Paul Pierce says he had a better career than Dwyane Wade | Truth Serum | NBA Countdown

  • Published on: 06 April 2019
  • In this edition of NBA Countdown, Paul Pierce, Jalen Rose, Brian Windhorst and Michelle Beadle discuss Dwyane Wade's career in a game of "This or That," in which they debate whether they would have Wade or Isiah Thomas, Wade vs. Allen Iverson and then Paul Pierce plays his weekly version of "Truth Serum" in which he makes his case for having a better career than Wade.

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  • Runtime : 6:46
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    JONATAN BARRANG   13 hours ago

    Paul Pierce :Dwyane Wade is better than Isiah Thomas.also Paul Pierce: I'm easily better than Dwyane WadeSo, Paul Pierce not just saying he's just better than Wade but also better than Detroit Isiah's way to much disrespecting and delusional. you are not IT, even IT for Lebron James. you could never led a team that could beat Michael Jordan twice.

  • -Maxten
    -Maxten   2 days ago

    "i could probably get a layup against the lakers right now" LOL

  • Hize Rekt
    Hize Rekt   3 days ago

    pierce would never beat D wade , not in A basketball comparison nor in kindness. Dwayne was beyond basketball.

  • Renee Ananth
    Renee Ananth   6 days ago

    Wdym chanceys gonna like it wade had a better career than those two put together

  • Pardon Me
    Pardon Me   1 weeks ago

    Whatever PP is smoking, I want none of it. It obviously causes major mental instability.

  • paul vicks
    paul vicks   1 weeks ago

    He ain't lying about most of this. He just needs to stop tooting his horn.

  • Mark Rodrigue
    Mark Rodrigue   1 weeks ago

    What does Paul Pierce and LaVar Ball have in common???

  • The_true_nderue daved_q

    Why does everyone from that Celtics team think they were Jordan. PAUL PIERCE, PERK, "we ran LeBron out of Cleveland" GARNETT??

  • The Dude
    The Dude   1 weeks ago

    I’m super glad the Mavs picked Dirk over Paul Pierce!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Frost
    Mike Frost   1 weeks ago

    Listen, Paul Pierce was an amazing player... but I'd take D. Wade over him any day.

  • King Murq
    King Murq   1 weeks ago

    Paul right he did push em to 7 tho

  • Francisco Orozco
    Francisco Orozco   1 weeks ago

    Am gonna give pierce the benefit of the doubt! Peak big 3 celtics vs heat! I give the celts a better chance

  • mark teri bascon
    mark teri bascon   1 weeks ago

    Dwade vs IT this is crazy? AI? Why compare? This is dumb.

  • Dunk Cards
    Dunk Cards   1 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce does have a better career than Dwayne Wade......AFTER NBA CAREERS

  • Balraj G
    Balraj G   1 weeks ago

    Isiah Thomas played with a twisted ankle!! He paved the way for guys like D Wade!!

  • LaStroko
    LaStroko   2 weeks ago

    Heat Vs CelticsPaul: “THATS EASY”Jalen: “it is easy...”

    TGFTH   2 weeks ago

    Paul should’ve been fired for this not insta live

  • Franko Ochieng
    Franko Ochieng   2 weeks ago

    '' Whose getting fired...''PP: "That's easy. That's me."

  • James Glimco
    James Glimco   2 weeks ago

    Well now I see why bronsexuals hate Paul. He’s speaking straight facts tho. Miami was much younger and they barely beat the Celtics in 7. I’m not a Celtics fan btw I’m just speaking straight facts too.

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark   2 weeks ago

    D Wade already has a better post-game career than Paul. Unless your career Goal is to get fired by Disney and spend the rest of your life partying with strippers. Paul's going Hall of Fame in a month and I don't know he's even allowed on any ESPN shows anymore, to take a 'Congrats' tour.

  • 88ntil
    88ntil   2 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce career was far from trash.

  • Tha Truth
    Tha Truth   2 weeks ago

    Jalen really stuck in tha past 🤮

  • Aaron Angel
    Aaron Angel   2 weeks ago

    Paul has better career than michael jordan