ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (2020) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 15 February 2021
  • #anythingforjackson #endingexplained

    A grieving couple evoke the powers of evil in a desperate attempt to bring their Grandson back to life, leading to unexpected and terrifying consequences. We're breaking down the story, including why the couple is driven so far, what they unwittingly unleash, and explaining the quite ambiguous ending.

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  • Runtime : 26:24
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    TOEQIEM   5 days ago

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  • Salazar
    Salazar   6 days ago

    Anyone else never see some of these movies but just like getting a little story time? 😂

  • derka derka
    derka derka   1 weeks ago

    Wait, did he say id feel bad for the old couple?

  • MaddieB
    MaddieB   1 weeks ago

    What on earth did they think would happen when they hailed satan??!?

  • Steph K.
    Steph K.   1 weeks ago

    Is this a Canadian film? Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) is from Little Mosque on the Prarie, and Rory (Yannick Bisson) is from Murdoch Mysteries amoungst many others. If so, it makes me kind of proud. :)

  • rart
    rart   3 weeks ago

    Asmongold really turned to santanism huh

  • Erick30010
    Erick30010   3 weeks ago

    So no one is talking about how Ian got his cheeks clapped by a ghost

  • john Blake
    john Blake   3 weeks ago

    you know what they say, women's strongest feelings will always be for her children. a mans strongest feelings will always be for his wife. this movie is a pretty good showing of that idea.

  • Jane Keine
    Jane Keine   3 weeks ago

    I made the grave mistake of watching the first minute of this and deciding to watch the movie then come back to this. I was not planning on watching a scary movie tonight, I thought it was gonna be heartwarming

  • FreshDougan
    FreshDougan   1 months ago

    Finally saw this. It was a treat. Quite good. You should do one on Lamb, that was weird.

  • Fire Dargos
    Fire Dargos   1 months ago

    This explanation sounds more of a car salesmen but instet tryin to sell me a car it's this movie 👁️👄👁️

  • Bloody Buttlerfly
    Bloody Buttlerfly   1 months ago

    The ending sucks, the last 15 seconds of the film doesn't explain anything at all, is one of those "YOU make your own ending" except I can't, it felt as if the director flipped off everybody in the studio and walked away.

  • Dead Avenger
    Dead Avenger   1 months ago

    Come on man, I like your videos but you rush through your explanation of the ending. "whole movie reiterated and ending slightly explained". Where did you get the info on the pregnant demon? What hints were there?

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man   1 months ago

    Walking over a salt barrier without touching it, to my understanding, is enough to void it’s capability so that scene was so pointless 😳

  • Eric Foster
    Eric Foster   1 months ago

    I need to find me some of that floss! Mine always shreds.

  • Jemima Kate George
    Jemima Kate George   1 months ago

    ummm... not for one second did I sympathise with the old couple or hope their plan would work... wtf is wrong with you lol... I was all for Shannon start to finish...

  • Kjj Lux
    Kjj Lux   1 months ago

    Please do either season 1 of Midnight Mass or the movie Marianne!!

  • SteamGeek01
    SteamGeek01   1 months ago

    You'd think Henry would know better about messing with Life and Death considering it was once his job,

  • Shadowking
    Shadowking   2 months ago

    Pov: Your here from a recap channel

  • Carter Cravillion
    Carter Cravillion   2 months ago

    They couldn’t have kidnapped a woman who didn’t want her unborn child? It would’ve been a win win they get their undead grandchild and she doesn’t have to stress over having to deal with an infant.

  • Glitch
    Glitch   2 months ago

    This is a bit much tbh

  • Monika Anebellum
    Monika Anebellum   2 months ago

    How is this a horror movie, this would be a perfect comedy setup

  • Morgan
    Morgan   2 months ago

    always fun seeing yannick bisson in new things

  • Brianna Hudson
    Brianna Hudson   2 months ago

    Some people don’t understand that when you make contact with the other side you don’t get to choose who answers that’s One of the reasons why I don’t like Ouija boards you’re creepy and scary LOL.

  • BX-637
    BX-637   2 months ago

    I watched these explanations, and often I stop about a third of the way through, so I can go and watch the movie.

  • Tensa Tae
    Tensa Tae   2 months ago

    23:55 notice the car keys make a ⭐️ shape

  • jungle Kutz
    jungle Kutz   3 months ago

    She said it in a nutshell! She couldn't believe that they tried to change what was their daughters interest! Yet, once time fast forwarded, she was once again trying to change an outcome to cater to her own interest.......but instead did all of the above that would cater to her demise. Which confirms that people are consciously well aware of what they should and shouldn't do (get caught up and involved in). But their need to have their way/maybe be in control or just do what they must in the name of "being happy".........always presents a reality ✔ the moment Life intervenes.

  • Christopher Bardier
    Christopher Bardier   3 months ago

    I don’t think the ghost boy was ever Jackson. Rewatch the film keeping that in mind and I think you’ll agree.

  • Migz Rub
    Migz Rub   3 months ago

    Here we have a reverse exorcism.Me: So like, when a demon tells the priest to get out a child?

  • Greg Pittman
    Greg Pittman   3 months ago

    Thought this was going to be a Jackson 5 documentary. Whoops

  • ui method
    ui method   3 months ago

    The intro with them in the kitchen with the sunny day and nice and suddenly dragging that woman in the house was amazing cinematography! Looked like a theatre scene 👏

  • Marissa Sue
    Marissa Sue   3 months ago

    Everyone's commenting about the creepy/scare factor of teeth-flossing lady ghost, but, uhhmm, where are all the comments about grotesquely horrifying contortionist-bag-on-head male ghost?????!!!!! This movie was unique, outside-the-box & genuinely scary, with genuinely-scary ghosts/monsters/demons/creatures/scenes/unexpected twists & turns etc!!! <3