'Kyrie's the best show in basketball' - Stephen A. calls the Nets the NBA's top team | First Take

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/0zxMtMs-sIo
    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Nets' win against the LA Clippers, giving Brooklyn a sixth straight win.
    #FirstTake #NBA

    0:00 Max Kellerman says the Nets have not proved to be the best team in the NBA yet.
    2:17 Stephen A. Smith calls Brooklyn the best team in basketball.
    3:49 Stephen A. breaks down Kyrie Irving's "sensational" play.

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  • Runtime : 5:16
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  • Stardem
    Stardem   6 days ago

    I notice that max said gentleman sweep but yet the heat took the lakers to 6 games 🤔 something not adding up here

  • Orlando Wells
    Orlando Wells   2 months ago

    If the Brooklyn Nets are going to the finals this year they first got to get past the Cleveland Cavaliers who can challenge them to a 7 game series and has a 2-0 win streak this year against the Brooklyn Nets 😁

  • alex sosa
    alex sosa   2 months ago

    The dull pyramid namely admire because tanker ultrastructurally earn modulo a youthful cafe. available, untidy woman

  • MrAtl7391
    MrAtl7391   2 months ago

    SAS is a clown, I switched over to skip and Shannon on FS1

  • Shawn Kow
    Shawn Kow   2 months ago

    SAS will thank himself for Kyrie's performance

  • Samueltakesoff
    Samueltakesoff   2 months ago

    Been had lost respect for SAS after saying “Kyrie needs to retire” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jackson Bloom
    Jackson Bloom   2 months ago

    This is my first time finding out the Lakers won the finals thats how little the nba has become

  • Isaac Williams
    Isaac Williams   2 months ago

    Dame and Steph are equal to, if not greater than Kyrie

  • MackinAndMobbin 510
    MackinAndMobbin 510   2 months ago

    Stephen A Smith doesn’t have to be a real analyst these days, because this isn’t real basketball. This is glorified pick-up basketball. This is Lebron going to the Lakers and saying I pick AD. Then all of a sudden AD’s relationship with his franchise deteriorates and they’re forced to trade him to LA. This is KD saying I pick Kyrie and James Harden. Then Harden relationship with Houston deteriorates and they’re forced to trade him to Brooklyn. I don’t blame SAS for taking break from real analysis. This is a era of superstars teaming up and becoming over-night champions. What’s there to analyze? It’s a waste of time analyzing paper-champions. Wait til the LBJ’s and KD’s leave the game, and then get back to real analysis when the game is the hands of Dame Lilliards and Giannis and the real ballers. Right now cheap tabloid gossip coverage would do. Keep up the good work SAS.

  • Nuke Boy
    Nuke Boy   2 months ago

    Now they $#@! riding Kyrie? Sounds about right.

  • Yusuke
    Yusuke   2 months ago

    Could only imagine a matchup between the 2004 pistons defense vs 2021 nets offense. Would be freakin awesome to watch

  • ZG_ X
    ZG_ X   2 months ago

    SAS is so bipolar

    VIC ROMANOV   2 months ago

    Stephen A is the most bipolar of all bipolars.

  • TheoryofUltran
    TheoryofUltran   2 months ago

    “I think kyrie should retire” Couple weeks later “Kyrie is the best show in basketball”Yo stop changing your mind and stick with an answer. I’m starting to dislike Stephen a

  • Smartriide
    Smartriide   2 months ago

    He said the man should retire a few weeks ago, SAS is a complete joke, the only thing he's consistent with how much hate he has for black athletes

  • anthony
    anthony   2 months ago

    No one respects the Jazz smh

  • M4 Assassin
    M4 Assassin   2 months ago

    The lakers got worse in the offseason not better losing howard and mcgee was significant

  • Ben
    Ben   2 months ago

    SAS literally says the same exact things over and over in every show

  • Medet Nagaev
    Medet Nagaev   2 months ago

    Stephen A is really the worst sports „expert“ on the planet 😂🤣1-2 months ago he said Kyrie should retire immediately

  • Ingemar Smith
    Ingemar Smith   2 months ago

    The league needs to get scoring under control. The rules have created a defenseless game. It's whack basketball.

  • MKT
    MKT   2 months ago

    Didn’t beat the Raptors though

  • CeeWorld
    CeeWorld   2 months ago

    I’m here to see how many people take Stephen A’s retirement comment lol

    SWARK NUK   2 months ago

    the nets beat the clippers twice

  • Betty Wesley
    Betty Wesley   2 months ago

    You have an opinion on something today and you see it wit your own eyes could change how you look at it

  • Betty Wesley
    Betty Wesley   2 months ago

    SAS said the way he was acting he should retire not because of his game because he acted like he didn't wanna play

  • xristos b
    xristos b   2 months ago

    I’m sick and tired of these reporters.Every single week they change opinions.

  • Sonny Pickens
    Sonny Pickens   2 months ago

    Stephen A said Kyrie should retire. Also, the Nets have 2 MVPs and an Allstar. They should be the top team

  • TWT Mogul
    TWT Mogul   2 months ago

    Here we go we been through this before last year with Clippers lol D riding the Nets the same way. I believe they will go to the finals but speaking to early can be a jinks

  • Zoe Sh
    Zoe Sh   2 months ago

    To all the lames that keep on bringing up how SAS said Kyrie should retire, he never said Kyrie should retire because of his actualabilities or lack there of. He said he should retire to get his mind right. For his mental health. So just because he felt like Kyrie should retire doesn’t mean he can’t feel like Kyrie is fun to watch

  • Zoe Sh
    Zoe Sh   2 months ago

    I’m sorry but Steph is

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez   2 months ago

    I'm glad everyone calling out stephen A on his bs and how he be acting towards kyrie

  • Corey Gilmore
    Corey Gilmore   2 months ago

    Why is everybody bullshittin the nets gone win as long as their together and healthy. Simple.