Take On Me - NSP

  • Published on: 23 February 2016
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    Original song written by a-ha. Used with permission.
    Performed by Ninja Sex Party and TWRP.

    Director: Sean Barrett
    Producer: Jason Serrato
    Production Manager: Svetlana Dekic
    Director of Photography: Gordon Yould
    Prop Master: Ryan Kaercher

    If you're reading this, you're cool. We love you!
  • Runtime : 4:8
  • cover songs 70s 80s Game Grumps NSP A-ha twrp


  • Arthur
    Arthur   1 weeks ago

    this man could run me over with a truck and id beg him to do it again

  • Osoiatama
    Osoiatama   1 weeks ago

    I come back to this video from time to time, asking myself "am I really bi?"The answer is yes. Very much so, yes.

  • AuntieCreed
    AuntieCreed   1 weeks ago

    My son got me listening to you guys and holy shit! Danny's voice is amazing here! I love it

  • Disc Reet
    Disc Reet   3 weeks ago

    I choose to still think I’m 100% straight after watching this.... but what I think and what I know are 2 different things

  • Liz McNay
    Liz McNay   1 months ago

    If more men wore capes this well, there wouldn't be any single people left. Daaaaaaamn...

  • Natasha Kennedy
    Natasha Kennedy   1 months ago

    I love how you sing your little heart out, you’re such an inspiration. I can’t wait to start creating my own music ❤️

  • dayday j
    dayday j   1 months ago

    I'm the 40,000th comment and I get to day I love this song

    ROTTINGPAIN.   2 months ago

    You can never say that Dan is not the man!!👍💯

  • Rob Wilson
    Rob Wilson   2 months ago

    Yep. I'm now officially gay because of a man in a leotard.

  • Razz Berrie
    Razz Berrie   2 months ago

    Imagine hearing this in fnaf instead of the ambience LMAO

  • JT
    JT   2 months ago

    how am i just now finding this

  • Random Fandoms
    Random Fandoms   2 months ago

    You didn't choose to be a bisexual guy. You watched the music video for Ninja Sex Party's cover of Take On Me and you fell in love with Dan Avidan. I don't make the rules, I just follow them.

  • Empress Eevee
    Empress Eevee   2 months ago

    How is this man single like damn xD he can rock eyeliner and spandex as hard as David Bowie! Keep up the amazing work🖤💙

  • Jmepic
    Jmepic   2 months ago

    This song ruined the original for me. This is now the best version in my opinion and I was always a fan of the original

  • Iruvata Voisine
    Iruvata Voisine   3 months ago

    So I love BOTH versions of this song, but somethin about Danny's voice just makes it more magical for me.

  • Sam Prittie
    Sam Prittie   3 months ago

    Hi, love your covers. Think you'll ever cover Starship Trooper by Yes? I bet I'm not alone, even if people don't know where that "to be continued" meme came from, they'd maybe learn it from you, and wouldn't that be nice to inspire a new generation of prog rock lovers? I first heard Related when I was 8, and it's still one of my tops.

  • Preston
    Preston   3 months ago

    Ugh, do good. I'm mad that I'll never get to personally experience any of these guys in my life.

  • Ryry Wier
    Ryry Wier   3 months ago

    I LOVE YOU DANNNY!!!!!!!!!!😂☺💗❤

  • Namjoon’s Bitch
    Namjoon’s Bitch   4 months ago

    I have never been gayer than right now and I’m pretty gay on the the regular

  • boopydoopyaf
    boopydoopyaf   4 months ago

    My lesbianism after watching this: Aight imma head out

  • Fear Da Fantom
    Fear Da Fantom   4 months ago

    I want this version of this song to play at my highschool prom

  • Gypsy_X
    Gypsy_X   4 months ago

    i am still surprised by dans voice