Spidey and His Amazing Fans: ‘She’s Definitely My Hero’

  • Published on: 08 September 2021
  • Matt is a self-professed geek and an even bigger Spider-Man fan, but to him, the real hero in his life is his daughter, Finlay. Watch #SpideyAndHisAmazingFriends on @Disney Junior!

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  • Runtime : 2:35
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  • that one irishguy
    that one irishguy   2 days ago

    Just shows how the marvel story's really will live forever there a part of us, just like Stan intended

  • regular show
    regular show   5 days ago

    I would love to see ghost aka gwen in the live action in the future

  • chewiemac1974
    chewiemac1974   1 months ago

    How has everyone missed that she’s wearing an “Empire State University” shirt????? Best Easter egg ever!

  • Brambleheart
    Brambleheart   1 months ago

    This is so heartwarming. I'm autistic too, and love Marvel. Wishing all the best for Finlay in her beautiful life.

  • Saimum Arafat
    Saimum Arafat   1 months ago

    What if???Deadpool in the infinity war uganda fight scene🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brent Abaa
    Brent Abaa   1 months ago

    Come on when are you goint to realease haweye trailer??

  • Zuma the doggo
    Zuma the doggo   1 months ago

    If you want your kid to like marvel never let them see these marvel shows1 Spider-Man 2017 2 spidey and his amazing friends 3 run aways 4 avengers assemble5 guardians of the galaxy Disney x d Are there any more I should add and yes I know these shows are made for kids

    BEAST   1 months ago


  • Keerthan Kumar
    Keerthan Kumar   1 months ago

    That's why I love Peter Parker...we can totally relate to the struggles in his life...rent issues , work life balance struggles...that deep emotional connection unlike any other superheroes in Marvel universe...my hugs and kisses to this wonderful Dad and "Amazing Daughter".

  • Fikry!
    Fikry!   1 months ago

    man's got santa as a dad wtf

  • play pal
    play pal   1 months ago

    What about 12 infinity stones

  • ICE BEAR ​
    ICE BEAR ​   1 months ago

    I remember a news in which Lloyd Jones, the father of Ollie, said he asked the entertainment company to include the superhero spider man on his son's grave. The boy suffered from leukodystrophy, a rare genetic condition, for two years before his passing in December but They denied 😤😠😡

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh   1 months ago


  • Ismail Kaka
    Ismail Kaka   1 months ago

    Please tell, how do I download Marvel movies?

  • Shrinivas
    Shrinivas   1 months ago

    I thought spider man is Sony property

  • TheEasySqueezy
    TheEasySqueezy   1 months ago

    Yet Disney denied that father’s request to put Spider-Man on his dying sons gravestone. I imagine Disney will send a cease and desist to this girl shortly.

  • Swift
    Swift   1 months ago

    Spidey and his amazing fans want... just kidding, marvel

  • The Marvelous Donohues
    The Marvelous Donohues   1 months ago

    This takes me back to my childhood --I remember taking the Sunday comic strips (I know Im dating myself) and making a Spiderman scrapbook of each week's episode. Wish I had that scrapbook back

  • Adam Bell
    Adam Bell   1 months ago

    Get this guys family tickets to the premier of no way home

  • Prince Wiltchens
    Prince Wiltchens   1 months ago

    spidey and his amazing fans is in disney junior? you can't be serious its marvel and lego black panther and any other animated marvel TV series aren't disney

  • Connor Berry
    Connor Berry   1 months ago

    This warms my heart, marvel can connect people so well and it’s just such a wonderful thing. I’m glad Marvel can still bring happiness to people

  • Jamey Bray
    Jamey Bray   1 months ago

    That's my best friend and his daughter. Amazing people. You think she's cute in the video you should meet her in person.

  • Reed Gaming
    Reed Gaming   1 months ago

    Fun fact ; He has trained his teammates that whenever he knocks someone they will say 'Excellent Work'🤣........