Using a TAP as Thread Boring Tool

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • Using a tap to cut threads?! I know, crazy, right? But just you watch!

    In a pinch you can use a smaller tap of the right pitch to thread larger bores than the tap was intended for.
  • Runtime : 10:3
  • tap metal cutting tap tapping threads on a lathe tap as boring tool single point threads


  • leso204
    leso204   48 minuts ago

    you have made an internal thread chaser ..........

  • Ronnie Doyle
    Ronnie Doyle   11 hours ago

    I watch some foreign video's where the craftsman uses a thread tap they use on a drill press. Are those a regular bolt tap, ran slow, or something special you can buy. Thank You

  • Toolmaker Sept
    Toolmaker Sept   12 hours ago

    That's pretty cool I don't know that I would've thought of that.I can appreciate all the effort it takes for you to make the videos as well as you do. With the pandemic going on. I've had to make videos for my students and found that's a lot harder than one would think.

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris   18 hours ago

    Still waiting on the brass tacks video you keep bringing up

  • Bata Lela
    Bata Lela   23 hours ago

    What about the helix angle ??? 😎

  • gwheyduke
    gwheyduke   1 days ago

    Wow, great tip. With model engines, I always run into this small boring tool problem.

  • Clarksburgair. com
    Clarksburgair. com   1 days ago

    Hello Antony How about steel? Behave same threading steel? Or it’s just softer metals?Thank youYuri

  • Joseph D'Bennidetto
    Joseph D'Bennidetto   1 days ago

    whatever dudeyou did manage to waist ten minutes of my life, so kudos to you.

  • adam sorell
    adam sorell   1 days ago

    Why you have to retract cant u just go forward then backwards?

  • Bryan Bogardus
    Bryan Bogardus   1 days ago

    Thank you! More please! Well maybe before the next thousand year at least.

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa   1 days ago

    Great tip and I have a an entire new set of taps I was planning on breaking anyway.

  • Peter Jameson
    Peter Jameson   1 days ago

    @This Old Tony. You're a master machinist and a master presenter. What's more, your hands speak to me! Thank you for your great inspiring videos.

  • Jeffrey R.Patterson
    Jeffrey R.Patterson   1 days ago

    Hi Tony. I have an unrelated question. Is it practical to do some limited milling on a lathe. I imagine some mechanism to hold work and move it horizontally through the cutting mechanism. How about the ability of the lathe to hold a cutting head?

  • Marlo Breding
    Marlo Breding   2 days ago

    Anyone notice the Big Bolt with Rolled Threads used as a prop to talk about cutting threads?

  • Magic Smoke FPV
    Magic Smoke FPV   2 days ago

    You sound like Green Beetle.... Or is it the other way around...

  • Lee Harvey Griswold
    Lee Harvey Griswold   2 days ago

    Hi, you mention a few times that your lathe cuts a bit of a taper, is there any way to fix it? And if so can you make a video?

  • Penboard!
    Penboard!   2 days ago

    Add even more to that, note this: Take a 36 tpi tap, set the lathe to 36 tpi speed - and you get a single thread... set the lathe e.g. at 9 tpi and cut with the 36 tpi tap - and you get a 4 start thread.

  • Mark M
    Mark M   2 days ago


  • Slikx666
    Slikx666   2 days ago

    Now all I need is a lathe.

  • Nathan Parrow
    Nathan Parrow   2 days ago

    Hi Tony, I recently found your channel and have gone back in time and watched every video you have made so far. I hope to watch the ones that you have already made in the future some day! Not all of us can move as freely through time as you can. Really love your sense of humor and amazing skill set. I recently acquired my second lathe and my first knee mill and have been going crazy buying tooling and trying to get it all up and running. I would love to send you some photos of my setup sometime.

  • WeepingAngel256
    WeepingAngel256   2 days ago

    Tony: you can't make this stuff up.The guy who put threads on the inside and outside:

  • Opinionator52
    Opinionator52   2 days ago

    Fun and interesting as per usual... Thanks Man.... :o) . O,,,

  • naota3k
    naota3k   2 days ago

    "Tools to Cutting Internal Threads on the Lathe"

  • starhawke380
    starhawke380   2 days ago

    How many people paused the video at 7:20 to see if they could find a 1" 24TPI tap on Amazon?

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy   2 days ago

    "Under a certain size" Me a 2 meter tall dutchman: bamboozled Thanks you clarified after tho

  • Edward Joyner
    Edward Joyner   2 days ago

    Ha! Latest Mattias Wandell live stream he wished you would show your face more. 😊. Sounds like comedy gold

  • GummiGana
    GummiGana   2 days ago

    I didn't realize Ray Romano was into machining.

  • Aku
    Aku   3 days ago

    Ugh ugh! Uhh!!

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall   3 days ago

    Going to my lathe now to try this - thank you

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller   3 days ago

    And if it’s not brazed perfectly straight. Tapered threads! Amazing!

  • Beallthere
    Beallthere   3 days ago

    @3:40, you say, '. . .but the business end of these are exactly the same as the external threading tool.'...You make 1 of 2 errors. The first choice is a subject to verb number error: '. . . the business end of these are . . .' should be, '. . . but the business end of these is . . .'...The business end is singular and needs a singular verb. That would be is....The other possible error is more logical. It's a subject of a later pronoun to verb number error. You should say, '. . . but the business ends of these . . . ' These is the key word here. These is a plural pronoun and logically should follow a plural reference, which here should be the plural 'ends,' not the singular 'end.'...All of this might seem nitpicky and pompous of me, but think about it: English is ever-so-much-better when correct. You should correct this.