runtime : 2:45


  • Carlos Viera
    Carlos Viera   12 hours ago

    I love the ninja in all the animations (sorry if I dont call him by name)

  • Carlos Viera
    Carlos Viera   12 hours ago

    I love the ninja in all the animations (sorry if I dont call him by name)

  • E1ns 2wei
    E1ns 2wei   18 hours ago

    I wish i had the first 8 seconds in a perfect loop.

  • Steven Scott Dubrowski

    I do love imagining dan making this song like 10 6rs ago and what that music video would look like. Arin would be one of the pandas

  • Connor Henry
    Connor Henry   4 days ago

    1:47 dude someone needs to make this into a meme format

  • Connor Henry
    Connor Henry   5 days ago

    bro dont joke about champagne smoking! its a real addiction! i lost my dad to glass lung disease

  • Crabmastaflash
    Crabmastaflash   5 days ago

    This video is like if early 2000s dreamworks and mid 2000s Newgrounds had a child and it grew up to save the planet. also, a "thanks for coming! I'll see you next week?" at the end of this song would have been a nice comedic touch

  • robert ferguson
    robert ferguson   1 weeks ago

    ok but lets be real, the blue panda was fucking that red panda up

  • Rkay421
    Rkay421   2 weeks ago

    I like how Dan picks up his money before he runs

  • HallowSaw
    HallowSaw   3 weeks ago

    Opposite of "Welcome to My Parents' House"

  • Bakugou’s Slut
    Bakugou’s Slut   3 weeks ago

    Danny’s looking very submissive and breedable in this music vid

  • quintanar morales
    quintanar morales   3 weeks ago

    What I find so funny is that there are fighting pandas lol, pandas have can barely get it on to mate much less fight each other 😂

  • ItalianPokeMage
    ItalianPokeMage   3 weeks ago

    Did Brian train the pandas to kill on command and was he biding his time until he could command them to attack?

  • Rose_Code Taylor
    Rose_Code Taylor   3 weeks ago

    Holy hell, love the animation. My eyes feels like- actually blessed.

  • Hetzer
    Hetzer   3 weeks ago

    I'm so glad people like this have access to youtube

  • Burgio
    Burgio   3 weeks ago

    0:00 ninja Brian amogus

  • Slxsh
    Slxsh   4 weeks ago

    1:35 top ten anime plot twists that we weren’t ready for

  • Mathieu Brenne
    Mathieu Brenne   4 weeks ago

    Sexy Danny suffer of big mental ill i think..and I think the end show "even if you are can't avoid the mess you create" :D

  • Akatsuki Overlord
    Akatsuki Overlord   4 weeks ago

    Seduction is like a game of chess, and I'm the queen 😉......Wait

  • Ranylyn
    Ranylyn   1 months ago

    Me before getting an Ultrawide Monitor: "Huh, I wonder why they chose this aspect ratio."Me, now that I finally got an Ultrawide Monitor: "TIME TO GO WATCH MANSION PARTY IN PROPER FULLSCREEN, ALMOST TWO YEARS LATER!"

  • Mathieu Brenne
    Mathieu Brenne   1 months ago

    That was hard to say but it's really an excellent song XD GOD I just see brian in the lavomatic

  • Flower Head
    Flower Head   1 months ago

    Is it just me or does nsp actually help you get songs stuck out of your head like the songs don’t easily get stuck in your head but it’s like as if they just help you idk if it’s just me

  • Good Night Owl
    Good Night Owl   1 months ago

    2:17 I love the fact that he just instantly recovers from that punch and gets this angled shot like he's larger than life.

  • Bad At Games
    Bad At Games   1 months ago

    I love how half the time, Ninja Brian cucks Dan

  • NeroTheWeirdo
    NeroTheWeirdo   1 months ago

    This animation makes Dan look like an awesome anime villain who doesn't give a fuck.By far my favorite animation

  • dvoicer6785
    dvoicer6785   1 months ago

    "My God, the battle pandas have escaped from the pandagon and they're murdering the guests!"-Mansion Owner

    MORKAMANZ   1 months ago

    Hot damn this vid is almost a year old. I honestly think it ranks up there with the NSP classics though. Like, I watch this thing almost religiously every few weeks.

  • Grymreaper
    Grymreaper   1 months ago

    Me: Why the eff would Jeff Bezos need the most expensive house in california?NSP: Mansion Party.Me: okay i get it now...

  • Vinay Gowda
    Vinay Gowda   1 months ago

    I love arin screaming and Susie just like we gotta go stop screaming

  • Dakotah.
    Dakotah.   1 months ago

    Shoocharu animated this

  • Fobb8
    Fobb8   1 months ago

    2:36 Is that Wilfrod Motherloving Warfstache himself?

  • DarthEnderX
    DarthEnderX   1 months ago

    This contrasts nicely with Welcome To My Parents' House...

  • James King
    James King   1 months ago

    my head cannon for NSP is that Danny is actually way WAY stronger and more deadly than ninja Brian but all Danny wants to do is dance and no longer do the murders or fighting so Brian is frustrated with this and follows him around every now and them killing Danny but he is immortal and is just very badly injured