where I've been

  • Published on: 27 August 2021
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  • Runtime : 13:1
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel


  • MeLtDiggz
    MeLtDiggz   2 minuts ago

    I feel u bro I had a tumor in my leg trust me u got this

  • Kevyn
    Kevyn   3 hours ago

    3:04 if you just wanna know where he has been

  • Joel e Joabe
    Joel e Joabe   5 hours ago

    Hey techno, don't worry, we're all thinking about you and your family, techno never dies, stay good, don't forget we'll always support you

  • Gmoongaming
    Gmoongaming   6 hours ago

    Hope you get well soon your my favorite Minecraft YouTube

  • P R E C I O U S
    P R E C I O U S   7 hours ago

    Finally you beat the cancer!!! Technoblade never dies♥️

  • Ex teo
    Ex teo   8 hours ago

    Cancer is temporary techno is eternal

  • MonstaNerd
    MonstaNerd   9 hours ago

    Nah TechnoBlade never dies!! Get better soon and stuff everyone surely loves you

  • GAMEify
    GAMEify   10 hours ago

    Technoblade will never die

  • GAMEify
    GAMEify   10 hours ago

    There is no broblem if techno be he will be remembered in history

  • Krew Fam
    Krew Fam   12 hours ago

    Get well soon Technoblade..... F cancer!

  • Unknown_Loser♡
    Unknown_Loser♡   12 hours ago

    I know what it's like to deal with cancer I have never had it but I lost my grandma and almost lost my cousin so this is really hard for me to hear but I know you are the strongest man I know techno we love you remember when or if you do beat it take your time to upload so you can get ready but we love you and I've been a fan for soooo long but get well soon<3

  • Darkroam
    Darkroam   13 hours ago

    Can the empathyless dislikers please come out so that we can just exile them from the rest of society. We dont want people like you anywhere near the rest of us.

  • Đức Anh Phạm
    Đức Anh Phạm   14 hours ago

    TeChNo cant die, he's a champ (and beside he have alots of money after beat dream)

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof   15 hours ago

    He caught it from the Dream stans LMAO

  • Conner t YT
    Conner t YT   15 hours ago

    I just wanted to say. I appreciate you a lot. I’ve been going through a hard time that past couple years and whenever I’m lonely or just down I always go to either you or philza. You guys always make my day no matter what. You guys always seem to cheer me up and make me happy. I love you guys.

  • Elijah Lepine
    Elijah Lepine   16 hours ago

    Get better Techno!!!! Remeber We love you!!!!

  • skelly
    skelly   16 hours ago

    How r some people disliking this video or any of ur vids

  • Jacob Boven
    Jacob Boven   17 hours ago

    Hope you are feeling well my guy. Side humor time though: is this Squids revenge for the war?

  • Jessiah Holmes
    Jessiah Holmes   17 hours ago

    I didn't know techno blade started speedrunning at life