Why New Orleans' Geography SUCKS

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 18:18
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  • TheMultiCaster
    TheMultiCaster   7 minuts ago

    It sounds weird when you refer to cities as 'her' 🤔 Couldn't you just say 'the city's' or something?

  • Pixel Raster
    Pixel Raster   10 minuts ago

    Well we’ll we’ll americaIf it isn’t the consequences of your actions

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim   10 minuts ago

    And with that people should now get the joke from Family Guy.

  • Brian
    Brian   10 minuts ago

    The story of Katrina flooding is wrong. The water went into the lake and the levees that are on canals to the lake failed, not the lake levee. It also wasn't because they were overtopped, some failed deep underwater where the soil gave way underneath the levee, and one got hit by a runaway barge.

  • Thegegedu95
    Thegegedu95   17 minuts ago

    it look like venise in italy, you must build a dam, or relocate houses

  • ItzKianLance
    ItzKianLance   32 minuts ago

    0:15 15 second after i started this vid, i saw something off with the lake lol

  • Chris Kruschke
    Chris Kruschke   36 minuts ago

    I like the video - very thoroughly researched - but you need to tone down the rhetoric about climate change. Only if you look short term - a five year period from 2016-2020 - are the number of hurricanes abnormally high. If we only have - say - 10-12 hurricanes in 2020, this would be a return to normal numbers. A five year blip is statistically less than meaningless and when looked at in historical terms is LAUGHABLY meaningless. Since we do not have accurate weather data prior to the 1870's or so, we have no idea how many hurricanes the American SE typically saw historically. For all we know, this area used to have 30-40 hurricanes a year in the 1500-1600's - which is why it was so sparsely populated pre-European colonization. The point is we don't know and making half-baked, over generalizations isn't good science.

  • Torrey Guido
    Torrey Guido   50 minuts ago

    Mankind cannot stop climate change. Mankind cannot control the weather. If New Orelans is going to drown, mankind can do nothing about it.

  • ᅳ lee왕
    ᅳ lee왕   51 minuts ago

    I want to see why your life sucks.Can you make a video on that? It would be more interesting

  • Scott doesntmatter
    Scott doesntmatter   55 minuts ago


  • indio peninsulares
    indio peninsulares   1 hours ago

    But most people want to live near,beaches,lakes and rivers.I still want to live there.i love fishing and wildlife.

  • Masticina Akicta
    Masticina Akicta   1 hours ago

    The people finding that area must have thought, "This is a perfect location for a town"The people developing the area into what it became "This is the perfect location to make a lot of money" The reality? Living at water comes at a price...

  • Tritium
    Tritium   1 hours ago

    The sediment in the Mississippi could also build up on the riverbed, pushing the water level of the river up without funding for dredging.

  • Tim Nicholls
    Tim Nicholls   1 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be better to allow the Mississippi to change its course now then dredge the former route to allow access to the sea ? At worst it would give some protection to the city at best it could allow for better drainage systems to be put in place. And the whole no freshwater thing is a laugh as you do know in Australia over a century ago the built a pipeline to deliver fresh water over 530 kilometres (330 mi) and with the increased technology since then I'm sure a city like new Orleans would be able to archive it.

  • WackPlatin
    WackPlatin   1 hours ago

    1 thing stuck with me ... "rest of the world" :D good video

  • Zani Zone
    Zani Zone   1 hours ago

    Video: "The ocean advances are accelerating to the tune of one football field every..."Me: "year?"Video: "... Hour"Me: 😳

  • Kazuma Kun
    Kazuma Kun   1 hours ago

    I played RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 and saint denis is based on new orleans and as well lagras that marshy landAs soon as i saw this video i clicked so fast! Lol really feels nostalgic to see its modern look now but it still not changed way too much terrain wise from that 18th century terrain

  • freddie lusk
    freddie lusk   2 hours ago

    They been knew this but definitely not trying to fix it

  • Reefiemon
    Reefiemon   2 hours ago

    football fields will continue to be used as a term of measurement for the foreseeable future I see

  • Eric Hobbs
    Eric Hobbs   2 hours ago

    Spending more money to try and rescue it is just throwing good money after bad. Close it down now and cut the losses, and for Pete's sake let the Mississippi run free so that the coastline can be repaired.

    PANTHER ASAD   2 hours ago

    Believe me, every New orleanian thinks about the awful geography of the city every....... day 🙃

  • Sevenfold120
    Sevenfold120   2 hours ago

    Seems kinda smart to just limit development in new Orleans and settle a new location up river. Rename NO as South New Orleans or just Old town idk. Resettle people outside the downtown in new development up river to create a new development and bulldoze the old neighborhoods. Prob cheaper than prolongning the inevitable with stopping up the rivers and lake.

  • Viawnde
    Viawnde   2 hours ago

    I can’t swim, this place really ain’t it

  • Yuval w
    Yuval w   2 hours ago

    Genuinely wondering how people can live their whole lives in cities that get slammed constantly with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes... I'd be so stressed all the time

  • Ben Burns
    Ben Burns   2 hours ago

    They should be building everything on stilts and slowly converting the rest of the city so that it also sits just above sealevel. That way when it does eventually flood. All you have to do is swap out your car for a boat and now you're living in venes

  • leman Russ
    leman Russ   2 hours ago

    false at 14:15 yes more hurricanes but the strength of them are going down

  • Edwin Duque
    Edwin Duque   2 hours ago

    What's the name of the neighborhood at 2:18?

  • John R
    John R   2 hours ago

    Every year, this area needs significant taxpayer support. It’s ridiculous, and will only get worse.

  • Dandavats Dasa
    Dandavats Dasa   3 hours ago

    Wondering if there is some way to get water from the Mississippi to areas with water shortages?How about :*Build higher*Higher stronger levee walls*Build the land up higher than sea level whenever possible Otherwise, look for high ground and get out of harms way Thank you

  • Royi Dayan
    Royi Dayan   3 hours ago

    Oh no! Your family is in danger by hurricane ida, better advertise morning brew