TWRP - The No Pants Dance feat. Ninja Sex Party (Official video)

  • Published on: 17 August 2017
  • From TWRP's EP "Guardians of the Zone"
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    Ninja Sex Party dates (with TWRP):

    Aug 28th - Philadelphia:

    Sep 23rd - Denver:

    Sep 30th - San Francisco:

    Newly announced TWRP dates:

    (Tickets go on sale August 18th at 10:00am local time)

    Oct 3rd - Milwaukee, WI:

    Oct 4th - Minneapolis, MN:

    Oct 6th - Chicago, IL:

    Oct 7th - Iowa City, IA:

    Oct 9th - Cleveland, OH:

    Oct 10th - Pontiac, MI:


    Director ► Sean Barrett
    Editor ► Nathan Boone
    Producer ► Svetlana Dekic

    Thresa Richardson as Chudy Dimler (lady on the couch)
    Richard Levinson as Howard Crimbleton (the host)
    Bob Maclean as crewman 1
    Brad Warner as crewman 2
    Jason Sensation as break-dancing Doctor Sung

    TWRP is:
    Doctor Sung (Talkbox/Keytar)
    Commander Meouch (Bass)
    Lord Phobos (Guitar)
    Havve Hogan (Drums)

    NSP is:
    Danny Sexbang (Vocals)
    Ninja Brian (Keyboards)
  • Runtime : 4:55
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  • ThanatosTM
    ThanatosTM   6 days ago

    This song has no right to be as good as it is.

  • Echo von Echo
    Echo von Echo   4 weeks ago

    This is one of those videos where you understand it yet can't explain it with words.

  • Gem Star
    Gem Star   1 months ago

    1:57 is a free serotonin boost

  • Thomas Croutch
    Thomas Croutch   2 months ago

    so this song came on while my s.o was over and i was in the washroom. it was a weird talk lmfao the look on her face

  • SR Brant
    SR Brant   3 months ago

    Was that Danny DeVito?!

  • DesertDragons13
    DesertDragons13   3 months ago

    This is my very first time seeing what Dan Avidan looks like.

  • ISHIM Gaming
    ISHIM Gaming   3 months ago

    TWRP is awesome, but when NSP comes the thing just get crazyyyy!!

  • Dustin
    Dustin   3 months ago

    I like the way that you dance when you dance like the way that you dance when you dance with your pants offWhat a mess of a chorus, I love it!

  • Jay Chandler
    Jay Chandler   3 months ago

    am i the only one who noticed that Danny sings the verses in a similar cadence as Attitude City?

  • nomadak723
    nomadak723   3 months ago

    Could y'all please edit out the last 20ish seconds? It's the blaring airhorn noises with info about tour dates from years ago- useless info now, and it cuts the fun mood of this song!

  • Pedro Wolter
    Pedro Wolter   4 months ago

    Why the fuck did I get now that No Pants dance is a euphemism for sex

  • Dmangamer269
    Dmangamer269   4 months ago

    Dan is one of the few guys I'd turn gay for XD

    PVAUPE   4 months ago

    This is one definition of Fuck Yeah.

  • Hania Kupczak
    Hania Kupczak   5 months ago

    Welp. This aged like whole milk i guess lmao

  • Taiylor Wallace
    Taiylor Wallace   6 months ago

    I wasn't even alive for the era when music was like this on TV and I feel super nostalgic XD

  • peachy
    peachy   6 months ago

    Damn this is 3 years already?! I was a year out of high-school when it came out first. Holy fuck

  • IceLuxray
    IceLuxray   7 months ago

    Just gonna pretend this is about a college professor and someone who waited to get a degree

  • Sam Gafford
    Sam Gafford   7 months ago

    1:56 funkiest ninja I've ever seen. You go, Ninja Brian!

  • Edwin Albarran
    Edwin Albarran   9 months ago

    I love catching glimpses of Hogan laying that sick beat down. This is a great song.

  • Alex Frye
    Alex Frye   9 months ago

    I think i got lost down this rabbit hole but I like it

  • Peter Nuggett
    Peter Nuggett   10 months ago

    I'm disappointed this hasn't been charted in Clone Hero yet

  • Dyingbunniez101
    Dyingbunniez101   10 months ago

    Changing the quality from 480p to 1080p didn't really change anything...

  • CattBrainss
    CattBrainss   10 months ago

    I love the 80’s music video feel to it

  • Peter Nuggett
    Peter Nuggett   10 months ago

    I'm surprised Danny was able to sing as low as he did in this song, cause normally his singing is a lot higher pitched that this.

  • Garby A
    Garby A   10 months ago

    at 2x speed this is somethang

  • Forine
    Forine   11 months ago

    wow brian really showing of the extent of his musical prowess

  • George Robins
    George Robins   11 months ago

    Lmao you can’t have a video with NSP in it where Ninja Brain doesn’t try to kill anyone XD

  • Zara Hunt
    Zara Hunt   11 months ago

    It’s fucking 4:30 am and I’m utterly vibing

  • Errin With 2 R’s
    Errin With 2 R’s   11 months ago

    this is such an underrated bop. reminds me of primal scream too :D

  • Kaylie Brinkman
    Kaylie Brinkman   11 months ago

    I can't believe I almost forgot to watch my emotional support video today

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox   11 months ago

    I want the entirety of both bands to be my collective father

  • Mechanical Moses
    Mechanical Moses   11 months ago

    I cant wait until the big planet booty, NSP, and TWRP collap