Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg ft. Oonagh

  • Published on: 08 January 2016
  • Music video by Celtic Woman performing Tír na nÓg. (C) 2016 Celtic Woman Ltd. Under Exclusive License To Manhattan Records

  • Runtime : 3:10
  • Celtic Woman Tír na nÓg CELTIC WOMAN EMERALD World


  • Jackie chambers
    Jackie chambers   12 hours ago

    Love this song. I'm part Irish and can understand and speak a bit of the language

  • Bootlegger4
    Bootlegger4   14 hours ago

    We have a great heritage of music and song in Ireland but this is definitely not it. I think it's corny and cheesy (beautiful Irish women singing in the forest with the faeries), sang in English just with an Irish chorus.

  • Rahul MG
    Rahul MG   1 days ago

    I'm addicted to this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Paul F
    Paul F   3 days ago

    Thanks to playing through Skyrim for the 4th time in late 2021, I came across this group and got to this song...wow

  • Kevin Devine
    Kevin Devine   4 days ago


  • Ted Greene
    Ted Greene   6 days ago

    I have found an Irish Elk!!! And I Am So Happy!!! https://youtu.be/_UDd3b--dVE

  • CJB
    CJB   6 days ago

    Love this!!

  • Blooチキン
    Blooチキン   1 weeks ago

    I have mainly Irish scottish ancestry (my last name O'Garra is Irish and rather uncommon. Aprox less than 100 ppl have it, its variety with one r is more common) and i love celtic history and songs they feel so deep in my soul. I really want to dive deep into my ancestors culture and learn more

  • Brent Temple
    Brent Temple   1 weeks ago

    I'm a Celt... Impressive video... My grandmother would approve...

  • Kevin Devine
    Kevin Devine   1 weeks ago

    How do they find such talented and attractive women? It's amazing!!!

  • bio t
    bio t   1 weeks ago

    Mairead and Oonagh are soooo cute and hot. The guys who get to clap their cheeks are ridiculously lucky

  • Alyza K.
    Alyza K.   2 weeks ago


  • Alex Zaharov
    Alex Zaharov   2 weeks ago

    I'm not native english ... but sounds like spell of making Thrall in games - Vampire's Thrall - forget everything and follow me :) But i can be miss-hearing.... cool sound in total.

  • actorben
    actorben   3 weeks ago

    Perfect BGM for a D&D campaign!

  • sandra guyton
    sandra guyton   3 weeks ago

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  • 古澤正
    古澤正   3 weeks ago


  • Kitt
    Kitt   4 weeks ago

    This song makes me want to dance barefoot in a glen in spring with the grace of a high elf

  • mabel ikpo
    mabel ikpo   4 weeks ago

    Any Nigerian that appreciates good music here🥰

  • s k
    s k   1 months ago

    Summer in the North of Europe is so short that it forces all plants in Nature to grow and bloom very quickly. This makes the northern summer bright and eventful. Also, it affects the culture of the peoples living in these regions. Their pagan holidays, associated with the cycle of the seasons, absorbed these moods and sensations.

  • Dan Schaller
    Dan Schaller   1 months ago

    There are 3 other renditions/locations of this, but this is my preferred.

  • Andy Nonymous
    Andy Nonymous   1 months ago

    I’m curious what traditional irish clothes look like. Can someone show me?

  • Kaio Moraes
    Kaio Moraes   1 months ago

    Onana comi ovo enche os bago !!!😘

  • Peter Franks
    Peter Franks   1 months ago

    The only Celtic Woman song I ever heard in a nightclub