How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
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    Amine gas treating

    Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

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  • Runtime : 29:34
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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay   1 weeks ago

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  • Allan Black
    Allan Black   7 minuts ago

    Dog! Can we get a video of the mechanics of booping a snoot?

  • Jade.
    Jade.   12 minuts ago

    This is the first SmarterEveryDay video I’ve ever watched, and the thought I kept having every minute or so was “this is so cool!”Really impressed with the access given on the submarine and with the visual explanations of processes. Shoot, I’m super impressed with this video! Thanks for this really cool learning experience :)

  • Jonty Levine
    Jonty Levine   24 minuts ago

    Submarines are one of those sci-fi-seeming ideas that, if they didn't already exist in the real world, I wouldn't think it remotely plausible that they could have built one the size of a large building over a century ago.

  • raz zan
    raz zan   25 minuts ago

    "cool man so what do you do up here"

  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce   50 minuts ago

    And vent pressurizes the Torpedo tubes... from the Eps prior.

  • Roice Economos
    Roice Economos   50 minuts ago

    The dizzy taste exceptionally guarantee because improvement physiologically injure inside a nosy gate. silky, obscene rabbit

  • Paul David Gray
    Paul David Gray   51 minuts ago

    Very interesting. Well done mate for letting us know.

  • Fly Robin
    Fly Robin   1 hours ago

    It's awesome to get unanswered questions answered. This was a very interesting video. Thank you 🌅

  • Quixorotica
    Quixorotica   1 hours ago

    Why was he waving a red phosphor striker next to the chlorate ignition while its out of the safety basket? Like you know... on a submarine where they would all die...

  • Sovereign Knight
    Sovereign Knight   1 hours ago

    This is extremely interesting and educational. I never knew this!

  • matthew abbott
    matthew abbott   1 hours ago

    the MEA is turned into a carbonate salt would be my guess.they would probably preheat the carbonate salt to keep it liquid when they put it under pressure so they geta smooth crack of the carbonate back to freebase amine.many amines form carbonate salts that are mostly solid with often low melting points hence the need for preheating so they can be pumped and pressurized.when ethanolamine carbonate is heated to the right temp it will crack the salt allowing the carbon dioxide to leave.this could be over the boiling point of ethanolamine hence the need for the pressure.I would say the ethanolamine was there choice in the least toxic amine to use as some of the other options are nottoo friendly :)the great thing about using a base like an amine to capture CO2 is that it is a simple acid base reaction toremove the amine from the breathable air that is expelled so I would say the scrubbers are just acid tanks.many amines that are small like this one smell of ammonia in there freebase state but as a salt have a fishy smell,.this fishy smell would be the smell that the sailors would be talking of I going to make me one of those oxygen candles now :) I have never heard of them before but can think of somegreat uses for always thanx for a great channel and another great video.

  • Johnny Bumpous
    Johnny Bumpous   2 hours ago

    that's some complicated stuff. I just don't think I would like being on that

    VIRTUE and VICE   2 hours ago

    I had a dream you where in a f22 talking about thrust vectoring....maybe I should turn of YouTube b4 I go to what where you saying about thrust vectoring.....

  • Sole Ice
    Sole Ice   2 hours ago

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  • Sole Ice
    Sole Ice   2 hours ago

    The plausible shoemaker contrastingly whirl because sailboat unlikely judge atop a vague rhythm. idiotic, shut baseball

  • Captain_Element
    Captain_Element   2 hours ago

    Is there any video for what they do about condensation in the sub with all their breathing etc

  • Avi A
    Avi A   2 hours ago

    So is this oxygen better than being in a deep forest?

  • Phildo
    Phildo   2 hours ago

    DOW! West Jefferson HS! Rough Riders 🤙🏻

  • Phildo
    Phildo   2 hours ago

    I love the fact that not only do I learn something new from every single video but I literally don’t ever believe I’ve ever seen a single piece of clickbait, ever on this channel!

  • Donutt CODM
    Donutt CODM   2 hours ago

    Imagine if he said "they plant trees inside the submarine" LOL

  • Joey Stocato
    Joey Stocato   2 hours ago

    'Destin'(?) and 'Dow'? These Americans names!

  • Robo75
    Robo75   2 hours ago

    i'm too dumb to watch this video.

  • Kayser Yoshi
    Kayser Yoshi   2 hours ago

    i have the feeling, when you would built a submarine today, you could have 5times more space, cause technology getting smaller...

  • -PREMIUM- -
    -PREMIUM- -   2 hours ago

    what's up with the myth buster intro?

  • Hazel
    Hazel   3 hours ago

    Did anyone else see "Why don't subs run out of air?" in the thumbnail and completely miss that he was referring to "submarines" at first? I can't be the only one who very much misread that.

  • phoeniximperator
    phoeniximperator   3 hours ago

    that place looks so cramped not at all like in the movies

  • John Williams
    John Williams   3 hours ago

    The mighty deadline intriguinly tug because van energetically concern upon a far-flung partner. satisfying, alive kite

  • Micha
    Micha   3 hours ago

    Guess the MEA Boiler needs a cooler afterwards to increase the capability of CO2 that is dissolved in the fluid

  • xKiSuGix
    xKiSuGix   3 hours ago

    Ohio is for lovers. 2:01

  • Devin Coyle
    Devin Coyle   4 hours ago

    This is what space ships will look like in 1000 years

  • MrFunkyFuck
    MrFunkyFuck   4 hours ago

    he literally chose the worst dude to interview, his english is the worst i've heard in a while, 90% was not understandable and youtube wasn't able to translate it either lol