15 Fortnite SEASON 8 Updates WE NEED!

  • Published on: 03 September 2021
  • 15 Fortnite SEASON 8 Updates WE NEED!
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  • You’ll never know
    You’ll never know   2 days ago

    POV you’re a Tom Holland Simp saw the thumbnail and thought it was real:

  • King Murese
    King Murese   1 weeks ago

    Chapter 1 map with the different biomes was actually good. It wasn't a mess. I miss that

  • samiam
    samiam   1 weeks ago

    Epic i need a Tom Holland skin plz😭

  • Sceptile Fan
    Sceptile Fan   2 weeks ago

    Just put Tommy in epic games we need to have good mythics not just Slone with a burst AR

  • yhqzi
    yhqzi   2 weeks ago

    Complain all you want I actually like Coral Castle

  • Th3ooGaming
    Th3ooGaming   2 weeks ago

    im watching this in 2022, the new season is LIT

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor   3 weeks ago

    But I would quit fortnite if they added sliding freaking weapon charms and weapon customization does fortnite not realize Apex already has that they cannot add that stuff

  • Ron is cool
    Ron is cool   3 weeks ago

    Throw a frisbee at the gold cube and the frisbee will break physics

  • Maja Henkel
    Maja Henkel   3 weeks ago

    On mobile you can also play with xbox ps4 and pc in creative

  • KK
    KK   3 weeks ago

    Im Hoping next season is anime themed

  • Thomas
    Thomas   3 weeks ago

    F*Apple(I’m on iOS)

  • J'zargo
    J'zargo   4 weeks ago

    * laughs in next season*

  • Anzar Fun
    Anzar Fun   1 months ago

    Omg wait I just thought of an awesome poi a crashed mothership and everyday it will get more destroyed!(And yes I know I’m writing this in season 8)

  • JuloPawlo
    JuloPawlo   1 months ago

    Just simple reason to Spider-Man. He don't kill, so that's the reason that he will never ever come out (probably).

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong   1 months ago

    There is thousands of kevins in season eight and a blue Kevin.

  • Gabriel Hurley
    Gabriel Hurley   1 months ago

    I think It would be cool if coral castle turned Into loot lake

  • bradquackable
    bradquackable   1 months ago

    Sorry dudes no anime skins in fortnite and season 8

  • bradquackable
    bradquackable   1 months ago

    Hey there are actually put fortnite Mobile on mobile phones

  • Miss Random
    Miss Random   1 months ago

    I want rocket league in the next season

  • Ezzz Bambiczku
    Ezzz Bambiczku   1 months ago

    My dream is for items like lightsabers, zapotron and mythical Marvel to come to creative mode