VAMPIRE'S KISS - A Hilarious Nicolas Cage Cult Classic

  • Published on: 11 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 22:54
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  • W I L L
    W I L L   13 hours ago

    I love how the criticisms are all "Nicolas Cage did his role too well so we didnt like it" like hes supposed to be an unlikeable insane wackjob thats the point of the character lol

  • TNTspaz
    TNTspaz   13 hours ago

    I feel like Nic would be an insanely good stage actor. Did he ever do that in his career because most of his best performances give me that vibe. Like over acting for a crowd and trying to get a reaction

  • David Lee
    David Lee   2 days ago

    I wonder if Cage took inspiration from chess's Bobby Fischer, many similarities!

  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    Did Trump steal his vocal inflections from Nic/Pete? God I hope so.If not, BoohooAlso this and Wild at Heart are my 2 fav Cage films

  • JadeEyes1
    JadeEyes1   4 days ago

    I always assumed that he didn't just go crazy from isolation: the bat that bit him early in the movie gave him rabies, which slowly caused him to lose his sanity.

  • Ziomaletto
    Ziomaletto   1 weeks ago

    Maria Conchita Alonso had it rough in the 80s. First kidnapped by Schwarzenegger, then treated like trash and violated by Cage...

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos and make a video about itI could copy and paste this to every video but I'm too lazy to do that

  • KEvronista
    KEvronista   2 weeks ago

    nicolas cage doing nicolas cage like only nicolas cage can.KEvron

  • Enygmatic Gentlemen
    Enygmatic Gentlemen   2 weeks ago

    I’ve actually been to the same cemetery and saw that pyramid tombstone/crypt it’s actually really cool

  • OliTheNorthMan
    OliTheNorthMan   2 weeks ago

    peta were just as insane as they are today lmao. calling them out for a cockroach...dont they know that half of asia bbqs cockroaches and insects and eat them ?? but his answer was the best i ever heard : do u have a can of raid ?? most clever response ever

  • Immolator772
    Immolator772   3 weeks ago

    This movie inspired American Psycho for sure.

  • Sydney Moore
    Sydney Moore   3 weeks ago

    cardboard nic is giving very much donald trump

  • Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez   3 weeks ago

    If I became rich, I would probably spend like Nicolas Cage 🤣😅 and be broke

  • Imperiom
    Imperiom   3 weeks ago


  • Zach Bates
    Zach Bates   3 weeks ago

    So like....was he a vampire tho?

  • Paul Jamilkowski
    Paul Jamilkowski   4 weeks ago


  • G R A Y
    G R A Y   4 weeks ago

    No shit, Nic Cage owns the LaLaurie mansion?

  • Smalls411
    Smalls411   1 months ago

    My favorite Nic Cage movie bar none

  • blackcat 303
    blackcat 303   1 months ago

    ew. now I get why no one felt bad for him getting put in the wicker man

  • BuckeyeStorms
    BuckeyeStorms   1 months ago

    People love to hate on Nic Cage, but there is not a man who has been more honest about who he is as in actor, in my opinion. When people use him as a gauge for over-the-top acting, you know he has made his impression on the industry, right or wrong. He could have recoiled from the critiques, and probably found enough work to have an okay life living in the background, or he could lean into it, and become...well...the Nic Cage we all know and love. I, for one, am glad he chose the latter.

  • Max Adrover Redondo Aré

    Also, I Think this is a great film. Alright, it's a meme, but Cage used this modest film to make a performance experiment. His acting travels back in time way longer to the German expressionism and bringing Nosferatu (1931) to the actual time. Not doing it only because it's funny, because is an icon (like Bogart in Play it again Sam, 1977) of the pop culture in one way or another. Cage plays the impersonation of a psychopath, a misogynistic boss raging on his secretary because of his sexual frustration and incapacity to communicate with women. But he's not just a mad fella, he pretends to be evil, he feels forced to do bad things, to not leave home, like a drug addict. The theatrical way of acting that cage approaches serves to the expressionistic style of the whole film, reaches to give physicality to feelings or inner thoughts of the character which is the only important piece in the script. It's a story about sexual behavior mainly, not pretended to be reading as an intrigue only, but as a tale with modern symbols. And also a black comedy hard to classify.

  • Damien
    Damien   1 months ago

    Hahaha, did you actually use the soundtrack from Symphony of the Night in this review?

  • Botond Hetyey
    Botond Hetyey   1 months ago

    The reason I find this movie interesting is because with any other actor, this movie would have probably been forgotten as a mediocre thriller

  • xblowsmokex
    xblowsmokex   1 months ago

    Is that Tom Sweeney talking about manga at the beginning?

  • bigrod91
    bigrod91   1 months ago

    Man i thought Mr Beast was irresponcible but nick cage is goes to a new dimension

  • chloeisbrainlet
    chloeisbrainlet   1 months ago

    i think this movie is genuinely a masterpiece. of course he's over acting. his character is fucking insane.

  • Nerdialismo404
    Nerdialismo404   1 months ago

    Nick Cage is so unique that even if the movie is hot garbage his acting makes it gold.