• Published on: 12 January 2021

    00:00 Free Guy
    02:35 Loki
    05:20 Morbius
    08:00 Jungle Cruise
    10:00 Chaos Walking
    12:22 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
    14:49 The Suicide Squad 2
    16:48 The Batman
    19:16 Dune
    22:20 Black Adam
  • Runtime : 21:16
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  • FilmSpot Trailer
    FilmSpot Trailer   9 months ago

    00:00 Free Guy 02:35 Loki 05:20 Morbius 08:00 Jungle Cruise 10:00 Chaos Walking 12:22 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife 14:49 The Suicide Squad 2 16:48 The Batman 19:16 Dune 22:20 Black Adam

  • Ania Gie
    Ania Gie   4 weeks ago

    and to think people which got awake can see which movies are actually just showing us on silver plate real truth about our life here currently

  • mykuromii
    mykuromii   1 months ago

    10:00 i cant find this movie, is it really called Chaos Walking?

  • fuck the system
    fuck the system   1 months ago

    is the thumbnail in the video? anyone know where it's from and who that guy wit the snake is?

  • h Ma
    h Ma   1 months ago

    The The Suicide Squad 2 is a disaster, probably the WORST movie I've seen this year so far.

  • vikaziza
    vikaziza   2 months ago

    That man in Morbius reminds me of Rasputin with his hair and beard

  • Snowy /Weeknd fan
    Snowy /Weeknd fan   2 months ago

    I gotta say ,,Black Adam" movie is the film i'm most excited for.🤩

  • Nomadic Mind
    Nomadic Mind   2 months ago

    the "Dunes" seems to be good, others feel like filming for their own fun

  • pb&jelly
    pb&jelly   2 months ago

    I don't mean to be "that" person...but wow do these look terrible.

  • Anqry
    Anqry   2 months ago

    So I haven't seen the full movie yet but since I work in a cinema I've seen most of it in bits and pieces.Honestly, Jungle Cruise is good. Like insanely good given its based on a Disney ride and the soundtrack is fantastic.We've had to turn a few people away from Suicide Squad because they looked too young and didn't have ID (blame legal requirements) but when they got their tickets changed to Jungle Cruise they've always come out saying how much they enjoyed it.

  • Cindy J
    Cindy J   2 months ago

    OMG! Jared Leto jacked.

  • Jack
    Jack   3 months ago

    Loki was always my least fav and the fact that Tom Hiddleston even auditioned for Thor 🤪

  • Pat Westergard
    Pat Westergard   3 months ago

    Guy with a snake coming out of his face...anywhere?

  • Prom _Ethium
    Prom _Ethium   3 months ago

    I swear they're going to reboot blade with that morbius movie.

  • Giant alligator
    Giant alligator   3 months ago

    Hollywood has been breaking the rules and making movies with no mask!

  • Karen Susee
    Karen Susee   4 months ago

    Boy um. Quite the change in actors. Will Smith wont be in suicide squad 2. Bummer.. honestly say I never would have seen it coming with Robert playing batman..

  • Clarisse Tit
    Clarisse Tit   4 months ago

    Sometimes we don't have to watch the trailers to know it's gonna be fantastic

  • Naheem
    Naheem   4 months ago

    Suicide Squad looks like a real…bore.

  • Josh Clay
    Josh Clay   4 months ago

  • Mykhailo Hohol
    Mykhailo Hohol   4 months ago

    free guy stolen idea from agent smith in matrixisn't Loki a tv show?how many years must one wait for Morbius to come out? and Jared Leto won't seem to age a day.. animals look less realistic than ever5th movie I actually liked (not without issues of course). How can she act so well here and be that pathetic in Star Wars?Men, women and now children ghostbusters..? Somehow I feel it will still be better than the last one.. Can they add more characters so that they can kill some of them? where are the old ones?Seems to be too slender for batman.. that's why he had to hit the poor man so many times. Great hopes on the movie, do not dare to disappoint.Wait I thought it was Shazam? some sort of a copy movie or a trailer for the villain?

  • BIll Mackinaw
    BIll Mackinaw   4 months ago

    Please don't fk DUNE was perfect the 1st time!!!!

  • Jane Shiny
    Jane Shiny   4 months ago

    I don't know why but the first one gave me Emmet and Wild Style(Lucy) vibes.

  • Robert Rickson
    Robert Rickson   4 months ago

    Morbius is already dead: is that the 11th Doctor at 7:25 ?

  • s.d
    s.d   4 months ago

    I am waiting u too all movie's for hindi dubbed please

  • coboi modoe
    coboi modoe   4 months ago

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  • dust of 0ld
    dust of 0ld   5 months ago

    I came here for the thumbnail, left since there weren’t the thumbnail.

  • SMM Gooz
    SMM Gooz   5 months ago

    i want Doctor Strange 2....loved the 1st one