stabbing pewdiepie and james charles in minecraft

  • Published on: 07 July 2019
  • minecraft monday week 2 highlights
    saw some people getting "killed james charles" and "killed pewdiepie" clickbait so I had to one-up them by doing BOTH

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    James Charles:
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    Music from
    "There It Is" by Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Runtime : 28:23
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  • Leqkoiii
    Leqkoiii   8 minuts ago

    The Blood-God never dies 🐷👑🗡️

    IVANN   1 hours ago

    Rip Technoblade

  • Retro66
    Retro66   2 hours ago

    Technoblade never loses...even now

  • Hello There
    Hello There   2 hours ago

    Even after his death . This like all videos are still top tier

  • yourarmyhope
    yourarmyhope   2 hours ago

    i am gonna miss this AMAZING man fly high 🕊

  • Nasawi
    Nasawi   2 hours ago

    Coming back to his vids to remember....

  • fazmo
    fazmo   2 hours ago

    Rest in piece king.

  • m_schlag
    m_schlag   2 hours ago

    You will be missed. Technoblade will never truly die. Rip King of Minecraft

  • XOXgamer
    XOXgamer   3 hours ago

    This is the first Technoblade livestream I ever watched live. I immediately subscribed after hearing about him doing so well in Minecraft Monday and watching the VOD. His monotone attitude and dry humor just stuck with me so well. Got me through some really tough times that I’m still somewhat going through. I’m going to miss you, ya nerd.

  • CelluZz
    CelluZz   3 hours ago

    Rip techno we will always remember

  • Karmalffy
    Karmalffy   3 hours ago

    technoblade will be remembered

  • Hapuppi
    Hapuppi   4 hours ago

    3 years ago... time past to fast and life too.

  • memadab2
    memadab2   4 hours ago

    Yo imagine Technoblade in heaven saying bruuhh there crying lol

  • bob
    bob   5 hours ago

    Rest Easy Alex!

  • Kittee
    Kittee   5 hours ago


  • Revilo1116
    Revilo1116   5 hours ago

    Technoblade never dies. we still have hours and hours of content to rewatch and then rewatch again for the rest of time

  • Tyler Gordon
    Tyler Gordon   6 hours ago

    Normally I question YouTube’s algorithm but they’ve understood the assignment. I’m getting loads of old techno blade videos