Bubble Gum Blowing Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published on: 19 October 2015
  • This bubble gum blowing battle just got real.
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  • Runtime : 6:38
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  • ChewingGum
    ChewingGum   19 hours ago

    Would you eat more gum if it cleaned off the street easier or was more sustainable?

  • Nate Kakahi
    Nate Kakahi   2 days ago

    Who else watched this noticing that he said his favourite gum is fruity Stripes and in OT something on Top 10 his 7th favourite candy was Fruity Stripes

  • Also Soco
    Also Soco   3 days ago

    I remember the other day I blew a bubble with gum that went RIGHT over my glasses and I'm only almost 11 years old

  • Ghost_TripleA
    Ghost_TripleA   4 days ago

    dont get me wrong, i love this video, but can we talk about how they all have their heads at different points?

  • Nerf cougars
    Nerf cougars   1 weeks ago

    I love how Cody moved his head to beat the score

  • Laken Gilbert
    Laken Gilbert   1 weeks ago

    A video of 5 dudes blowing bubblegum got 89 million views.Amazing stuff

  • Yudha
    Yudha   2 weeks ago

    Wow... Like Inflating a Balloon... So Until You Win...

  • Brayden Harris
    Brayden Harris   3 weeks ago

    They make any little thing perfect like dude they the goats ❤️👍👍👍👍👍

  • Megan Behrns
    Megan Behrns   3 weeks ago

    I’ve watched them for 40 years and I’m 45

  • Hunting_12point
    Hunting_12point   3 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching you since I got YouTube and that’s been 6 years

  • Wtf am I doing
    Wtf am I doing   4 weeks ago

    Love how coby’s bubble in the intro was bigger than both of his actual attempts

  • Guus Mans
    Guus Mans   4 weeks ago

    Ggfgsdfhghtyfyhftdftydfhvgfsdrscgybuhfuhybgfdcsagybnufcdsuyabgfcdsbyanugcadbgydfascbgjfdcsaajufdcsagyfcdsauybgfasdfdcasgbyacfsdfcdubfdsfcdgubyfdzsguybfdscybugdyubgfduygbfuybdsgfddygjvfdgybfuygvfftyfvtxfutuvyfuuvygdfvgybdfvgdfvsygbjufsvdzybugidfzsvuisbygdfviugbfsdvgiybufdvgysbiufdybiugfdsvzygiubfdsvyuigbsfsubgjydfvsygbjusdfvigubydfvyujbgfdvfdvgyubjfyjbgfssdvubgysfdvvygsdvfgbyvfsdyjgbudsvfygubjfvdyjubgbyjgubyujgdvfgubfvdysgbvvdfsjyubsrvduhikhussrdvg uivearkiugvressgbyrsdsvyjgbssrvygbssyrdsbgvbygrdvssvbgyjdvssrybjgvrgybvygbfduvrybugjdrrbguvyyjgubdsvrssbgyujydrvssgyubrvsyvgusudrybvrvrdvuvsyybdfvsbygssvrygvdvssbyu

  • Roshan Desai
    Roshan Desai   4 weeks ago

    Bruh I remember watching this like it was yesterday but it’s been 6 years😭

  • EchosisTerm
    EchosisTerm   1 months ago

    this video was amazing back then and i still love!

  • IAN doneven
    IAN doneven   1 months ago

    I remember watching this when it came out and thinking that dude perfect had officially ran out of ideas and now 6 years later they are still coming up with fresh ideas

  • Lorence Pogi
    Lorence Pogi   1 months ago

    Im watching them many years to my childhood to my teenage.

  • Hello
    Hello   1 months ago

    I can’t believe this is six years old

  • Kevy Boi
    Kevy Boi   1 months ago

    A childs dream to have that much bubblegum