stabbing pewdiepie and james charles in minecraft

  • Published on: 07 July 2019
  • minecraft monday week 2 highlights
    saw some people getting "killed james charles" and "killed pewdiepie" clickbait so I had to one-up them by doing BOTH

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  • Runtime : 28:23
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  • Nirban Chakraborty
    Nirban Chakraborty   2 hours ago

    "Techno more like heck no""Techno more like I hope you stub your toe""Techno more like NO!"

  • Sigmawarrior
    Sigmawarrior   7 hours ago

    Back when Techno Allied with shrimp instead of ruthlessly murdering them in an economic war

  • The Speedcube
    The Speedcube   8 hours ago

    Techno blade wining every single match of mc Monday Pewdiepie : take mill dollars but ban techno

  • STG Matt
    STG Matt   11 hours ago

    James Charles is the only person to get mad for getting killed in a PVP tournament

  • SixScratch
    SixScratch   15 hours ago

    Techno is so trash, imagine losing SMH we must cancel techno for being bad.

  • Shadi987
    Shadi987   16 hours ago

    Techno: sees 5 people cross teaming Me:HE STILL MANAGED TO GET KILLS HOW

  • What's the Wifi Password

    Fun fact I was in Minecraft Monday when I was 7 years old because my parents faked my age to sign me up. I still have the sever but I lost the code

  • Just A Random Mofo
    Just A Random Mofo   1 days ago

    James Charles: techno you’re canceled Hmmm you might want to pay attention to the uno game cuz someone just laid down a reverse

  • Whiskhher
    Whiskhher   1 days ago

    25:00 Squid is an Allay confirmed 2021

  • Devil Fruit Enjoyer
    Devil Fruit Enjoyer   1 days ago

    Alternate title: Techno solos everyone while Ballistic figures out how to play the game

  • Jessica Robles
    Jessica Robles   1 days ago

    for a sec I only saw “stabbing James Charles and Pewdiepie” and got interested

  • Claws
    Claws   2 days ago

    Pretty soon killing technoblade will be a career option

  • kyokitheram yt
    kyokitheram yt   2 days ago

    techno fears no man, but if they have soup than they will not be messed with

  • Gabriel Ursidae
    Gabriel Ursidae   2 days ago

    I love how he doesn't discriminate between victims. It's always follows a pattern. A person is in his view, 'GET HIM! GET HIM!'

  • TLH
    TLH   2 days ago

    lazarbeam:your a nerd techno: that accuartly and hurtful

  • Milkshake Draws
    Milkshake Draws   2 days ago

    James Charles and Pewdiepie plotting to murder the blood pig god could be the most out of context thing you can ever say to anyone.

  • Zara
    Zara   2 days ago

    It’s funny looking back on this how toxic some of the other youtubers were in this

  • HyperFox92
    HyperFox92   2 days ago

    I love how techno had to muffle junkyjanker when he fell into the trap

  • Scrub
    Scrub   2 days ago

    12:40 look at the chat

  • Jack Foran
    Jack Foran   2 days ago

    techno: kills everyone exept one personhis fans: OMG UR SO TRASH Y DIDNT YOU GET THAT OTHER KILL

  • Mep
    Mep   2 days ago

    Alternate title: destroying a predator and a YouTube god

  • GoldenGunJedi
    GoldenGunJedi   2 days ago

    “To our over there” - Technoblade, mcc week 2

  • Pug
    Pug   2 days ago

    commiting murder in minecraft

  • Sesemercado Yt
    Sesemercado Yt   3 days ago

    How to enchant put a book on ur armor Wow thats to fancy Nethergames Factions we did that years before

  • Volteriaz
    Volteriaz   3 days ago

    "Hmm if Techno is good because he likes dicks and balls im not sure why I'm doing so bad"-James Charles 201912:39

  • Orphanss
    Orphanss   3 days ago

    I just love enjoying the stabbing if other people.