DeAndre Ayton Postgame Interview - Suns vs Lakers | March 2, 2020-21 NBA Season

  • Published on: 03 March 2021
  • Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | March 2, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

    #HouseofHighlights #NBA
    #HouseofHighlights #NBA
  • Runtime : 3:42
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  • daniel renteria
    daniel renteria   1 months ago

    DA is normally bubbly and outgoing. This interview is clearly a big deal for our BIG man. I can tell this meant the world for this young man. This was so great to see.

  • De 'Andre French
    De 'Andre French   1 months ago

    He got that old head face. Almost like a player from the 90'S

  • Andrew Marin
    Andrew Marin   1 months ago

    Love seeing DA giving great answers and showing how much he loves this game and his team. The sky is the limit for this great young man

  • Joseph SMITH
    Joseph SMITH   1 months ago

    Looks like the Suns are ready. Wait until They get Jalen Smith in the rotation, it's not going to be nothing nice 👍

  • B A
    B A   1 months ago

    Where the hell is charles and kenny. Wade and whats'er face suck

  • RetroTV1
    RetroTV1   1 months ago

    Ayton came out the womb looking 27

  • tasheka2010
    tasheka2010   1 months ago

    The Suns will not beat a healthy Lakers team. They didn’t have AD, Gasol, or Kuzma.

  • Isaiah Dewberry
    Isaiah Dewberry   1 months ago

    Ayton has tons of potential, he needs to realize that cuz he can make the suns a real contender

  • Jacko
    Jacko   1 months ago

    Once Ayton takes that next jump this team gonna go to another level. I could see him averaging 20-22 PPG next season

  • CPGoat #3
    CPGoat #3   1 months ago

    Somebody got to get into DAs head that no one can guard him. He’s too talented to be so cautious.

  • W7N
    W7N   1 months ago

    He might not be the best player in the world but how can you hate him? dude is nice as hell.

  • Isaac Javier
    Isaac Javier   1 months ago

    As always, stupid ass question by shaq, mans losing it

  • Alex Caruso
    Alex Caruso   1 months ago

    If I was guarding him it’d be a different ball game no 🧢 I’m locking him up🔒

  • Jiggy V
    Jiggy V   1 months ago

    My man said “it’s a blessing” keep approaching the game that way young man 💯🙏🏽

  • Olahn Zaft
    Olahn Zaft   1 months ago

    DA was gushing when Shaq showed him respect and implying that he can do more when he wants to. DA was crying... lol, love this kid

  • adam mccurdy
    adam mccurdy   1 months ago

    Checked fantasy after seeing this he didn’t even go off 😩😑 come on now

  • Kyler Murray
    Kyler Murray   1 months ago

    I luv Ayton but he looks 40 at 22 being honest

  • Quezz Leshawn
    Quezz Leshawn   1 months ago

    You remember the story of the 25 year old who pretended to 17 to relive his hoop dreams that’s actually him 💀

  • Jhawk Beer
    Jhawk Beer   1 months ago

    Devin literally through the ball at the official and yall saying refs helped the lakers, and they were literally making worse calls on the lakers, we will see in playoffs

  • Brandon Park
    Brandon Park   1 months ago

    DA’s smile when Shaq praises him for playing mean and scoring 😊😊☺️☺️

  • Jack Sprankle
    Jack Sprankle   1 months ago

    He’s a really good kid and always has a smile on his face

  • AlbearGames
    AlbearGames   1 months ago

    I'm a mavs fans but I like him!!! seeing him smile talking to the guys on tnt is awesome. You can see him smile Talking to each one. Keep it up big man.

  • Amber 7
    Amber 7   1 months ago

    He seems such good kid and humble

  • rip93ford
    rip93ford   1 months ago

    Ayton is a good kid, sometimes Suns fans ride him too hard, he's getting better

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James   1 months ago

    Well deserved win even with the refs trying to help the lakers by ejecting booker.

  • Michael Cunnningham
    Michael Cunnningham   1 months ago

    The NBA is sleeping on the Suns. They have a HOF vet, a rising Superstar, a solid big man in the middle, floor spacers, and they play tough team D.

  • You Got Me
    You Got Me   1 months ago

    LeBum lost to Phoenix 💀💀💀💀

  • Dev
    Dev   1 months ago

    I hope no rigged refs on Blazers vs Warriors game tommorow

  • Dev
    Dev   1 months ago

    Lakers still had refs help this game yet still lost. L

  • Abdi M
    Abdi M   1 months ago

    Do your job-Shaq looool

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos   1 months ago

    Lakers are frauds lmao. They can't even win with the refs.