Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • Please watch the whole video. This is very important to me.
    I love y'all, so so much!

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  • Runtime : 6:1
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  • NoahJ456
    NoahJ456   2 days ago

    I really tried not to cry in this video.The stuff discussed in here is super important to me, please watch it all.

  • dragon baf
    dragon baf   3 minuts ago

    Hey welcome back love to have you back

  • EGX _
    EGX _   12 minuts ago

    I see nothing disingenious about what you said

  • Zac Lynch
    Zac Lynch   38 minuts ago

    Thank god for this .Imagine losing pat and noah in such a short time.I swear if Lex or JC or someone else thinking of leaving I hope they know they will miss out on die rise remastered.🦥🛖🎳🐧

  • Trent M
    Trent M   59 minuts ago

    Been watching for a long long time. Glad to see you won't be going anywhere :)

  • Rico A
    Rico A   1 hours ago

    For the money... nothing more nothing less lol.

  • J-Corral
    J-Corral   1 hours ago

    Leo DiCaprio crossed my mind going “Im not Fkn leaving!!” All jokes aside, thank you for coming back!

  • Master Of Spades
    Master Of Spades   1 hours ago

    Noahj u finally found out what youtube is about.. Its to help people its for people to enjoy watching others.. You remind me of markiplier one of the greatest YouTube rs there is.. And what keeps him going.. Is cuz he loves helping people.. So good for ypu

  • koner king
    koner king   1 hours ago

    Why u gotta make me cry, keep up the great stuff man!!

  • One dB
    One dB   1 hours ago

    Noah you fell off, my guy this is 2014 YouTube crap get with the program it’s 2021. Last time I watched you I was in Middle School I’m graduated now, you haven’t grown mentally which is good but also not really if you think about it

  • Hanley Hicks
    Hanley Hicks   1 hours ago

    Stay strong 💪🏼 head up we love you man, inspiration to all creators 🌍❤️ - (you’ve helped me on a weekly basis kept me distracted from bad head space throughout one of the most mentally challenging years. More importantly made me laugh and feel so much better after watching your videos!)

  • Tyler Marton
    Tyler Marton   1 hours ago

    That makes me happy you’re not leaving you help me with so many Easter eggs my friend like it when I play zombies with them to do the Easter egg currently we did the fire bace Z one because you help because you posted a how to video to

  • JustADrako
    JustADrako   1 hours ago

    The tears shed over just 2 videos is unbelievable I love you noahj thank you for everything

  • juggernog
    juggernog   1 hours ago

    WHY did you do this it was the longest break on YouTube

    XXXTENTACLES   1 hours ago

    homie dramatically “left” YouTube and came back on the same day

  • Bradley Kater
    Bradley Kater   2 hours ago

    Diamond play button could be a new goal just satin

  • Gregory Dando
    Gregory Dando   2 hours ago

    I am glad you decided not to leave. I love your content and like many people have said, your content helps us escape tough times etc. Keep doing what you're doing fella.

  • Dennis H
    Dennis H   2 hours ago

    What? All my tears for nothing?

  • Jasin Kurti
    Jasin Kurti   2 hours ago

    Literally stay off YouTube bro, you can’t even get an EE tutorial right.

  • Trevor Mooney
    Trevor Mooney   2 hours ago

    Well I'm glad you're not leaving you too cuz I watched you for I can tell you how long glad that you stayed with the platform I know it means a lot to a lot of people thank you again

  • Sal
    Sal   2 hours ago

    Thank goodness u not gone

  • Rawr 69
    Rawr 69   2 hours ago

    This is the most YouTube shit I’ve ever seen

  • Christopher Hony
    Christopher Hony   2 hours ago

    Thank you Noah for years of quality entertainment.. I am 42yrs old and have been watching since black ops 2 days. I still go back and watch the H1Z1 videos for hours during work. You've helped make my days better. I appreciate everything you do on here. Glad you're back and keep up the hard work. You're not just a YouTuber you're a role model and a place to turn to make these hard days much better!!

  • Matthew Coleman
    Matthew Coleman   2 hours ago

    This is just a publicity stunt. He made a video, got people talking, and then two days later “I’m Back”? Cmon.