SLENDER MAN (2018) - The Dumbest Horror Movie In Existence

  • Published on: 25 February 2019
  • I could tell you how many times I tried to upload this video without it getting blocked worldwide, but then I'd have to kill you

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  • Runtime : 21:31
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  • JackXpaceEggTV
    JackXpaceEggTV   14 hours ago

    I watched this movie with my friends, we laughed throughout the whole thing, made jokes and all. People got really mad, but in the end, the consensus was general: the movie is shit.

  • Dávid Dolnics
    Dávid Dolnics   2 days ago

    Watching The Matrix as kids made us wish we could dodge bullets yet we weren't sure how to... this is it. Dodged a big one for sure.

  • alpaca lips
    alpaca lips   3 days ago

    The Xbox 360 slender man game was better and scarier than this movie. And that’s saying something

  • Blitzlives
    Blitzlives   3 days ago

    "I'd tell you, but then I'll have to kill ya" 3:55 - 4:42Me watching the whole montage of random movies with that very phrase for 1 whole minute: surprised Pikachu face

  • Bo M
    Bo M   3 days ago

    4:04 Wolf Creek was fucking great

  • AK
    AK   4 days ago

    When a YouTube web-series does it better.

  • Azul B
    Azul B   5 days ago

    Last night I saw your mom getting attacked by Slenderman don’t destroy me or delete myself

  • Poplock
    Poplock   5 days ago

    We’re the hell wad slender man in the movie anyway!? Fucking GLENDA(from seed of chucky) got more screen time then him😡

  • weón pesao'
    weón pesao'   1 weeks ago

    You look like a lost brother of pewdiepie.

  • I like trees
    I like trees   1 weeks ago

    So I watched this at the cinema There were like, only 13 people there and my friend got the instas of the group sitting in front of us, nearly everyone was cracking jokes at the awful film effects It was great

  • Miha
    Miha   1 weeks ago

    I really don't know how you can make a movie about Slenderman and not include children???

  • Ur Boi Bucket & Knuckles

    honestly, I summoned like, 4 slendermen, and we figured out a better plot for this movie

  • Kendal Foreman
    Kendal Foreman   1 weeks ago

    Oh gosh I had no idea that "id have to kill you" is so majorly overused and in every movie ever

  • Sleepy Kitty
    Sleepy Kitty   1 weeks ago

    Frienderman was very sad after watching this movie. Poor thing :(

  • Aurora A.
    Aurora A.   1 weeks ago

    Just imagine you're making out with your significant other and they just start screaming. I would be scared af

  • credible-getaway
    credible-getaway   1 weeks ago

    What if they made a slender the arrival movie like remaking the game out of a movie

  • glamrockfreddy
    glamrockfreddy   1 weeks ago

    am i the only ine that kind of liked this move a little..

  • SpyglassQ
    SpyglassQ   1 weeks ago

    Two words...Epilepsy. danger.You really spammed the "evil video" scene to much without a single flashing light warning. Please be considerate of fans that may be sensitive to flashing lights..Awesome video, amazing content. Just a word of caution for the future. (Yes I know the video is old, still.)

  • Peppino
    Peppino   1 weeks ago

    dude this shit looks like it was done by a 1st grader but personaly is the kind of shit that i expected from a movie named slenderman

  • MakaNadios
    MakaNadios   1 weeks ago

    Nah you should watch sharknado :) it's even worse

  • CatNinja
    CatNinja   1 weeks ago

    The guy could've copy pasted the plot of that slenderman game from 2013.

  • Alex Espinoza
    Alex Espinoza   2 weeks ago

    There is a FNF mod of Slenderman that has more effort and is more fun then this shit

  • demi
    demi   2 weeks ago

    7:40 one of slendermans followers or children is Ben drowned,he died in a link cosplay lol.

  • Astro wolves 77
    Astro wolves 77   2 weeks ago

    “You have to keep these blindfolds on” Wait so slender man is the birdbox monster now………Wtf.

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake   2 weeks ago

    I think the triforce in the woods might be a reference to Ben Drowned, another popular creepypasta that I hope doesn't get a movie adaptation

  • Innate23
    Innate23   2 weeks ago

    This movie just made me put my head into shame.

  • SpacedOut . . .
    SpacedOut . . .   2 weeks ago

    17:00I present to you, the scariest part of this movie: Teen pregnancy.

  • Brae_the_Sway
    Brae_the_Sway   2 weeks ago

    In a better movie that tree scene would have been terrifying

  • Twiggy
    Twiggy   2 weeks ago

    One good way of making this movie a somewhat actual movie would be to make it where instead of giving literal family photos that like he said is worthless garbage, they could've made it where they decided to do a ritual on one of their friends that are unaware of the whole Slender situation or just some random school student so that 1, it would give awareness to what happened in real life, and 2, it would actually feel like an offering to Slenderman that it would consider enough to give their friend back. There's obviously a lot more things they could've done but that's just one of the things that would've helped make this movie a horror movie instead of a comedy.

  • Fennekin Plays
    Fennekin Plays   2 weeks ago

    if you want a scary slender man experience just play slender the arrival,and I know this is a late comment.

  • ilee Delaluz
    ilee Delaluz   3 weeks ago

    i would summon slender man if it erased my browser history 👀

  • Freeze
    Freeze   3 weeks ago

    One of the main girls was in the kissing booth, a pretty ok movie and now she’s in shitty slender man movies