Tyrese Haliburton Iowa State 2019-20 Season Highlights Montage | 15.2 PPG 6.5 APG 5.9 RPG #Kings

  • Published on: 18 February 2020
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    Your Favorite College/NBA Prospect Players

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  • Runtime : 13:40
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    RICH MONEY   3 months ago

    Smh damn pistons why didn't you draft this stud.

  • Tony Jablonski
    Tony Jablonski   5 months ago

    Meanwhile, my Pistons took a loser from France who was not even ready for the D league and will never be a good NBA player. Shout out Kings on knowing how to Draft.

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris   6 months ago

    Kings really needed a player like him. Seems like a great passer, and has scoring capability. Fox is a nice playmaker, but I wouldn't say he's the greatest passer. Having a guy who can really handle the ball and having Fox get open and/or playing off ball would be great for their pace and offense in general. I'm not a Kings fan, but this guy seems pretty interesting. I hope he gives Sacramento a glimmer of hope, moving forward. Especially after Buddy eventually gets traded.

    DATA WOLF   6 months ago

    I see a christie bibby 2.0 coming.

  • NoobEatMahRice
    NoobEatMahRice   6 months ago

    I like his game. He’s not very skilled or flashy and his timing might be a little slower but he’s fundamental with a knock down jumper. He gets the job done kings got good a one ✅

  • Nate
    Nate   6 months ago

    Kings finally drafted with their heads out of their asses.

  • Mazie900
    Mazie900   6 months ago

    The hitch in that jumper

  • Tyler Meinhold
    Tyler Meinhold   6 months ago

    This dude is literally a mini Magic Johnson, the Kings got him for a STEAL at #12. His unmatched playmaking and finishing abilities will make him a star in this league (and some), and he still has room to grow. I wouldn't be surprised to see his jersey in the rafters one day.

  • Kws Tij
    Kws Tij   7 months ago

    Shaun livingston lol

  • Patrick Gaines
    Patrick Gaines   7 months ago

    Everyone should want to draft him -- he never misses!

  • Alex G
    Alex G   7 months ago

    The Kings have drafted really well the past 5 years.

  • Cold World
    Cold World   7 months ago

    I like his vision! A lot of these scoring highlights are catch & shoot or to the rack, i haven’t seen his middy but if he develops that in between game he’s gonna be a problem forsure

  • iiLLEST RS
    iiLLEST RS   7 months ago

    Please can we trade buddy for some pieces and let this kid and fox grow together

  • Mista 808
    Mista 808   7 months ago

    So far the only thing I don't like about his game is the lack of elevation in his jump shots. That may work in Highschool and College with defenders that are less athletic but in the NBA he's going to have a tough time getting those 3s up if he's only getting 3-4 inches off the ground with his jump shot. I'm still excited to see how well he'll play with Fox. I've been a life long die hard Kings fan since 1986 and have been to thousands of Kings games since I had the luxury of having my grandparents work in Management at Arco. We had season tickets every single year from 1986 (when I was 3 years old) all the way up to 2006 when they unfortunately retired. Since 2006 I've only been to a hand full of games but I'm still one of the biggest Kings fans you'll ever meet. I've been tired of how terrible they've been in the last 20 years of the NBA draft but this years draft was MUCH better than I anticipated. The last game I attended was the Kings vs Lakers a couple years ago when Bogdan hit that game winning 3 after trailing 13 points in the 4th quarter. It was my son's very first game and it was so amazing to see him sad we were down big in the 4th and I leaned over and said "don't worry son.. we'll come back" and sure enough the Kings win the game in EPIC FASHION! That'll go down as one of the best father/son moments in history for my son and I. I have the entire last second shot on video with my son's reaction and I'll cherish it for the rest of my life. I hope we don't get rid of Bogdan. I don't want to see Buddy go either but I'd rather keep Bogdan over Buddy. We'll see! #KINGS2020 #SACPROUD #KINGS

  • haydenasher33
    haydenasher33   7 months ago

    Little magic and swipa running the ball down court lobbing it to bagley can’t wait

  • Ricochete
    Ricochete   7 months ago

    Kids got great court vision and always looking for his teammates. Very similar to Fox. Sac just need a finisher.

  • shtickler 11
    shtickler 11   7 months ago

    a little awkward and lateral movement limited. dont think he makes an impact.

  • Fam Com
    Fam Com   7 months ago

    What a weird 3pt shot. But if it goes in, that's what matters.

  • Malik Jones
    Malik Jones   7 months ago

    De'Aaron Fox approves this pick... 😂😂😂 well hopefully he does and take Rese under his wing... We must act with urgency, GO K!NGS 👑

  • Mint Bookies
    Mint Bookies   7 months ago

    Another bust for these Sacramento Browns

  • Eli Opus
    Eli Opus   7 months ago

    He lowkey remind me of Shaun Livingston before he got injured. Or like a penny hardaway almost. I think Kings got a steal

  • Greg Lites
    Greg Lites   7 months ago

    Yea I can't agree with you Stephen A - I'm glad the Knicks took Toppin over Haliurton.

  • peter roll
    peter roll   7 months ago

    He has no left to speak of in this whole video🤔 will the be a problem with his other tools?