Top 25 NBA Players Under 25 Years Old | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 07 March 2020
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  • Runtime : 1:20:20


  • Mateo Canola
    Mateo Canola   2 months ago

    Just gave y'all a watch cause you were on my recommended after watching highlights of an NBA game. Watched two vids back to back. Great podcast, keep creating and posting the quality content!

  • George mejia
    George mejia   2 months ago

    If you watch this today d mills kinda speaking facts with zack at 8 and bam being better then big Z

  • Harry
    Harry   3 months ago

    Please repeat this episode

  • JJ Hyland
    JJ Hyland   3 months ago

    This video so funny to watch now them saying the nets would be crazy to bring in a coach with no experience

  • Erick
    Erick   5 months ago

    Y'all need to do this again

  • Sillybird 1513
    Sillybird 1513   6 months ago

    Little did we know then in only two weeks we would lose basketball for the next 5 months

  • Giacomo Jacobs
    Giacomo Jacobs   7 months ago

    Oh donavin Mitchell has not had his playoff moments

  • Not Strats
    Not Strats   9 months ago

    I’d take Tyler or K Nunn over Zo

  • Noah S
    Noah S   9 months ago

    bro lebron is like 3rd best now behind giannis and kawhi

  • Iverson Vlogs
    Iverson Vlogs   9 months ago

    My top 10 is 1) LUKA2)Ben3)Trae4)Towns5)Book6)JT7) DMITCH8)Zion 9) Ingram 10) JA

  • Trent Newman
    Trent Newman   10 months ago

    Kenny must of forgot about Aron Baynes when he said Jaylen Brown was his favorite celtic

  • BKnudsen5
    BKnudsen5   10 months ago

    "Donovan Mitchell doesn't have playoff moments"Y'all already forgot when he embarrassed Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Melo and averaged over 24 ppg in his first playoffs ever.

  • TheRulersBack18
    TheRulersBack18   10 months ago

    bruh the d'angelo russell hype is so crazy lmao. it's funny how it works, when we're talking about some players, it's 'well they're in the east', but when it comes to this dude, it's 'he's an all-star' even though he was like the 3rd injury replacement AND in the east lmao. did jack shit on the warriors, was doing jack shit with minnesota before the suspension

  • Chaz Bustos
    Chaz Bustos   11 months ago

    Bruh that dude in the green put Ayton at 23......WOW

  • AdrenalineUnlimited
    AdrenalineUnlimited   11 months ago

    Here's my list off the top of my head off the straight up eye test, feel free to come at me:LukaTatumSimmonsZo Jaylen BrownMitchellTrae KPSaboZionBamKATBookerJaShaiBID-loLavineDe'AaronMurrayLauriJJ Jr.NunnCollinsHerro

  • King Kope
    King Kope   1 years ago

    25 under 25 1. Luka2. Tatum3. Simmons4. Young5. Booker6. KAT7. Kristaps 8. Ingram9. Mitchell10. Morant 11. Williamson12. Russell13. Fox14. Sabonis15. Adebayo16. Shai 17. brown18. Lonzo Ball19. Zach Lavine20. Jamal Murray 21. Jaren Jackson JR22. Jonathan Isaac23. Michael Porter JR24. RJ Barrett25. John Collins The prefect list

  • Bobby Dominguez Jr
    Bobby Dominguez Jr   1 years ago

    Made my top 10 list off of box office sales and easiest to build a whole new, all around playoff \ finals contending team.10~Brandon Ingram9~ D'Angelo Russell8~ Donovan Mitchell7~ Jayson Tatam6~ Trea Young 5~ Ja Morant 4~ Zion Williamson3~ Ben Simmons2~ KAT1~ Luka Doncic

  • Corbin Hoffman
    Corbin Hoffman   1 years ago

    Zach LaVine that high I think was the only bad ranking for DMills, all the others he coulda had a argument for

  • Kyle Christensen
    Kyle Christensen   1 years ago

    DMills could've argued his list...I respect him for not getting pissed cause P a straight asshole

  • Tyler O’Brien
    Tyler O’Brien   1 years ago

    Kenny: shoutout to Mike Conley for having his first good game of the year the other nightMe:😂Me again: Realizing it was against my own team😑

  • channeldirty7
    channeldirty7   1 years ago

    Wall licking homie on the camera left? The lead paint baby makes this shit lmao I wanted to say get him tf outta here a couple videos ago cuz I ain’t think he took the shit seriously when y’all brothas really tryna come up, but now I get it 😂 he just different, Derek you just different than most but that’s what make you special bro

  • channeldirty7
    channeldirty7   1 years ago

    Darrick said “I hope Jaylen Brunson get hurt” 😞 why you so cold Darrick? Who hurt you?

  • Jake
    Jake   1 years ago

    When he said Zion at 12 I lost it

  • Daniel
    Daniel   1 years ago

    look. i respect it all. legitimately. but Trae Young>DBook??????? idk about all that. talk about a defensive LIABILITY!!!!!! i get Book ain’t the best defender, but as a team leader and a team facilitator. for a team who was horrendous at one point. brought them to contend for 8 seed. Oubre and Ayton out. Trae Young has arguably better pieces.

  • Meghan Lucas
    Meghan Lucas   1 years ago

    YAll bully Dmills mike is only nice one FUCCK

  • My Name Jeff
    My Name Jeff   1 years ago

    47:27 when they all turned their heads and looked at d-mills you knew he was about to disappoint them😂

  • Luke Nethercote
    Luke Nethercote   1 years ago

    1 luka 2 tatum 3 zion 4 trae 5 simmons 6 morant 7 towns 8 booker 9 mitchell 10 unicorn

  • Shayan Islam
    Shayan Islam   1 years ago

    I don’t give a shit bro Zach Lavine better than porzingis. He’s the leader of his team, a better and more versatile scorer, has heavily improved defensively. It’s just his lack of effort. And it’s much harder to play defense when ur pretty much the only scoring option. Porzingis doesn’t have to worry about that since he has Luka to drop him dimes. Lavine is easily the more consistent player and there’s a reason he was higher in all star voting too. P u trippin

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   1 years ago

    “Let’s start, #15” “I was like why are we starting in the middle?” 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   1 years ago

    This gon be a good *ss list 🔥💯💯💯❄️❄️🥶🥶😅😅

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   1 years ago

    A good long podcast episode 😀😀😆😆