I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In An Ice Spikes Only World

  • Published on: 17 July 2021
  • 100 DAYS IN A DIAMOND ONLY WORLD: https://youtu.be/6LrfUz91RCY

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    In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore Ice Spikes Only World. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on the latest 1.17 Update of Minecraft.

    ►More 100 Days Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWJikipm2MTa_zCPAj5TKJ9ocpDNNpNqN

    Datapack and Resource pack by Awhikax - https://awhikax.com/home/

    Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! https://www.youtube.com/user/Creolesbackfire

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  • Runtime : 43:1
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  • Sushi Playz
    Sushi Playz   1 hours ago

    dudeeee i havent watched ur vids in years u were my cildhood

  • assassin
    assassin   1 days ago

    sb737: oh no there goes me ender chest ( at 21:03 )me: LMAO THATS SO FUNNY

  • yuri jabulin
    yuri jabulin   1 days ago

    why did you not get the diamond you found???

  • heenaraichura
    heenaraichura   2 days ago

    35:55- Has only 2 wither skeleton skulls36:00- Has 3 wither skeleton skulls

  • Ender War20
    Ender War20   2 days ago

    either im rly lucky or ur rly unlucky cause i almost always get a massive amount of leaves on the big trees that has like x5 the leaves

  • Kev Bulmer
    Kev Bulmer   3 days ago

    On day 6 and 7 he literally got diamond amour and tools he’s a legend

  • UnknownSparker
    UnknownSparker   3 days ago

    To get alot of diamonds, always believe diamonds are for peasants XD

  • Miłosz Strojny
    Miłosz Strojny   3 days ago

    You can build an automatic fishing farm its super simple and it takes like 10 iron and its super useful

  • Noah Saunders
    Noah Saunders   4 days ago

    wait in the end with the bed how dd it not explode?? when he was getting the dragon egg

  • Junko Games
    Junko Games   4 days ago

    is the froth lands a real thing in minecraft?

  • Dubs Mag
    Dubs Mag   4 days ago

    Lied about second one fish 😢

  • extrqcts
    extrqcts   5 days ago

    its funny how title says, "ice spikes only" and on day 5 he goes to another dimension with no ice spikes.

  • PhotoRiver
    PhotoRiver   6 days ago

    It physically hurt me when he didn't take enough string to make a fishing rod so he could fish for food

  • Nicci boi
    Nicci boi   1 weeks ago

    Can you do 100 days in end or nether

  • Roblox Boiiz
    Roblox Boiiz   1 weeks ago

    do anyone have noticed the 69s to the left 16:41

  • Marky Sanchez
    Marky Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    I really love your texture pack in the nether

  • Tim Pak
    Tim Pak   1 weeks ago

    he so stuoid he forgot the diamonds he found

  • The DolphinGirl
    The DolphinGirl   1 weeks ago

    SB, You probably didn’t know, but a YouTuber called NiftySmith did this exact challenge about 6 months before you

  • Ivan Petrovic
    Ivan Petrovic   1 weeks ago

    5:23 when you see the chat "respawn point set" but then you realize he has a bed in his 1. Slot , then you also realize if he dies he cant respawn anymore lolIdk what i tried typing just tell if you dont understand

  • Daniel
    Daniel   1 weeks ago

    Please stop playing stupid touch on your pickax put it on a separate pickax

  • ItzYoBoy Rohan
    ItzYoBoy Rohan   2 weeks ago

    u can find diamonds through clay patches in rivers, the block called "tuff" in a cave, lapis, and through gravel patches. and no I dont have time to explain all so I'll just explaing lapis u gotta go 4 blocks north and dig down (doesnt work 100%)