Captain Marvel VS Thor | What If Episode 7

  • Published on: 22 September 2021
  • The latest episode brought us an upbeat scenario that was overall fun to watch, and the battle between Carol Danvers and Party Thor was no exception!
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    Captain Marvel and Thor Fight Compilation
  • Runtime : 2:23
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  • Kris B
    Kris B   3 hours ago

    I never understood why superheroes punch each other.

  • Tanmay Das Kashyap
    Tanmay Das Kashyap   5 hours ago

    Thor was just laughing while getting punched by Captain Marvel, like he was enjoying this. Thor on full warrior rage would rekt everyone.

  • MultiCreativeArtist
    MultiCreativeArtist   15 hours ago

    Thor: Mother! Captain Marvel: Mother?!Shield: Mother?!?Nick Furry: Motha fucka

  • ItalianDUDE :D
    ItalianDUDE :D   20 hours ago

    Amazing animation…. Goddamn I hate so much Captain Marvel

  • Morcatna
    Morcatna   1 days ago

    Pretty cool how they gave Thor a theme similar to Ragnarok, fits the party vibe eh?

  • Fransiscus
    Fransiscus   2 days ago

    Nah kan tuh dipanggil emak lu thor beliin cabe di warung, lu malah asik gelut sama neng marpel. Hadeh

  • wolf WR
    wolf WR   2 days ago

    This ep is perfectly funny some how

  • STH151NicoleFan
    STH151NicoleFan   3 days ago

    Alternate title: “What if Thor was 10x more durable than he usually is?”

  • V R
    V R   3 days ago

    Thor just chilling 😂🤣

  • Jabéz Garden
    Jabéz Garden   3 days ago

    anyone who ever has anything negative to say about Captain Marvel is honestly just misogynistic😹 this fight was an amazing and fair fight for both characters. top 5 best mcu fights by these heavy hitters.

  • DRE
    DRE   3 days ago

    can someone tell me how to post movie clips on youtube without copyright claim what to use i'm tryna start a youtube channel

  • Edward Mcnair
    Edward Mcnair   3 days ago

    I feel like Thor would've won that fight. Just saying.

  • Fernando Juarez
    Fernando Juarez   3 days ago

    Cool the kids have fun. Now just wait for Doctor Strange vs Wanda live action!!

  • Rushil SN
    Rushil SN   4 days ago

    If Thor gives this much tough to Captain Marvel then "Thor" is the Real Hero

  • kyle canady
    kyle canady   4 days ago

    It's pretty funny she's trying her best and he's just screwing off and having fun, not even feeling her attacks.

  • Cat Face Poetry
    Cat Face Poetry   5 days ago

    This version of Thor is more powerful than the movie version. He goes toe to toe with the powerup Captain Marvel that can take out Star Ship in one swoop.

  • Mr Amaia HusbandTV
    Mr Amaia HusbandTV   5 days ago

    actually captain marvel never beat thor in any comics actually thor is playing around, this show thor play around in what if vs CM while carol serious in last encounter, thor said i felt that if thor is not holding back he can basically destroy earth in one blow, thor have a habbit underestimating his opponent caused he is a god like battle of ultron.

  • VD
    VD   6 days ago

    Captain Marvel can't lose, she is powered by feminism.

  • Levi Thorstone
    Levi Thorstone   6 days ago

    This is b.s. Ms marvel is no where near Thor's level.

  • DamnDave
    DamnDave   1 weeks ago

    Don’t watch the show and I thought this would be dumb but it was actually pretty sick

  • Abhishek Borah
    Abhishek Borah   1 weeks ago

    Legends say that auto bots were watching their fight from their base when they landed there 👉 0:45

  • Airwreck
    Airwreck   1 weeks ago

    How did she take Mjolnir off her chest?

  • Marian Knight
    Marian Knight   1 weeks ago

    The whole Mother thing gave me Extream Shrek's Prince Charming Vibes.

  • Dark Section
    Dark Section   1 weeks ago

    thor looks like a joke for his power lvl as the GOD of thunder

  • nico
    nico   1 weeks ago

    captain marvel is just so "Ehh"