• Published on: 14 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 12:44
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  • Jade Blackwood
    Jade Blackwood   1 months ago

    My friend just ran her over and I stolen the mythic from my friend

  • caleb williams
    caleb williams   1 months ago

    The sedate calculator pathogenetically hunt because dugout acceptably consider lest a testy print. earsplitting, boring wallet

  • BoneyBill1 S
    BoneyBill1 S   1 months ago

    I got that mythic before finding my first legendary gun

  • N1TR0_JordzzGaming
    N1TR0_JordzzGaming   1 months ago

    I love the org it has a long range shot and good aim If you use a scar and spray it doesent hit all the shots but the burst does

  • Maia Marcou
    Maia Marcou   1 months ago

    2:01 “i was about to shart” LMFAOAOOAO

  • viper_WRLD
    viper_WRLD   1 months ago

    It's oceanas burst assault rifle

  • Toast
    Toast   1 months ago

    Fresh how didn’t you know earlier

  • James Young
    James Young   1 months ago

    The mithik is not bad but it’s good it’s good

  • Renad Abduallah
    Renad Abduallah   2 months ago

    Shut up she was here from the start of the season lol

  • Daily Dose of memes
    Daily Dose of memes   2 months ago

    I don’t understand why people call this game cringe and badI am not scared to admit that this game is fun

  • Imamhere
    Imamhere   2 months ago

    Fresh says him when it’s a her?!!

  • uwu
    uwu   2 months ago

    Whoever gets the aug has guaranteed win.

  • Nora Mohamed
    Nora Mohamed   2 months ago

    He said 9 games but the he said 10 games like whattttt

  • Chadisstupib
    Chadisstupib   2 months ago

    Fortnite is already one foot in the grave now because of sweats

  • shadowolf1607
    shadowolf1607   2 months ago

    I wish that it was more easy to level up again

  • code-Dysmo
    code-Dysmo   2 months ago

    Why did you call it an aug eww dumb

  • Cameron D
    Cameron D   2 months ago

    You should just do a death montage

  • Cristina Pagan
    Cristina Pagan   2 months ago

    I could have gone my entire life without hearing fresh say "he didn't have time to whip it out"